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Tonstaaar chapter 83 . 1/20/2012
Quite a little short but that's alright. Ha! Axel jealous over poor little drunk Demyx! And I'm just a tad bit lost. What's MaY? Do you mean the month? Or is it something else? I'm sorry I'm just confused! xD

Update soon, dear! c:
Seproth chapter 83 . 1/18/2012
Roxas happened all of 358/2 was very subtly them having a falling out. Literally up until they have their conversation when Saix asks Axel which he values more a real friendship or a fake friendship everything Axel was doing was working for Saix. Its why Axel went to the place (I just blanked on the name) and started killing off other organization members he was working for Saix not Xemnas. For a couple of reasons most importantly making Saix the number 2 guy which for all intensive purposes he appeared to be till we realize no wait its actually Xigbar whose the number 2 guy in the orginazation and the only one really privvy to all the plans aside from Xemnas himself. Saix comes off as a smug snake. The other reason was to weaken Xemnas hold on the organization as a whole.

Unfortunatly for realistcally everyone involved Roxas and Xion came into the picture and honestly fucked Saix's plan to hell and back by turning Axel against him at which point its possible that Saix just pulled a becoming the mask type of deal. Though honestly Saix was doomed from the start as long as Xigbar was around. I gotta say reading into Xigbar's actions he seems like the least manipulative of the Organization and just seems kinda like this sniper muscle guy who just chills. Realistcally the man's a g when it comes to spying and manipulating events. Its why he's the only guys Xemnas bothered trusting in the whole the thing (after all Braig was his right hand before they become nobodies). I apologize for the lengthy discussion on the topic of Saix and Axel's relationship falling out. Simply put you see the excat moment their relationship falls apart. We don't know what happened to them as far as when they were kids and what happened as they grew older. We just know at some point they became nobodies and joined the organization at the excat same time. Saix being the leader of the two since Axel was okay being the muscle since he figured honestly Saix was the smarter of the two of them and had the better plan.

alright now to gush bout the chapter.

SQUUUUUEEEEE your story is so super awsome! I love drunk Tsundere Axel. I'm not jealous... Its not like I care or anything I'm just you know.. whatever. *pout*

Larxene being all maniac pixie girlfriend type came bounding over as the little ball of energy that she is and was all snuggly and kissy with Axel. It was so cute I squee'd... and I call myself a man heheheh.

which is where your writing of this couple works so well. While you have cute chapters where they act like super cute couples you then have other chapters were you acknoweldge that really they don't love each other... they can't they don't have emotions they can only pretend to have emotions and its at times like this where it hits you hard. Mind you much like in the games Axel acknowledges that while he can't feel anything honestly being around (in this case) her makes him honestly think that is feeling. They get close damn do they get close but... just can't get it. You know the moment get their hearts back they'll truly be on each other like white on rice.

In short I love this chapter I love your ability to write. I love your ability to make me care about what is in all honesty in the grand scheme of things a minorish character. You've made Larxene probally my third favorite organization member behind Xigbar and Saix. Then Axel is... 5th actually I loved Xion since she is a beautiful deconstruction of the mary sue archtype.

Alright I think I've gushed and educated enough. I probally said alot of what was already known lol well I do hope you update soon

Speaking of skyward sword I got that for christmas to but between that and my new PS3 which came with Arkham city, Skyrim, and Dynasty warriors. Plus my MMORPG time PLUS just general real life shenniagans I've had like no time to play it. Damn it, its on my to do list.

Okay now I"m done Bye everyone see you next chapter YAY!
Jillian Bowes chapter 83 . 1/18/2012
O thank you very much for that information! Lol anyway, this chapter was ah-dorable. As always. Oh the holidays... Can't wait for Valentines Day! Lol:)
Kuroiikawa chapter 83 . 1/17/2012
I'd love to read about a drunk Roxas. Even on accident.
Mistress 0f Dragons chapter 83 . 1/17/2012
yay! Another chapter! Heeeey, fruity alcolhol is yummy. Update soon!
Jillian Bowes chapter 82 . 12/10/2011
This chapter was fantastic! The other day when I checked my calendar, I was so excited because I knew you'd have something up for this story!

And since you mentioned MaY... When will that be coming out? I cannot wait to read more of it!
Jillian Bowes chapter 82 . 12/10/2011
This chapter was fantastic! The other day when I checked my calendar, I was so excited because I knew you'd have something up for this story!

And since you mentioned MaY... When will that be coming out? I cannot wait to read more of it!
Seproth chapter 82 . 12/8/2011
While I don't look to toot my own horn (I am filthy liar tooting my own horn is one of those things I love to do) I did mention the idea awhile ago. ummm lets see I don't remember the chapter but I belive it was the chapter where Larxene and Axel spared against Saix. I made mention of how they used to be friends and then you sent me reply and I sent you a reply and so on and so forth... yes I do have a scary good memory when I want to. I also have a terrible memory when I want to.

Moving on we actually see the moment Axel and Saix have their big falling out. Its during the events of 358/2. Axel's growing relationship with Roxas and Xion drives a wedge between them since Axel stops acting as Saix's right hand man and more focused on his friends. So yeah Saix kinda gets all jealous lol. Something else to toy around with.

So yeah excellent chapter Larxene is so CUTE I wanna take her home with me. Though I don't know what I'd do with her she's a little ball of energy that one. Poor Axel tries to actually be a good little soldier and do all of his work and he has bored Larxene all over him.

Some guys have all the freaking luck I swear -_-.

Anywho glad to see you haven't forgotten about this story :). As always I am super awsome excited about the next chapters hopefully you'll update soon 3
Kuroiikawa chapter 82 . 12/8/2011
Jeez we need more Larxel. That being said, YAY MORE LARXEL!
Seproth chapter 81 . 10/10/2011
well a proper message about how smoking is bad. All while tying it into the cuteness that is your Larxel.

I agree

ahhhh I remember when I first started grinding this story like... shit two years ago was it... damn. I feel old now... good times and good memories.

Well we still have 19 more to go before we hit the thrilling finale of the story.

I wonder how it will end

Then I wonder if I want it to.

Oh well look foward to the next chapter
Kuroiikawa chapter 81 . 10/9/2011
I know that you probably dont need me to tell you this but UPDATE FASTER!
AllAboutTheDRAMA chapter 7 . 9/22/2011
As a female, and a soccer player who's had to chest too many balls, it does hurt. I assume not as much as a whack to the balls, but then again, women have to go through labor, so... It's evened up.
AllAboutTheDRAMA chapter 3 . 9/21/2011
What... Did she die or something?
Luddles chapter 69 . 9/5/2011
Axel indeed channels Sokka. And I love that~ I really like that you put all three of them together so much, it make me happy :3
MyrrhDarkwing chapter 80 . 7/31/2011
Fuck buddies works for them. Sleepy Larxene is adorable. Nice drabble as always; keep writing please!

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