Reviews for The Language of Cities
Meeerf chapter 1 . 1/23/2009

OK, got that out of the way ;)

You know, between the whole opposite-sides and love-triangle aspects, one could potentially do infinite variations on this particular pairing.

Love the imagery and introspection, and Hawk's complicated, angsty, thoughts at the start, elaborate yet totally in character. Also really interesting to see Lise the way HE sees her. (Including getting the armor off. Of course he's thinking about that.)

And yeah, if I read Hawk right, Jess won't have half as much fun with the new guy. I liked that you gave Hawk mixed emotions. He seems like the sort that could really care about more than one woman, and be very tortured because of it.

Eek, that moment when he ran into Eliza's fiancee! I could totally feel his stomach dropping...

And the open ending is great. I mean, it's pretty clear what the future will hold, but not saying it outright emphasizes the bittersweet aspects.

Thanks! *happy*