Reviews for Final Fight: The Novel
Celestial Glowhead chapter 4 . 5/17
Your divisive storytelling here is fantastic. It's great how you had Guy go his own way to fight Rolento while Cody and Haggar were at the Surf Bar. The bar fight was rad, had a lot going for it, all those K.O's and blows in close quarters hit like in John Wick.

Stunning work on the wrestling match, you stayed true to Haggar and the Andore's, they hit like a truck and went full macho. It was pretty badass when Haggar slammed that door again and again.

The part with Edi. E was such a rad sequence, from the phone call and epic entrance to the fight against Cody. You made him all tough like in the game, even the chewing gum was there. The way Cody handled him and those guys was so hardcore, but what got me was the badass moment when he pulled the gun only to get suplexed and toppled like a genga board. Haggar is sucha bro, got Cody's back like that. Poison's part was dope, so badass of Cody to turn her down like that, that's a man. Great going bro
Celestial Glowhead chapter 3 . 5/17
Alright, that was an awesome way of handling the subway fights. Truly exciting. I'm getting a strong The Warriors vibe fron all this and it rocks, The Warriors is a favorite film of mine as well as a classic novel and the 80's style really suits Final Fight, it's just so good.

I'm loving the characterization of the trio, with each one having his own fighting style adapted perfectly to give each one their own perks and stuff, it makes the fights pretty rich and diverse in execution. Guy's lines are pretty solid, I dig his whole Bushin fighting evil lifestyle and standpoint. The part with him having to hit girls was solid, it shows that the hammer of justice is unisex and that while he can be a gentleman, he's also got to be fair and give the scum a lesson.

The fight with Sodom was gold, perfectly adapted and well fleshed out. It was sweet to see just Guy take him one on one and teach him a lesson of what a real asian warrrior is. The whole Ninja vs Samurai theme was epic and made for a badass match. It was great how you handled Sodom's face reveal. Your fight choreography and visions for the action scenes are something to behold.

You should be proud of your good work, it's marvelous and a fun experience. I'm thankful that I came across this. You just made a fan happy.
Celestial Glowhead chapter 2 . 5/17
Now that was fun. This chapter perfectly captured the beat 'em up vibe and style, you created an intense action packed atmosphere with some amazing fights and detail on the moves. It's pretty faithful to the gameplay and it has a good artistic direction. You have a pretty good grip on the plot and on how to nail the action bits, plus the way you describe each character's style and individual fights is fascinating. The pacing is good too, you have a nice sense of escalation and progress as the battles go on. You're a great mind at work. I enjoyed your breakdown of the first boss fight as well as your notions on how things must have went down in the story.
Celestial Glowhead chapter 1 . 5/16
Let me open up saying that I love the games, it's a great series that Capcom hasn't given good love in a while. But you did, and it was freaking awesome. This first chapter pays such a good tribute to the game's plot while pumping full of life and originality that it's amazing, it's a great work. Your concept alone is great, I just love the idea of a good videogame story being expanded, told in a different format, it's a sweet take on stuff I love already.

The characters were nailed here, I appreciate your angles and takes on each, they're simple yet effective. You detailing Cody's relationship with Jessica is gold, makes us care for the characters more and gives more fuel to the fighting spree. The way you use the Mad Gear members is pretty good too, you succeed at finding a way to adapt everyone. Truly enjoyed seeing the bosses introduced before the fights, awesome characters and you make them fun to read. Their intimidation techniques and methods were very well described, gritty and in line with real life gangs.

Your take on Cody and Guy's friendship as well as Cody's lines with Haggar were nice additions, you write convincing dialogues that give a good action film vibe, which is true to Final Fight. Perfect atmosphere.

Now that the war has begun, I can't help it but admire your enthusiasm and your quality writing. Need to read the whole thing, you kept me intrigued. Congratulations.
Rider09 chapter 7 . 2/15/2014
...took you long enough, but it still awesome that ya finished it!
Original TMNT Cartoon Fan chapter 7 . 2/4/2013
Like this. I'm mostly into TMNT, but novelization of classic video games are always nice.
Grey Wolf4 chapter 7 . 11/15/2012
This was a pretty good novelisation of a classic game while it was shorter then I expected nevertheless it was good.
Blue Harbinger chapter 6 . 6/3/2012
Pretty good novelization of the game. I look forward to the final chapter if you're still working on it
harrilizer444 chapter 4 . 7/7/2011
I gotta admit, this fanfiction is really underrated. Then again, there isn't a lot of final fight fanfiction (shame really) but this is probably the best fanfiction for Final Fight. This really goes in detail as to what happened and well, it follows the storyline very well. Keep up the good work man!