Reviews for Antithesis
LolaShoes chapter 2 . 5/31/2009
G, I flippin LOVE this chapter. L-O-V-E. It is totally fabulous, every single word. Sigh. I love the image of Edward and Rolle at the piano. You've added such a seamless original character and I heart it. And I can totally picture exactly what the entire room looked like when Rolle brought Bella closer to the piano. I'm totally a Rolle fan. Who plays him in your movie? LOL
LolaShoes chapter 1 . 5/31/2009

"but I never had to use them when Edward was near"

"A playful mysterious threat?"

"and not know what her unique greeting was."

"A vampire assassin? Isn't that redundant?" - LOL

"A musical assassin?" - LMAO!

Awesome visual: "Everyone leapt up when Rolle suddenly grabbed Edward by his collar. The room filled with snarls and hisses, but Rolle's voice boomed over it all."

Gah: "It was like watching plastic melt in a fire. I'd never seen anyone in pain like this before."

And the last several paragraphs are just complete win. Wow. GREAT first chapter.
aciepey chapter 12 . 5/31/2009
um, wow! wth was that? what other tricks does our friend Rolle have up his sleeve? glad the update is coming soon!
aciepey chapter 3 . 5/27/2009
why does this line worry me?

I found myself liking Rolle more and more.

a bipolar vampire...what a totally unique premise. i love that his reality is good enough for the cullens. noo sense in harming him more with the truth. it's such a human thing that rolle has done, creating his own version of the truth to protect himself, while vowing to protect the love of bella and edward. love the complexity...

i shall read on...
aciepey chapter 2 . 5/27/2009
Bella to the rescue..."play the piano" Brilliant!

I love that Rolle seems to have a sense of humor!
aciepey chapter 1 . 5/27/2009 can't wait to keep reading!

i love this line:

"I'll give everything to protect what you have," Rolle was still saying. "I swear it."

it sounds just like a friend of edward's would say...something edward would say himself.
SilentRip chapter 12 . 5/25/2009

I just noticed that this story has very few reviews even though it is super-fantastic. I thought I'd just note how I absolutely ADORED your pictionary scenario. It's one of my favorite games and your portrayal of Emmett playing, and the frustrations of Edward while drawing were especially nice. I also really enjoyed how such a fun chapter became so relevant to understanding Rolle as a character in a more serious fashion.

Speaking of Rolle; I think he's an intriguing original character of yours. The idea of the silver eyes was fun, and I really like the unpredictabile mood swings and how they define his essence as a troubled good guy with lots of issues. ANYHOW- Just thought this story deserves five stars and more reviews! Keep it up please 3
TwilightSherry chapter 2 . 5/23/2009
I really love this line, “It was like the loyalty of a dog, disguised in the dedication of a Marine. With a big gun. And a tank. And a battleship.” That makes the oath seem all that more intense. I love your imagery there. To start off with at first the dog, which I guess some would say are protectors, but can often easily be rendered immobile, but there isn’t much to compare to the loyalty of a dog, and it’s an instinctual trait for a dog, but I love how you built on that with the Marine, to the gun, to the tank, to the battleship. It was like the thought of the oath just got bigger and bigger to Bella. What I’m wondering, though, is why Bella took that oath so seriously from pretty much a stranger. Was it because of how intent he said it, or was it Edward’s reaction to Rolle, or possibly both. I just find it interesting that she took him so literally at this point.

Seriously GKK, some of your words are just so poetic to me, I sometimes read the line more than once, just so I can get the full scope of what’s being described. “Whatever apology we were going to offer died in the air from numb lips.” I can’t stop reading that. And I love that Bella knew exactly what he meant by the electricity, I actually wonder if they all felt that way their first time touching each other?

The “obsessive infatuation”, the “physical pain to be apart”, all of this can describe ExB as well. I love this, “Once the whole had been made, it couldn’t be split again. Dividing it meant destroying the other,” and “we made each other whole”. This to me describes how Bella felt when Edward left her in New Moon. I have always loved the line in I think it was BD, where she tells him that she knows who she can live without, and it’s not him. It was at that moment, for me, that made him leaving her ok, because I truly felt that going through that is what brought her that clarity, and built in her the confidence in her decision to marry Edward and become a vampire. So, I have to say, I’m not sure where this is going obviously, are you going along with the other books, because if so, I’m dying to see Rolle’s reaction when he finds out that Edward leaves Bella, and puts them both willingly through the feelings he’s describing.

I was surprised to learn that Rolle’s love was while they were human. That he became an “avenging demon”, who killed the guy over and over and over until the “rage was gone, then there was nothing left, I as empty”. Perfectly described, that is exactly what rage can do to you, to your soul. So, now I’m wondering by the line he said about the vampire who changed him, wanting a murderer. Was that purely because of his capability as a human to murder would only be stronger as a vampire, or because turning him into a vampire while he was in this state of mind would keep him in this state of mind per se, making him some sort of murdering vampire?

Oh goodness and how torturous to have his eidetic memory, and know that you’re never going to forget and you’re never going to die. And then this, “that they were frozen in time….realizing his heart would be eternally broken…..eternally hollow and bereft” how does someone go on living? This should be interesting. And how interesting that Bella wonders if she will end up the same way. Wow, GKK, seriously the way you described that just really described how she felt in NM to me.

I love that Esme couldn’t listen to the whole story. Very true to her character. How cute that Rolle brought Bella into the room while he and Edward played piano, but cuter still the stunned faces of the Cullens. Were they stunned only because of the comment he made about her smell? Or was it because he was so close to her and not being a vegetarian, he didn’t seem to have a problem? Or was it because he had just rearranged the furniture? LOL.

LMAO…”vampires, you’re all so damned serious”….wasn’t it him who not more than 10 minutes ago was telling them a super serious story…LOL. … that was a very comical way to end the chapter.

So, I will try to read chap 3 sooner, but I’ve still got 3 chaps to review for Lola, and I haven’t caught up on The D updates yet…ughh.

Awesome chapter though, I will still keep going…my curiosity is definitely piqued, and I really do love some or your imagery and writing. I have to say that sometimes, it’s too smart for me, and I have to read it more than once, to see exactly what you meant, but I love it. I love being stretched mentally.

Thanks for sharing your talent.
TwilightSherry chapter 1 . 5/16/2009
Ok I’m finally reading…yay. So, first off obviously can’t wait to find out who Rolle is. And this whole Antithesis? Very interesting concept….the opposite of ExB’s story. As horrible as I anticipate for Rolle’s story to be, I’m intrigued.

I love your descriptions. The line “..even though he was smiling it never reached his eyes.” Great way to describe someone who I assume wants to be happy but can’t quite get there deep inside. Guess I’ll find out.

I love that each family member has a different handshake, very unique. What made you think of that…and I have always loved the Jasper handshake, for some reason. Whenever I see that I just really like it. It’s like a double handshake..packs more greeting. And where did you get the name Rolle? I like that.

“A vampire assassin? Isn’t that redundant?” LMAO…yeah sounds like it…very curious. A hired assassin…for humans? For vampires? or both….to kill humans? To kill vampires? Or both. I hope you tell us.

“And she’s good for a laugh now and then.” LOL dear sweet Emmett…he’s the one always good for a laugh.

When Rolle grabbed Edward and started screaming not to ever risk Bella…whew I was like..jeez ...why does he care so much….aw I’m sure we’ll find out. That was intense though. And then when Bella saw Rolle sobbing and said, “It was like watching plastic melt in a fire. I’d never seen anyone in pain like this before.” That is one strong thought for her…considering the kind of pain she herself has experienced and that she has seen in Edward thinking he would lose her….it’s hard to even imagine a pain like that outside of your own. Excellent use of description….especially when even Edward gave out physically at seeing Rolle’s mind at what I can only think was whatever happened to make him feel this amount of pain.

And to finish it up with “I’ll give everything to protect what you have, I swear it.” Well, gkk you got me. What the heck happened to him? What is torturing him? How is he going to end up protecting them? Are we in for another battle?

Job well done, looking forward to more. The way you describe things is really done superbly.
Noble Korhedron chapter 12 . 5/14/2009
HOLY SHIT! Thiws guy sounds dangerous! You know, I dunnow what you're planning to do with Rolle, but I think maybe it's time for the Volturi to go! I mean, they're such paranoid dictatorial freaks that they'd never leave the Cullens alone as long as they're together... I dunno if I agree with making Bella the catalyst, she already feels guilty over the 'Nessie visit'! A- so far, keep it up! :)
aragornnme chapter 12 . 5/10/2009
Coolest chapter ever! I loved both sections about how Rolle thinks, as well as the hurricane... even though you killed Demetri. I kinda like him as a bit character. The first section, combined with the last chapter, was very well thought out and thorough as to Rolle, his tracking technique, and the way his mind works. Great idea on that one.

And the hurricane bit was simply *cool*. I can't wait for the next chapter to see how it all ends. And why Rolle can use sound like that... it's awesome.

Thanks, and happy writing!

TwilightSherry chapter 11 . 5/9/2009
That was super cute. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m glad that I read your profile page or I would have been thinking, “Who the heck is Rolle?” But, from the beginning that whole flapping made me curious and then made total sense when Edward said it wasn’t a game of any skill. I think you totally captured each of their character’s personal likes of the games. That was really cool. I actually thought you nailed them on what each of them would like. In fact, I actually really liked that Rose was into the card playing, actually that Rose was the one who thought that game night was a bonding experience. I’ve always felt that Rose was so misunderstood and I like when people make her not such a mean person. So, to think of her actually wanting family bonding through games was very nice.

LOL - “Dibs on the winner.”….”No!”….slap-jack with someone who could see the future was an exercise in futility.

LOL – “Girls, was that my dining table?”….”Let’s blame Emmett”….”I heard that.”….”Blame Alice”…..”Blame Edwad, he heard my vision and he didn’t stop you, either.”

Now that whole thing was so funny. Neither of them stopping Bella from breaking the table….FUNNY.

LOL – slapjack the only game where Edward can’t cheat

I like how you’ve kept the dynamics of them the same as well. i.e. Emmett still poking fun at Bella….LOL

Pictionary – this is going to be fun.

LOL – every time they said Pizza Hut

LOL – every time they said the dichotomy of good versus evil (which by the way I never expected Emmett to say which only made it funnier, why do I always think he’s probably not smart?)

LOL – that rose eh’d at the coffin guess

LMAO – telephone booth…I replayed that drawing in my head and in no way did I see a telephone booth…LOL.

LOL – the whole Bono drawing…that was just funny to even picture…who can draw Bono

LOL that both Bella and Edward can’t draw for shit

LOL – chicken and more chickens…Emmett never lets up

LOL – “the chicken, the fat lady, a candy apple, the donuts” a circus? LOL

LOL – them trying to guess how what she drew could possibly have been BONO…LMAO

LOL – “who broke a teacup”

LOL – “at least this is a good indication that you deserve one another”

LOL – random guesses….galapogos islands…LOL

LOL – Edward studying the card before drawing and Bella’s comment about even in games he is very deliberate

Those were all my laughing moments. I’m actually intrigued now and as soon as I finish the Red Line I will read the first part of this story. Like what were those looks that Edward was giving regarding Rolle…and well, since I haven’t read the beginning I don’t know really where he came from and how he’s going to play into the story.

From reading your profile and just that little glimpse. My first thought is that he must know something going on with the volturri and for some reason he feels protective of Bella, not wanting anything to happen to her, and Edward is seeing that in his mind and isn’t too sure what to think of it. But, I could be way off, that is just what I thought of first off from just reading this chapter.

Very entertaining and funny chapter. You definitely made game night at the Cullen’s memorable and funny. I love when they are having fun. Can you imagine how LONG forever can really be? They can…so I really liked the game night...and each of their enthusiasm for it as well.

Great job.
aragornnme chapter 7 . 4/6/2009
I officially love Rolle and his banter with Edward and Emmett. Yay for the Cullens having an intelligent sense of humor! The dialogue is in character, yet still fun and lighthearted or serious when necessary, which is a big accomplishment, in my eyes.

You have an interesting backstory,and I'm eager to find out more about the history of Rolle. I'm especially interested as to why Marcus killed Rolle a second time, as well as the real answer to why Rolle's eyes are silver.

This is a thought-provoking beginning, and I'll be waiting for more. The one thing that I could critique was the sudden shift to after Breaking Dawn. That was awkard, and we had to glean the information from the heading, not from the text itself. A paragraph of introduction to the fact that Bella was changed and apparently didn't have Renesmee would have been more useful than the heading, trust me.

Thanks for the story; I'll be waiting for the next installment.

serenity12345 chapter 6 . 3/10/2009
I like
Jen2112 chapter 6 . 3/10/2009
I love the conversation about whale hunting. That had me cracking up so hard I had to walk away from my computer. And him being all sticky because of the salt. Is Rolle just visiting again, or does he have a purpose in his visit? I hope you keep writing, and I wish more people would read your story because I think its really good!
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