Reviews for Mysterious Thing, Time
mab70 chapter 16 . 4/15/2015
Thought I had the bad guy figured out, apparently not.
But if she's been wearing the locket, maybe the soul fragment is taking over without her knowing.
Love Harry & Neville are besties!
Fiendfire sword-wielding vampires are quite the plot twist!
mab70 chapter 15 . 4/15/2015
It's got to be Narcissa behind the attack, though if the vampires want something other than money, I wonder what she offered them.
Loved Harry roping Flitwick in on a prank!
mab70 chapter 14 . 4/15/2015
WHOA! White knuckles, heart pounding, eye popping WHOA!
mab70 chapter 13 . 4/15/2015
I knew Harry's "saving people thing" would lead him to show more ability than he should have.
Interesting, the Unspeakables stumbled over the right answer but discarded it.
ACK! Assassinate a 4 year old? Well, they were willing to kill a baby, so I shouldn't be surprised.
mab70 chapter 12 . 4/15/2015
Love seeing Harry handling being little, no need for explanation or apology.
Semi-conscious Wild magic is an interesting plot complication.
Not sure what is changed that Harry wasn't the Black heir, but Narcissa having control of 3 Horcruxes is deeply worrying.
Would love to see how Neville is doing with his family.
Also wondering about Draco.
If four years have passed, has Albus managed to move the wizarding world in a better direction?
mab70 chapter 11 . 4/15/2015
Macaroni Hogwarts Express!
mab70 chapter 10 . 4/15/2015
Stuffed attack Phoenix, LOL!
mab70 chapter 9 . 4/15/2015
I think I'll be sure to check all of those forms for hidden spells. Still not convinced these Unspeakables are all on the up and up.
mab70 chapter 8 . 4/15/2015
The symbols for Lily, James and Sirius were a lovely, unexpected touch.
Scene with Harry trying to say counselor - LOL!
Love Albus helping Snape without making him teach.
I thought maybe Mrs. Lovegood would replace him.
mab70 chapter 7 . 4/15/2015
Loved the scene between AD & Fawkes.
Where did "Stanley" come from?
Awww, I'd hoped Lupin would step up and be Uncle Moony, close friend and maybe tutor.
mab70 chapter 6 . 4/15/2015
Interesting how they all assume Albus will turn Harry over to them, for unknown tests, whenever is convenient for them.
mab70 chapter 5 . 4/15/2015
The press conference went amazingly smooth. Must have been Mad-Eye's doing.
mab70 chapter 4 . 4/15/2015
Anna's ability to sneak into the minds of expert legillimins without them knowing is kind of scary.
From the way things happened in the books, I just assumed the Unspeakables were majority Voldy sympathizers. I like the idea of competent, passionate researchers.
mab70 chapter 3 . 4/15/2015
Woo Hoo! Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead! And Blondie, too!
The scene between AD & MM had me all choked up.
Yaayy, Neville gets to keep his parents!
Your explanation about Sirius rings true.
mab70 chapter 2 . 4/14/2015
Dang, I had hoped they would be able to save Sirius, though I am glad the rat bought it.
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