Reviews for StarGate: Galactic Imperium
cntrmembrmysgnin chapter 118 . 11/20
Enjoying the story, I like how G.E.K is pulling a palpatine but I am left wondering if he is going to run into a equal enemy so he has something to set back his plans or at least muddle them up a bit.

Cheers and keep up the awesome story
djma46 chapter 118 . 11/17
you should consider bringing back the overview on which universe we are in like the older chapters.
john777 chapter 118 . 11/10
Great story. I wait more chapters.
Dawn, Tara, Drusila (healthy and human)
The Emperor could create an army of slayers, eat the old ones in several dimensions. Witches, the Transuding Furies, the Watcher Coincil witches (Fairweather sisters), Aluwyn Wiccan coven in Wonderland dimension.
Charmed universe has demons, witches and other supernatural beings with very interesting powers.
Like Lord of Demons said, rifts rpg palladium books universe is great.
Guest chapter 118 . 11/10
Wow I live in Stuttgart and now you are going to destroy it! For your information that is the place where the first car ever was constructed!
Maben00 chapter 118 . 11/10
i loved it! :-)
nopparitari chapter 118 . 11/10
Good chapter, keep 'em coming!
EverfreeSparkle chapter 118 . 11/9
"In this chapter, we have the beginnings of GEK's version of Heaven and Hell"

Wow, I knew he was evil, but not THAT evil! Taking after Yahweh I see.
jjlol chapter 118 . 11/9
Ah so the god emperors version of the after life is like a processing plant while the mortal realm is a farm. Really enjoying this fiction please continue the good work.
Master of Dragons God chapter 118 . 11/9
Nice Chapter
PredatorPuck chapter 118 . 11/9
what a scary god...
Nartog chapter 118 . 11/9
Well that is one fine coffee machine huehehehe. Also on the tendonitis matter, if you can, let the (hopefully only one) suffering hand rest for a week to a week(yes you will miss a few workouts if you go to the gym) and a half by not doing strenuous things with it and then if you are not already doing them include wrist curls and reverse wrist curls with dumbells to prevent a recurrence in the future.
goddragonking chapter 118 . 11/9
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more)
Joe Lawyer chapter 118 . 11/9
Using the basilisk in this manner was unexpected, but it makes sense.

I think Dumbledore hasn't been pushed and questioned in so long that it's fun to watch how he reacts.

Not quite sure about the end part with Voldemort and the Lich. Seems overly elaborate.
Prince Sheogorath chapter 118 . 11/9
Please update the path to godhood!
Reichenfaust chapter 118 . 11/9
That was a really interesting look at New cosmology. I like the way GEK IS going about this. Interesting.

Oh, and Two other suggestions for universe's.

Warframe and the Command and Conquer(Tiberium and Red Alert). Production methods from those two universe's would speed up the power producing portion of The Imperium, in all aspects. Plus Tiberium and Red Alert have such unique technology and stories that you'd have a LOT of fun writing that.
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