Reviews for Edward; The Vampire Scientist
Fallen Gods Rise chapter 1 . 5/2/2014
This was fantastic, I love alternate interpretations like this especially of Vampires, Sith or the Goa'uld. If this were a longer story I'd recommend having Edward suffer from some mistakes as he could easily become too perfect to be enjoyable. I sincerely hope you write more and longer stories in this vein. I'd love to see a more in depth story revolving around Edward if not in Buffy then maybe in Firefly when he has suffered a setback or two and must deal with Blue sun and the Alliance government to preserve his immortal life. I hope you take the imaginings your writing inspires as the compliment I believe it to be and continue to inspire imaginations in the future.
GodofAwesome chapter 1 . 11/23/2007
You seriously need to continue this, Adrian.
dogbertcarroll chapter 1 . 9/6/2005
Excellent work.
hinnyxx chapter 1 . 5/4/2004 story...yuo should make a sequel...i kno i would read it... would be good and you could have Angel be there and be all: "stay away from my slayer...see? see? she has my mark...she's mine! and no i don't care if you were *technically* the maker of her, SHE'S MINE! no...don't touch her! she's mine! stop it. only *i* can watch her sleep. wait. no. yes i *am* older then you. no. stop it! do you even know who i am? no i am *not* her crazy vampire lover. no she's not crazy! wait you still don't know who i am? maybe this will help. (*vamps out*) hel-lo? what? what do you mean how old am i? i'm 245 fucking years old! what do you mean you could guess? i don't look that old! wait you *still* don't know who i am? are you really *that* dense? god. i'm getting tired of this. my name is Angel. AN-GEL. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU NEVER HEARD OF ME? o wait...perhaps you need my *old* name. and i'll slip in the accent to. me name is Angelus. what the fuck? you thought i was dead? no! just because i disapear into oblivion doesn't mean i died. o wait...i *did* die. last year i think it was. what? o ya. buffy killed me. of coures she still loves me! hel-lo? see the claddagh ring? she has one, i have one. wtf? go to hell. oh hey buffy! i'm sorry if i woke you. i love you. (*heavy making out*) what? o ya. he says he's your "maker" and you belong to *him*. i know! i showed him the mark. like he cared. o why didn't you ever tell em anything about you, while i was giving you my life story? what you already know my life story? well i'll show you. (*yet more heavy making out*) and she's the slayer, too! so ha! so you leave my buffy alone! and go to hell! oh. fine. you can hear what he has to say, buffy. but can i lick your neck at the same time? huh? what did i just say? what i don't want to lick your neck! well at least not now... anyway...oh fine. i'll be good. oh and by the way, "Edward" i am *NOT* a nancyboy! have you seen the countless numbers of people i killed? i was known as the scourge of Europe! oh. no. happy place gone. so. many. dead. my. fault. (*in fetal position*) godbye now..." sry got kinda into it...and i'm not SUCH a perv. i was just having fun. i *know* that Angel would never say those things, but that's why i had him in the fetal position at the end...sry buh bye...
Jerrie chapter 1 . 12/3/2002
Interesting concept. A meeting I'd like to read about.
Catherine chapter 1 . 3/4/2001
Please continue!