Reviews for StarGate: Galactic Imperium
The infinte infinity chapter 130 . 7/19
good story however why don't you have the replaceters harvest resores form stars as their mass is orders of magnitude bigger than any plant and some of the star is all ready useful resources i.e iron and other metals but you can just use fusion to make higher elements out of hydrogen (this is all doable with current tech but just really expensive and long term as far as I understand it) any way love your work and keep improving
shadow chapter 130 . 7/18
I liked the chapter!
simply Eric chapter 130 . 7/17
Dude you gotta go to Wildbow's Worm
General zod chapter 130 . 7/15
Updat soon when possible please
DarkApophis30 chapter 101 . 6/22
Perhaps some places to visit could be Legacy of Kain universe, Dark Horse for the 13 artefact's, Vampire Diaries, Bleach ( Yhwach & the Soul King would be good additions ), Halo for Forerunner & Precursor technology, Prototype & Infamous universes.
The infinte infinity chapter 130 . 6/17
ok so for the last epic battle with the void keeper i thought you could make plant size Sangraal wepons (the anit asended wepon) and as the void keeper is much much much more powerful then an asended you could upgrade them with say souls and magic and on that note you could make world's deadactid to makeing magic (drange hartes or some such) or souls (world citys). in addition they could use rips in space to attack form other univerus or they could help the God Emprie (recharge him).
Guest chapter 88 . 6/8
The ioa and the SGC would never make him 16 they would be encouraging pedophilia he a grown man who to the best of their knowledge is in the 30-45 age range they can't expect him to be celibate and as a minor its illegal for those of age to have relationsth him which leaves only minors which legally speaking he now is so they can't get him in trouble for sleeping with kids which means the SGC and the ioa would essentially be encouraging and allowing pedophelia
Guest chapter 86 . 6/8
I really like this story but the whole voidkeeper thing really ruins it for me
Guest chapter 75 . 6/8
You've made your guy completely insane now and he keeps making the same mistake over and over... Over estimating his powers and himself and underestimating those he deems weaker then himself. Its getting tedious and repetitive please atop it. And also with all of his power and abilities he should be completely immune to mental manipulations like what was done to him. This chapter
Guest chapter 69 . 6/7
Wolfram and hart are a law firm they don't have CEOs they have junior and senior partners
Guest chapter 69 . 6/7
The wolverine origins movie wade Wilson just uses regular steel katanas not the ones supercharged by energy in the comics that cam cut through diamonds so he shpuldnt of been able to cut through GEKs armor at all even in a weakened state
Guest chapter 66 . 6/7
Theyd only be able to sense him breaching dimensional barriers if he did it on or very close to earth so if he did it in free territory or something the x-men and shield and the fFewouldnt be able to detect him coming
Guest chapter 36 . 6/7
With was the point of clonekeller and clonecarter if empkevin wasn't going to completely enslave their minds to him also why have him call himself a god? He so Des insane when he does it he should just call himself emperor even if he has plans to become godlike
Guest chapter 30 . 6/7
Kevin/emperor comes from a different multiversal cluster the chances of there being a copy of him in a stargate universe are practically zero and the chances of sgkevin being even the teeniest tiniest bit like empkevin are even less than that so any info they get from sgkevin shouldn't be even remotely usable
Guest chapter 20 . 6/7
Your story has so much potential but your atrocious grammar ruins so much of the story for me please find a competent beta reader and if you already have one then find a better one or get another
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