Reviews for Once More, With Feeling
Captured.By.Insanity chapter 53 . 9/9
I would just like to say, I dont know if I've ever been as sad as I was finishing chapter 53 and realizing there was no more to the story and the likelihood of a n update slim. This is so good,I hope one day you finish it!
Ladylaurel chapter 44 . 9/4
Got to say, Tseng thinking Cloud might be a better strategist than Sephiroth while looking at the result of Cloud being a complete space cadet was hilarious.

Seriously, Cloud couldn't be thinking of the consequences AT ALL when he decided to use previous battles - probably fort condor if I'm reading right - to entertain Sephiroth.

And then he's worried about explaining how he knows obscure fighting techniques later. I'm still snickering. Cloud, living up to his name, lol.
Tin chapter 5 . 8/31
More chap please, this story is great
Guest chapter 53 . 8/25
Great chapter and story. Please continue.
Tin chapter 6 . 8/22
More up please...
Tin chapter 5 . 8/22
Can't wait for update...
MM007 chapter 53 . 8/19
Very nice story, with an impressive amount of material and development. Cloud is even still a child, too! I'm also impressed to see an eleven year old story with regular updates.

I'm glad to see Vincent up early. He gives a resource that Shinra is unaware of - a Turk who can move freely. I wonder if he'll be used effectively...
Erica Murray chapter 53 . 8/16
I just came across your story and spent the past few days reading through it nonstop. And omg, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much when reading! You came up with a pretty cool twist to the original story bringing him back in time like this.

I think it’s beyond cool to think that all of Zacks suffering (along with many others) could be avoided and that there’s a possible chance at a friendship developing between Sephiroth and Cloud. I think you’ve captured the characters pretty true to how they would behave back during this time. We never really had that much insight of how the 3 firsts acted with one another outside of a few scenes in Crisis Core, but I would imagine since they were friends that they would have been pretty similar to what you thought up. Never mind people saying Zack acts too idiotic. He is super hyper and childish acting in Crisis Core pretty much until things with Angeal start falling apart. This last chapter with the 3 of them picking up Vincent had me totally dying! He’s a vampire! Ahhhh! LMAO! It’s a good thing you are cute Zack, hahaha!

I can’t wait until your next chapter. I know life is hectic and probably doesn’t leave you a lot of time to write, but we all appreciate what you have given us. Thanks for the entertainment!
Chmia chapter 53 . 8/13
Thank you for writing. It us impressive you are keeping up with this story after all of these years. What dedication!
Tin chapter 5 . 8/11
Please please please update more...
Analei chapter 53 . 8/10
Oh my gosh! O.o I am so excited to find this being updated again! I literally shrieked in delight!

I cannot wait to see the Turks reactions to Vincent. Maybe even Sephiroth. Seriously, I really think those two could actually be related...

Anyway! Wonderful work with our adorable time traveler!
Anwesha Baral chapter 53 . 7/31
Please update fast
Seaweed chapter 53 . 7/7
Oh my goodness! Zack is so precious! I have not laughed this hard in a while! Really good chapter.
TheDisturbedDragon chapter 32 . 6/29
...Oh boy, cloud messed up. Veld knew Vincent. Tseng has no doubt heard of his boss's partner. Though it does supply someone who could have taught him...
Greatazuredragon chapter 53 . 6/23
Very nice story so far, good work.
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