Reviews for Taking Flight
zcvoknout chapter 1 . 2/8/2014
that was sweeeeet! :D or should I say "to bylo sladkýýýý" ? :D
ColourVegan chapter 1 . 11/10/2009
I’m so happy you were given this challenge! When I re-watched Quarantine a few days ago I got this urge to go search for Carter/Zelenka fics (I like odd pairings – not crack-ish because they have to be believable and work) and I found this :3

Your style of writing is very flowing and soft – I really enjoy it – and your characterisations of Sam and Radek are spot on.

To summarise: I love it – thank you!
Doormouse chapter 1 . 4/24/2009
It may make me a bad person, but I don't normally review. I just thought it was positively criminal that a story I like as much as this CONTINUES to languish with NO reviews. So:

I will admit that I mostly read this story originally because I didn't see how ANYONE could make Radek/Sam work and figured that it would be a hilariously out of character train wreck...

Now I just loath you for addicting me to this couple that has only one fic for it. Even if it's a gloriously wonderful fic. Set after one of my top ten favorite episodes too!

I don't know if you made up how they met or I, somewhere along the way, missed the episode where they brought it up. I hope you created it, it's amazingly perfect and I can just HEAR Radek saying "He has never forgotten." with that little look that he gets.

Oh yeah, on that note, I didn't really like Zelenka before this fic either, he was weird and I didn't see many redeeming features to his character. Thanks for addicting me to him too. :)

"The Marine wasn’t sure if he should be standing at attention or on his knees picking up the ruined meal. He chose the latter and dropped to the ground, continuing to mutter apologies."

That passage, in particular, is awesome. I can just picture the guy like, half dropping down and then straightening up and then kind of shifting awkwardly as he tries to figure out what he should be doing.

I also loved that after all this set up you brought up the comment Sam made in Trio about being stuck with him. You addressed it well too and really made it work out that she was just misunderstood.

"She wished she had someone else in the City she could talk to, but Commanding Officer, was a lonely role and Jennifer was the only person she felt close to. On Earth, Sam had been surrounded with friends. Daniel was a wonderful confidante, as had Janet before her death. Even Vala was a useful sounding board in her own unique way."

Aww look you even brought in the SG-1 team (sort of) too!

"He paused and looked down at the floor, studying it intently. Sam was about to ask what was so fascinating when his head came back up."

Having been in his position I love the way you describe this scene.

I also adore when Sam's going through the list of Czech words she's looked up in her mind and placing herself in that context already. It struck me as odd at first and then I realized it fit Sam's character really well. And I love the way you finish it, with him saying Thanks and her responding so easily.