Reviews for Just Our Luck
Blue-Starlight92 chapter 1 . 5/25/2009
Just my personal opinion, but I think that this story needs a lot more description- of the main character, of her classmates, their relationship to her, and why the class is going on a trip in the first place, and objects. Also, it would help if the character's classmates weren't constantly being rude to her, etc, or if your character would react more than just a quiet explaination.

An example:

In the story: "No..I'm not going to throw up, I just said I wasnt feeling well...thats all,"reassured Kristen."

What might make it a bit more intersting would be something like: "I am not!" Kirsten yelled back."

This is just a suggestion, mind you, I just thought I'd help a little. It's a good idea with a lot of potential, overall.