Reviews for Regression
katsumi0003 chapter 3 . 8/10/2016
I think Kenshin's answer should be 'okaeri'. Anyway, i hope you write just one last chapter with a more happy ending like they got back together and all. Hmmm.
katsumi0003 chapter 1 . 8/10/2016
It felt like rurouni kenshin reverted back into being himura battousai. Hmmm.
seikkyokuka chapter 1 . 7/29/2015
milli chapter 1 . 8/26/2014
This looks so exciting. Why did Kaoru leave in the first place? I'm so thrilled to read on. :)
Fenris Jin chapter 3 . 2/28/2013
Awwww... That was high strung.. The tension was really high! It was bittersweet though.. *sniff*
sharp2799 chapter 3 . 5/26/2012
I really enjoyed this! But since I rarely read WIP I almost missed it! Please change the status to completed so others will enjoy. ;)
Sour Queen chapter 3 . 2/15/2012
Too lazy to log in, but, that was absolutely beautiful. I loved it

StillNear chapter 3 . 1/6/2012
A cast that wasn't super duper unrealistic. That's awesome. :)
Miztical-Dragon chapter 3 . 10/31/2011
i really loved this short story! :)
Phenitial chapter 3 . 10/14/2011
Since Kaoru has wielded the reverse blade sword and still truly believes in the Kamiya Kashin style I ddon't see why she caan't work as another employee at the dojo and botth Kaoru and Kenshin could work with Yahiko in teaching this new style that combines both the Hiten and Kamiya style while all the while letting Sanosuke handle the business part of it all ssince that is what he is doing already now!
Brukaoru chapter 3 . 10/13/2011
Love this story! So glad it's been finished. Thank you!
pterion chapter 3 . 10/6/2011
Awww... Simply beautiful... Enough said :)
baka-deshi chapter 3 . 10/3/2011
there are very few stories that can tug heart strings deep and this one is definitely one of them

thanks for the emotional composition that makes every reader feel as if we are part of the story..

I just realized that this story took 3 years to finish, (though still thankful that you finished it) i hope i can inspire you to make a sequel out of this but will take less than years :)

its a very good story to pass out..please make the fandom world more meaningfuk with your KK stories...

Thank you..much much love XOXO
Cosmic-lover chapter 3 . 10/1/2011
This was such a great story when I read it the first time and I was definitely surprised but so very excited to see a third part to this. It was such an emotional chapter, both a little sad but mostly happy :) I certainly enjoyed this ending to the story! Great work XD
snowshoey chapter 3 . 10/1/2011
Glad, finally you decide to finish this. Really like it.

Mm,just wondering, when someone said Tadaima... is it the reply okaerinasai? cmiiw... :)
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