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inlemoon chapter 1 . 2/25
You might remember me as CreamPuff, back in the day of forums. I still follow your works. :) Enjoyed this chapter, always love your descriptions. Looking forward to reading more. :)
Queen Maria chapter 31 . 2/10
Oh that's so precious. I was hoping his mother would be able to handle talking to Kristina. Can't wait for the next update!
Silverblue60 chapter 30 . 1/5
To my favorite FanFiction author for many years, a lady of courage and exceptional skill, I send my wishes for a happy, healthy, and wonderful year to come! Thank you for this lovely story.
Mominator124 chapter 30 . 1/2
Hmm . . . maybe I should change my ffn ID to Constance Prodder. ;D

Until he introduced himself, I thought Detective Claudet was perhaps a little less . . . normal . . . than the average person. (The improbability that one of the fae might actually KNOCK on a door didn't actually occur to me until I started writing this review. :D)

I'm not quite certain why Kristina wasn't more forthcoming with him. What did she have to feel guilty about? It's not as if she or Alberich did anything illegal when they disappeared from the stage - did they? (Btw, one of the most amusing versions of Christine's "kidnapping" I've ever read.)

Thank you so much for the update. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and will have an even better 2015!

meatpuppet1 chapter 30 . 1/1
OhMyGoshOhMyGoshOhmygosh, You're back in action(-ish)! Yay! So very excited for all the fantastical fun in store!
AlteraPars87 chapter 30 . 1/1
Alberich, that mysterious shirt-sleeved man who bothers to bring a parcel from the bakery when he's on his way to "explain things". Yummy.
So he finally told her about Alexandrine. I guess he won't mention much about the *unknown arms* which had taken him in that time when he was burning for a woman and Alex wasn't in the brothel ( or was it some other adjective that went with those arms, I can't remember at the moment... )? XD / Now, since I'm already trying to recall how the story went with her, haven't you mentioned her looking paler and weaker the last time they've encountered, and that someone would take over the house once she's gone? Why do I have the feeling that Alexandrine is... gone? /
Have I mentioned how much I like Anneke? She takes things in such a cool way. Even the possibility of the mysterious and surreal makes more sense through her words, than from the two who had experienced the magical part of the story on their own skin.
VictorianPhantom chapter 29 . 10/22/2014
I found your lovely story yesterday and I couldn't stop reading! The beginning was beautiful and the plot is so intricately woven with each word so descriptive. I cant believe you don't have more reviews and favourites because this is truly a wonderful tale you have written. I really hope you can update quickly.
Queen Maria chapter 29 . 10/16/2014
Lord, Louvel is so irritating. Wasn't expecting Erik to abandon the cellars so quickly. Looking forward to where you take this.
meatpuppet1 chapter 29 . 10/15/2014
well she's not against listening, so that's a good thing.
AlteraPars87 chapter 29 . 10/15/2014
Into the heaven, and straight into the arms of the one who appears some wild male deity, hehehe :) I'm trying to picture what the audience saw.
I wonder whether he was also making a statement with the costume. He could have returned it, but he chose to wear it in front of the full auditorium. As if he said it out loud and clear that he was the one who had danced away with her into the night.
The "full antlered regalia" is a feast for my imagination, and also one of those expressions that are sure to be remembered for good.
The kiss, finally! Ever since the things had gone the awkward way, you know - "after"; some physical sign of affection was clearly missing. I am glad that she did it, perhaps she's decided that he's worth fighting for ( Camille's advice and all... ). Or simply admitted that she loves him either way.
The Siren, why do I find her so intriguing? As if she had something to do with Erik, some strange connection between the stories. Anyway, recently I've been browsing back through the chapters happening in Ploumanac, and I remembered Kristina seeing "sea creatures". If she's one of them, then it must be a living hell for her all alone down in the dark, desperately wanting a companion, though always scaring one away ( Erik comes to my mind again ).
Another line to remember: "Show him your pretty things." Though it might seem mischievous at first reading, the more I think of it, I'm prone to believe that he let her take her prey down for her own satisfaction and not saving a man's life. Alberich seemes to have this command, or at least understanding, of the surreal world.
Mominator124 chapter 29 . 10/15/2014
Oh man, I LOVE this chapter! It made me chuckle in more than one place - I was vastly amused by this alternate version of "Don Juan Triumphant" and "Down Once More." XD

However, I was saddened by the idea of Alberich leaving his home, however temporary it was meant to be, and particularly leaving behind his organ reeds.

At least the thought of a probable reconciliation with Kristina brightens things up. Although, if they end up heading for Coney Island (or maybe, considering the fantastical theme of this story, the Magic Kingdom* ;D), I WILL have to dig out my Punjab frying pan and shake it at you in a threatening manner.


*Disney has grabbed up too many properties as it is. They don't need to get their mitts on PotO, too. ;)
AlteraPars87 chapter 28 . 10/4/2014
This was really fun to read.
Just have to say this, I imagined Riali as the Mephistopheles from Faust ( the Charles Dance miniseries ). And then, later on you mentioned the Faust gala!
Then there is the return of Huntsman of Herne - Alberich with mask, Alberich unmasked... I am thrilled ;)
Queen Maria chapter 28 . 10/4/2014
Oh, poor Alberich! Please let them talk again soon!
Mominator124 chapter 28 . 10/3/2014
Things are looking up! It's only been a week since Alberich and Kristina had their falling out rather than the longer period of time it has seemed like, he had the smart idea of going to Madame Sibelius for help, and he seems to have the blessing (heck, even the . . . polite . . . urging ;D) of the Italian mafia.


I'm wondering what sort of supernatural repercussions there might be for swearing upon his mother. How their lack of a loving relationship might affect such a vow. It did seem like there was some sort of negative vibe both times he swore.

The return of the Herne costume surprised me. It had seemed that, its job complete, to be fairly unimportant despite what it represented. I had originally expected the note written on the package referred to Kristina but mow I'm not so sure. (Though I still feel her role is more significant than the costume's.)

Looking forward to the next chapter.

MimiPied chapter 28 . 10/3/2014
Happy to read another wonderful chapter. Poor Alberich being interrogated by both men. At least they now know his intentions towards Kristina. He deserves happiness with her. Now that strange redheaded man pops in again, such a mystery. I hope to read another chapter soon.
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