Reviews for Dark Secrets
Zatnikatel chapter 1 . 1/23/2009
Oh, me likey. I love fics that fill in the gaps in the episodes, and with the revelations that occurred at the end of 4/10 and 4/11, you can do it with the benfit of hindsight, which adds a whole new dimension to events.

The way you portray Dean's 'Stockholm syndrome' is very creepy: Dean adoring yet despising Alastor, and thinking of him as his mentor, keeper, master (it's almost like Alastor is fulfilling the father role and 'training' his boy just like John Winchester did in life).

The description of his 'guilt, shame, and rousing expectation' and his mixture of 'horror and delight' (I'm sorry/please scream)as he tortures another soul is really disturbing.

'Praise from that bastard made his insides clench and want to vomit, while causing him to shiver at the same time in almost ecstatic bliss' and 'he wasn’t helpless, the one being made to suffer, but instead held power and free will, the will to instill suffering in others' - this is really powerful, the way you describe Dean's fall into depravity and corruption. He is essentially a good and selfless person: we know how it would break his heart if he was able to step outside of his situation and see himself like this.

But here is the kicker... just when thoughts of Sam seem to indicate that some shred of humanity remains you hit us with this; "Sammy, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I love you. Come let me show you what I’ve become. What you too could be someday'. That is like a knife in the guts...

I can't wait to
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