Reviews for StarGate: Galactic Imperium
Reichenfaust chapter 111 . 10/8
I pick option 1. I think the story should be better as a long planned out full Harry Potter story segment.

And as for universe's to go to. Well, I've mentioned BattleTech/MechWarrior dimension for different reasons. But now I have other additional requests

The Domination of the Draka. Sci-fi series were humanity is enslaved by Super South Africa, and they perfect superhuman genetics, subcutaneous bio armour, ablative power armour, antimatter powered reactors, FTL that lets them travel not only universe but time as well...

And Wolfenstein Germany. Magic, and interesting uniques tech, I'm sure GEK would find something he could use...

The Legacy of the Aldenata. John Ringo Military Sci-fi series. Antimatter Powered Suits, with Gravity Accelerator Guns. 1500 tonnes tanks that fire 0.2 kiloton rounds of antimatter. Proper Space Dreadnaught's with scaled weapons.
alan chapter 111 . 10/7
Just wondering if a when GEK goes to the Buffy/Angel verse are you going to incorporate the Halloween episode some how and with Supernatural you no you can Recruit Eve with her power to create monsters she'd be a valuble asset
LinLeela chapter 111 . 10/5
Love your story so far if your not going to add in the dragonborn/dawngaurd expantions id say the 3rd option.
trekki859 chapter 111 . 10/4
man, i gotta say do what YOU feel is right for your story, it is YOUR story, dont let others dictate it. take critique yes, but dont be rulled by it. that being said there is the balance required to keep readers interested so my vote? option two, that way you can go into the detail you want but keep the story flowing at the same time, its what i intend to do once i get so far in my story involving the reality drive
Master of Dragons God chapter 98 . 10/4
good. Chapter
pojo18 chapter 111 . 10/4
Brilliant chapter please continue as what doing with this story because it's brilliant.

Keep up the good work :)
MrVorox chapter 111 . 10/4
Option 2 for me, also GEK should visit generation 1 Bionicle universe. I did some 'hard' math about Bionicle: Earth size (12000km) Giant Robot God With An Universe In It or GRG for short (6000km) who doesn't want a giant robot half of the size of planet Earth? I mean, really. I know, i know Bionicle is a children toy line but when you get to know the lore you're going to like it. I think...
Master of Dragons God chapter 94 . 10/4
Master of Dragons God chapter 93 . 10/4
DIGGER5292 chapter 111 . 10/4
i like the sound of option 2 as i love the detail of your work and the stories just keeps getting better and better but still keeps track of his aims and goals and just the grand scale of the story.
Adept of the Black Templar chapter 111 . 10/4
Option 1 for me: you did a good job until here so i don't see why it would need changes ;)
Master of Dragons God chapter 92 . 10/3
Nice XD
Master of Dragons God chapter 89 . 10/3
Nice job
Master of Dragons God chapter 88 . 10/3
Nice Chapter XD
Master of Dragons God chapter 87 . 10/3
DBZ hype
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