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VFR6 chapter 36 . 4/5/2016
I like to have a headcanon where this fic happened after FF7/FF10 xover fic, "Gone", where Cloud got lost in Lifestream, knocked his head, and have an amnesia. Long story short, Yuna took care of him till he is better, and deciding to go with Cloud back to Gaia, as she is letting go of Tidus.
Cue just after the end of prologue of this fic, where Cloud and Terra riding Fenrir back to Edge, and Cloud remember, Aerith is not the only women, whose memory Sephiroth erased, Yuna's time with him on Spira and Gaia were also erased, and just now returning to him. Yuna were out of town, doing a gig concert somewhere else, that was why Cloud didnt see her back in Edge.

And now, on Fenrir, sat Cloud numbstruck and dumbstruck on how is he going to explain to Yuna and Tifa, how he got another girl from another world to fall for him, and willing to literally abandon her whole world to be with him. And not the first time either.

Romance and drama ahoy!
VFR6 chapter 35 . 4/4/2016
Wait, why isnt anyone question why all the worlds developed same linguistic uses? Be it written or spoken?

VFR6 chapter 5 . 3/29/2016
Ah, Cloud following Terra's advice on some matter. Somewhat, ironic, I guess? Since Terra is ff6, and Cloud is ff7, its like taking advice from your older sister.
Eveleech chapter 1 . 3/29/2016
Why exactly would Cloud and Terra fall in love? And Sephiroth is not exactly evil in Dissidia. He refused to take part in villainous plans to tale over or destroy the world. His only goal was to get his memories back and screw with Cloud. I can't see Kefka and him working together at all.
Guest chapter 41 . 10/27/2015
I got this headcanon, where this ending merge with, or happened months after snarechan's Gone fic. Where an amnesiac Cloud ended up at Spira, post FfX and pre FFX2. He managed to romanced Yuna, and at the end his lost memory returned, he goes back to Planet of FF7 with Yuna. Now imagined these two story merging, and once Cloud came back with Terra to 7th Heaven, he remembered that Yuna too was there. World Jumping makea memory problem tough to sort through. Now Cloud got two, offworld girlfriend that he managed to convince to left behind everything, up to their world, just to be with him. The dude got mad game.
Kyo-2 chapter 32 . 6/21/2015
Type your review , WHAT A FIC !

no fluffiness
yet still turned me into a diehard Cloud x terra shipper ! _

( Sorry if my English sucks )
BrownEyesAngel chapter 41 . 10/26/2014
Wow! This's wonderful! It was so very enjoyable, the plot and the characters, everything. Thank you for sharing your story.
VFR6 chapter 1 . 5/17/2014
Marking as favourite. :D
Michael Mario chapter 8 . 3/30/2014
Alright! The fight scenes were both great in quality... granted, Terra and Onion's was kind of short... but still good. Now in the aftermath, Onion Knight is gone, Terra's hair is green signifying her powers now being more active (I really liked that touch- it's been part of my headcanon since the first time I read this among other moments), and Cloud and her have an agreement not to pressure either of each to reveal their secrets. That's going to go over well.

Terra breaking at the end and letting herself cry when she believed she ended up killing the Onion Knight was nicely done. Her recovery perhaps even more so. Golbez hit it home: the courage flowing through her after discovering the Onion Knight was still alive and that still could still save him did well to alleviate her sorrow. Golbez can be a bit of a dick in his aid, but a good-hearted and well-meaning dick. Good chapter!
Michael Mario chapter 7 . 3/30/2014
The similarities Cloud sees between Terra and Aerith continue to come up... not that he can remember the latter. Though I'm not sure if her emotional state was developed well enough at the time, it is possible Terra may have held a crush on Locke for a while... she grew out of it, obviously, but that would explain the blushing. Likely, her dampened emotions let her get over him without much difficulty, so good for her.

And now we know for certain Golbez is definitely not working for Chaos, but against him and his warriors from the inside. The puppet master knows his stuff... Jecht knew Golbez was trying to manipulate him, but it doesn't matter if he'd want to do it anyway.

Terra's Esper form's eyes are stated as red here... Might want to fix that for continuity's sake. Other than that, here we go! Cloud vs. Jecht! Onion Knight vs. Feral Terra!
Michael Mario chapter 6 . 3/30/2014
Well, well, well. the three "Angels of Death" scheming together... that's a recipe for disaster already, and their plot is guaranteed to cause our main protagonists grief.

And now we learn more about the villains' motivations in siding with Chaos. The power to control one's fate... certainly sounds like something Ultimecia would want rather badly- given it's because of her future self's actions in the past through Time Compression and the like that drove her to insanity due to the intense prejudice she received in her time. Golbez and Jecht aren't going to waste a chance to restore themselves and their homelands, even if they dislike the means they appear to have taken to meet this end.

I notice a distinct lack of the Cloud of Darkness's trademark replacement use of "We" for "I". I'm guessing that's intentional?

Looks like Cloud isn't stupid- he knows Terra isn't telling him the whole truth, but isn't going to press anything. Terra, on her part... telling him she was a Magi probably would have been a better lie, but being a Magitek Knight was probably best for the story. Now we're seeing them kick ass and Terra got to demonstrate her incredible magical prowess... What was it Cloud used to get the Crystelle together so Terra could wipe them out with Ultima?

The plot point of the Crystelle resembling other people due to being made of the memories leaking from the light of Crystals is interesting... shame this, to my knowledge, is the only time it's relevant. Seeing Terra have to face one of Celes, Locke, or even General Leo could have been interesting.

Good chapter!
Michael Mario chapter 5 . 3/29/2014
Terra's Esper senses and the powers of the Cetra ultimately aren't so different. Terra's senses and powers feeling soothed by the flowers in Aerith's church and the sense of death she feels around the rest of Midgar does well to further demonstrate the similarities between them.

And so they meet. Terra... certainly has plenty of experience with not knowing who or what she is, and you can really tell that in her words to Cloud. Their interactions so far are smooth sailing and they seemed to have forged a decent understanding of each other through their cases of amnesia. There's still a lot to go, but the beginning is quite promising.

Looks like Sephy doesn't know what to do right now. On one end, he's rather interested in her- perhaps similarly to how he was in Aerith. On the other hand, having Kefka anywhere near his plans is a no-no. Golbez's suggestion for them to join together appears to not be high on Sephiroth's list, but Kefka seems to be interested- if only to have fun being a nuisance to the silver-haired bishouen.
darrelodin chapter 41 . 3/29/2014
An outstanding story! The amount of work and detail in this was incredible, and I loved every second of it. So glad I had the chance to read this.
Michael Mario chapter 4 . 3/28/2014
Aerith... his memories of her are definitely some of Cloud's most important- especially in regard to Sephiroth. Sephiroth's murdering her is what really drove Cloud to end him once and for all and keep going. Without her, yes- he's easy pickings. Seeing Cloud hurting is saddening...

Firion and his many, many weapons... eventually, Vaan would take that distinction of having the most weapons away from him in Duodecim, but he's still the Weapon Specialist. You detailed where each of the latches are placed, even... impressive. Not a whole lot of people (myself included) would go into the effort figuring out where each part is... probably due to lack of interest in doing so.

The guy is my least favorite to play as by leaps in bounds... but you did a really good job, here. By far, the guy is likely the most 'normal' of all of Cosmos's warriors, and I think his characterization here is perfect. The fight scenes were great, too. Cloud winning in Dissidia... kind of defeated the purpose of needing to find a dream, so him being on the losing end here makes more sense.

Midgar... It is pretty similar to Vector- could be an inspiration for it. Looks like Terra is feeling at home in Aerith's room... Good chapter! I remember next one... sweet Terra and Cloud interaction BEGINS!
Michael Mario chapter 3 . 3/26/2014
Ah, Terra... Probably my favorite video game character and one of my all-time favorite characters period. You characterize her exactly how I imagine: she's a little shy, but generally sociable when she becomes involved in a group. Kind and sweet, but not entirely innocent after the hell she's been through, but pure in heart. There's always this mysterious and mystical air about her, but rather then distancing people, that air is warm and inviting rather than cold and unforgiving.

When comes to her powers, she can be understandably fearful and sometimes unreasonable in regards to them. Her fears lie in what the future holds when she doesn't have anything to aim for or is going to lose it. She keeps her worries bottled to her chest, though, and getting them out of her can be rather difficult. She isn't necessarily a coward, far from it, but those fears can overwhelm her. She can get angry and god help you if she does because while it's hard to really get her pissed, you are going to regret if you do.

She isn't downright sexy or necessarily cool in her appearance like Tifa or Lightning respectively, but her design does grant her a rather mystic air and grace in her Amano artwork. Once Dissidia took her into 3-D, though, she noticeably gained a new trait in the process: she was adorable. It fits her personality pretty well, all things considered. One of her hobbies is fluffing moogles, one of her favorite things is animals, and she dislikes crowds. Even her Esper form, though certainly scary when you're fighting it and when she's berserk she's sent into a feral mindset... there is an exotic beauty similar to that of her human form.

When it comes down to it, she's a determined, courageous young woman who's willing do protect those she cares about and fight for a future where people can live in peace. She was willing to put her life on the line when it came to destroying the Triad and Kefka, and even in the end where she was set to fade, she faced the possibility with selfless bravery.

Nomura mishandled Terra in Dissidia, though... Granted, the scenario supervisor Toriyama didn't want her in the game in the first place, so I'm guessing quality in her characterization wasn't deemed important by him... Whether it hurts her more or less than the character he does like and obsesses over like Lightning and Yuna, is up for debate. She's kind of better in Duodecim in that she ends stronger... except with that scene of her begging for death. That wasn't cool...

...Didn't like Vaan there very much in that game, either- especially given how his character was turned into a moronic Locke-clone. If you're going to have him help Terra, do it by his own merits. I've looked at and have a copy of the Japanese translations; some of that dialogue was taken word for word from there and I suspect when they do release a remake, it'll be very close to what's in Duodecim. They also demonstrated a greater impact the Slave Crown's destruction had on Terra's mental state as far as even speaking consistently at first went- it's kind of part of my head-canon and I'd like to have that included in the remake's re-translation.

...How old is Terra right now, exactly? In this story, anyway? I can see that at least four years have passed since FFVI began- maybe six, but I'm not sure. I don't recall it being outright stated anywhere. I know some of the plot threads related to your FFVI-2 idea are mentioned to be starting according to future chapters, but... hrm.

Okay, after that massive rant, let's get onto Kefka and Sephiroth.

Kefka... that psychotic son of a gun you can't help but love to hate, and his characterization here certainly shows why. The clown's not so much fun and games as he is rape and murder, but he'll make some twisted fun and games out of it to entertain him. He outright can't comprehend love and compassion anymore and is a completely unstable nutjob. Despite his, he's deceptively clever. Terra hit it well here: you can't trust what he says, but you can't discount it either.

Sephy, Sephy, Sephy... he's a pragmatic bastard, he is. His motives are clear: screw Cloud over and take over the world. What hurts him, though, is that (apparently) he's too fixated on torturing Cloud to truly be effective as a villain. And even then, he doesn't do much for most of the game than lead Cloud and co. around the world to screw with them. When he does show up, it leaves an impact, but given his infrequent appearances and the bizarre, unclear way he makes his objectives known doesn't really help things.

You need guidebooks to understand exactly WHY he's as fixated on Cloud and continues to be to the point he's filtered with only that goal in mind in his future appearances. Here, though, it's clear he can be both a vengeful bastard and a more active, effective villain at the same time. Good job!

Terra's origin story through Kefka's view point... Not a happy place to be. Terra's backstory is already one of the saddest and cruelest in the series. You know it was a completely loveless environment given she was bred as a weapon and not treated like a human being. Add Kefka into the mix... and the not-good is multiplied tenfold. Kefka makes it pretty clear he didn't find the torture they put her through satisfying enough if she didn't break.

I've got in my head-canon things got rather... ugly, with Kefka involved, and something rhyming with grape came into play. It worked too well, obviously, and drove Terra temporarily insane until she was able to recuperate to the point she wasn't a incoherent, crying, babbling mess. Probably more than once without Gestahl knowing, but the emperor only cared because it wasn't working rather than any sort of concern for Terra... and given how he wanted Kefka and Celes to 'get busy' at the Floating Continent, I'm guessing he may have encouraged it to an extent.

Once again, not much to complain about here... other than it isn't made horribly clear that this isn't the first time Terra and Kefka met since this war began. I think that's it. A really long review, sorry about that, but good chapter!
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