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A Honest Reviewer chapter 123 . 7/18
Hello, Well I loved the first like 50-60 Chapters, and after the WH40k Universe it kinda got a bit boring, GeK Isn't Seeming like the, friendly guy, Since he lost his wife, Its kinda gone a bit, Boring, like I said...

I Loved it when his First prime appeared a lot, I miss that, Maybe when he visits the HALO Universe, He could get those Covenant Glassing weaponry, And make like a, Deathstar, But not a sphere, or a cube, A Actual spacestation, Something like a Crossover between the Startrek Deep space Nine (Which can hold its own against a entire fleet) And a Babylon five station that holds many Fighters...

I Would love this to be a movie, It would be Awesome!

Along with my other ideas, Why doesn't GeK Adopt (along with covenant tech, That's OP) Magnetic Accelerator Cannons, that Bypass Tau'ri Shields, and cripple Tau'ri capital ships, The ships like the O'Neill would be useless, They could probably withstand three shots, But, GeK Would have more than that on his ship!

Do Private Message me! And also, I did like the Harry potter universe,Ill be checking regually for updates! Thanks!
drucifer000 chapter 123 . 7/16
Glad to see you havent forgotten about this one, I sure havent. Can't wait to see it continue.
Pavel of Arrakis chapter 122 . 7/16
Fixed links (I hope):
UBW; watch?vZBGF3k08Owc
Gate of Babylon; watch?v3bc0yHvomjo
Gilgamesh's Ultimate Anti-World Weapon; watch?vOWE7wLajbwU
Kotomine; watch?v4_s7l6fLTQk

Stupid one review per chapter rule, they should've make editing possible
Pavel of Arrakis chapter 123 . 7/16
Hey there it's me, a person with an idea.

I hope that you are still looking for more universes GEK may go to, if yes then I have a very powerful universe (or rather multiverse). The Nasuverse.

It consists of series Fate, Tsukihime, Kara no Kyokai, Notes, Melty Blood and others.

The Nasuverse is known for overpowered godlike beings like:

-Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg - The Wizard Marshall, Old Man of The Jewels, master of The Second True Magic Kaleidoscope which allows him to travel to any universe and to bend fabric of space to his will, man who defeated Crimson Moon because he didn't like him, The Fifth Dead Apostle Ancestor.

-Arcueid Brunestud - Princess of the True Ancestors, Archetype Earth, at 100% power level she can play ping-pong... with continents.

-Roa - When he dies Gaia (Earth's conciousness) revives him so he cannot die or something like this.

And not godly but still overpowered:

-Shiki Tohno/Nanaya, Shiki Ryougi - They possess the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception which allow them to destroy any object material or nonmaterial alike.

-Gilgamesh - First king of Uruk able to summon every bladed weapon (that ever existed in history or legends) and shoot them from portals to the Gate of Babylon like a godly LMG. /W59Cx458B-M?t231

-Archer (F s/n - He can form a Reality Marble called Unlimited Blade Works (it's even in Skyrim as a functional mod).

-Kirei Kotomine - Badass sociopath priest trained to kill humans and vampires, also able to form Angra Mainyu - All World's Evil.

Link to the wiki:

Guest chapter 123 . 7/12
God emperor should fight some ascended ancients for the heck of it.
Lord Tangerine chapter 123 . 7/12
A thousand years to mine 50% of planetary minerals? I guess that could be considered somewhat reasonable for a civilization approaching Type 1 development, but... for a Type 3 civ (which is what your empire is)? That is TERRIBLY inefficient. Almost comical, really.
Lord Asmodeus chapter 123 . 7/12
At last. A favourable portrayal of the Demon Lord, he wasn't an one dimensional villain for one.
Maben00 chapter 123 . 7/11
great chapter and I love it and I can't wait to read what happens next when you have the time :-)
nopparitari chapter 123 . 7/11
Good chapter, keep 'em coming!
OBSERVER01 chapter 123 . 7/10
Ptitkactus chapter 123 . 7/10
I like your story , but I find that lately you overextend yourself too much . I hope you manage to refocus yourself soon. Keep up the good work.
Joe Lawyer chapter 123 . 7/10
Hmm….it seems like this Monarch is much more “aware” of things then is normal. I have a feeling GEK knows this but the Monarch might be serving some useful function. Co-opting his adopted son, though, even if GEK is done with the HP universe is not likely to go over well.

Wow, GEK can now travel dimensions without the aid of technology. Man, he has come a long, long way from those humble beginnings in those early chapters merely stumbling upon that dying Tok’ra. What a ride it’s been!

Replicator World Eaters? Now that sounds intriguing.

Devourer-Class Orbital Mining Vessel? Good idea, probably long overdue. The resource needs to feed the Imperium in multiple dimensions is probably mind boggling. A ship designed and dedicated to large scale mining makes a ton of sense, especially if it can go into uninhabited galaxies and mine valuable and useful resources.

A few ships in his pocket? I guess that’s our first indicator of taking an HP style magic, one of the truly unique and powerful ones of that universe, and using it for maximum effect. Great choice.
RoyalTwinFangs chapter 123 . 7/10
Not a bad update.
Master of Dragons God chapter 123 . 7/10
Reichenfaust chapter 123 . 7/10
Man, that was a wicked end to the Harry Potter Universe. And I can't wait to see your take on "Immortals".
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