Reviews for Trinity Blood: At the end of Hope
Woolfred chapter 1 . 1/19/2009
Yay! Everybody writes LIl Abel fics (thinking about herself :P) I really do l;ike this pairing. Most of all TB pairings. Maybe because I like when everything goes with the canon (in every Anime/Manga, not especialy TB)

I really liked the story. It is funny, that we both wrote our version of canon story ;) Great minds think alike xD

The story is really good. I like how you portraied Lilith, and of course Abel (I love this rude-mannered Abel - am I repeating myself? ;))

I know, that it is just a story and all, but for me Abel wasn't aware of his feelings till the end, and he realised everything after Liliths death : His feelings were immature, he just wanted to keep her attention. He was raised without parents, he didn't know how is to love someone, so he was emotionaly unprepared for this. I don't know if he would even now say, that he loved Lilith. It is so sad : And of course he would never say, tahat he is worth becoming her man :

Poor baka Abel. The four of them are really victims of humans pride :/

I like how you showed Lilith relation to Cain, and how she described Seth behaviour. Good job! :D