Reviews for Runaway Train
Cypriss chapter 1 . 12/12/2001
You're not the same as the WhiteFox who wrote that lovely fic about Duo and sticky popsicles, are you? Oh well, that was okay. Your writing has potential.
Seph Lorraine chapter 1 . 12/5/2001
This fanfiction was very well wrtten! I am very impressed with this piece. It was very deep... to an extent that I barely even understood it. The very choice of vocabulary ads to the essence of this fic, and it was, indeed, a wonderful fic. Just to make a suggestion or two... This whole fic, as I noticed was writen in the passive form. The passive form of writing is a very misleading one. While it may sound mysterious and deep in the eyes and ears of the author, it often elludes the readers to the point of loosing interest. I loved this story, though, I would just suggest using a few confirmation sentences here and there, some clear statements telling just what he did, etc. I was also just a bit confused about the timeline of the story, whether one thing happened right after the other or not. Please continue writing, this was a beauifully written piece. My suggestions are purely for constuctive criticism, please dont take it offensively. :) I loved your fic. :D

blume-chan chapter 1 . 12/5/2001
it's a really sad fic...well, sad because my Ayakun is dead, nice because Omi and Schu-Schu are together, bad because Nagi is alive instead of my dear Farfie, sweet because all of them ended having normal lifes, an beacause it's end...but it's cool anyway!
Kaousuu chapter 1 . 12/3/2001
Very unique...I enjoyed it. _ It's not often you read a Omi x Schu pairing. I was expecting Youji of course, or maybe Nagi. But you got me! _~ Very good!