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Guest chapter 131 . 11/28
I hope the next chapter will come out before StarGate Origins gets released.
Guest chapter 37 . 11/27
This is starting to get annoying
has this name been taken chapter 131 . 11/25
Despite everything you have accomplished it's still a Xeelee stomp.

Also, Down Streamers crush that prick of a void god
munin295 chapter 49 . 11/8
"I'll take care of that. OBI-WAN heads toward the group of captured pilots."

script theft failure
mistbornlax chapter 20 . 11/7
Hm...with access to the replicator-base-code can't one replicator take over another and reprogram it (Repli-Weier after all destroyed one by merely plunging her hand into his head!)...well, just an idea, not to mention that taking over the Ancient ships is just a better idea then blowing them to bits :(
mistbornlax chapter 10 . 11/7
Hm...interesting :)

A power fantasy sure, but still interesting :)

ps: Your character should visit worlds SG-1 (and the SGA-Team) visited but either broke of relations with or don't have access to anymore, like:

- the Tollan homeworld and the world they resettled to (that phasing-tech and those Ion-Cannons would surely be nice to have...even the Asgard and Ancients didn't have phasing-tech as good!)

- The satellite world were the Prometheus was destroyed (an Ori-Energy-Weapon would surely be great...even if you can only fit one per ship...if you use that as the opening volley in a fight then the enemy is out, even if it's an Ori-Ship, and if not then the APBs can end that enemy :))

- the world with the Breeders (that neural interface seems nice, not to mention their explosion-limiting generator)

Still, I'll read on now :)
Kasius chapter 20 . 10/23
This guys greatest enemy is his own stupidity, and wtf was up with that ending, went from here's all my secrets "cuz lolz im a dumass" to rapey-fanboy mode.

Or maybe I'm wrong and he's just always in rapey-fanboy mode
Kasius chapter 14 . 10/23
ugh.. maybe it gets better later on but these early chapters are painful to read. The best comparison I can make to your "God Emperor" is a badly acted version of Joffery from GoT.

Its like he's literally cosplaying the God Emperor of Mankind from WH40k with absolutely zero gravitas, comes off more comically cringe worthy than anything else, people only seem to fear him because of his tech rather than his persona.
Guest chapter 42 . 10/20
What the he'll
RandomName131 chapter 101 . 10/19
Love this story started reading it and just couldnt stop. Only at chapter 101 so i dont know if you did something similar to what im suggesting but how about going to a world with a lot of different martial arts/fighting styles so when he doesnt want to do too much damage w/ his other powers
sgg chapter 130 . 10/9
Make. New. Post. Please
GreekOtaku chapter 131 . 10/9
Please please when will you update this awesome fic man please i need to read more, i need more chapters please update soon i have read your fic 3 times now i want more chaptersss :D Keep up the good work and pretty please update soon!
Bill Gon chapter 130 . 9/7
After You've Dealt With Buffy-Verse And Absorbed/Devoured/Subjected The "POWERS THAT BE" And Other Miscelanious Deities As Well As Their "Creator God" And Collected Every 'POWERFUL' ítem, Creature And ESSOTERIC Weapons The Buffy-Verse Can Offer, May I Recommend You A Particular 'MAJOR DIMENSION' That In Essence Is A KALEIDESCOPE Of ALTERNATE UNIVERSES and PARALLEL REALITIES. A Dimension Governed From The "SHADOWS" By A ConGlomerate Of ESSOTERIC, ELDRITCH And At Least One DANGEROUSLY POWERFUL, MANIPULATIVE, EGO-CENTRIC, SORE LOSING PETULANT And Attention Seeking "CREATOR GODNickNamed Hatefully As 'BEING X' By The Main Protagonist Of The ForeMentioned Anime-Manga) From Their 'Veil Of Creation' I Speak Of A Popular And Some-What INFAMOUS Anime/Manga Of Impressive And Interesting 'QUALITIES' Such as Pseudo-NAZI Lolis, WORLD Military Powers Duking it Out For Supremacy While Utilizing A Combination Of QUASI-STEAMPUNK Weapons And ALCHEMICAL MÁGICK'S. (LADIES AND GENTLEMAN I AM PLEASED To Present To You All) The Anime-Manga/Verse, YOUJO SENKI: SAGA Of TANYA The Evil...
Bill Gon chapter 130 . 9/7
Who'eva Recommended You The OverLord Game-Verse From CodeMasters Is Practically Offering You The Equivalent Of A Mini-Nuclear Silo, Completly Pointless And Uneventful in The Long Run, Now If You Want Some Real Dangerous, Lethal And Over-Powered Mágick'S I Recommend, Nay' I Insist You Check The DUNGEON KEEPER Game-Verse As Well It's 'SPIRITUAL SUCCESOR' WAR For The OVERWORLD Game-Verse, Especially Their DLC Expansión Packs, Now Those Are Some REAL HARDCORE, EXTREME MÁGICK'S That Can Benefit GEK When He Goes Back To The Stargate-Verse And Give Him An Upper Edge When He Conquers The GOD OF WAR and The EVANGELION DIMENSIONS...
Bill Gon chapter 131 . 9/7
And Willow Into A CALLIDUS Asassin, Buffy Into a INQUISITOR of The ORDO HERETICUS, KENDRA, Cordelllia And The "Cordettes" Into A Mismatch of IMPERIAL SAINTS, SISTERS OF SILENCE and Maybe 2 or 4 OMEGA Class PSYKERS, It Would Ceirtanly Make Things A Hell Lot More INTERESTING And EPIC On The HELLMOUTH...
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