Reviews for Once More, With Feeling
Emmupapaii chapter 49 . 6/11
I really like this one. Not too intense and not too boring either. Just relaxing to read. And reread again. I'm looking forward to more updates too D More power to you author!
Triforce Dragons chapter 49 . 6/8
Vincent is going to make an appearance soon! Yeah! He's one of my favorites! My top favorite actually!
Brenden1k chapter 27 . 5/26
People with concessions should sleep to let the brain heal. Those that never wake up again took to much brain damage and were doomed.
Shieldage chapter 49 . 5/22
Great story. Well researched and the original structures are integrated smoothly. Good to have the truth come out and randomize Cloud's time tables. Everyone seems a lot happier this time through, hopefully they can prevent this round of peace talks with Wutai from failing. Hope to see more of the Cloud designed training areas. Thanks for keeping this story going over the years, far more successful than I have had with my own work ;)
Emmupapaii chapter 47 . 5/22
I just gotta say, this is incredibly awesomely written! I don't have enough vocabulary to describe this but this is seriously awesome. I like every character's sense of humor, too. I got lots of laughs because of them. Though I hope to read the end of this story someday, not so soon though coz I don't want it to end yet xD But really, I hope to read more of this. Good luck author and best wishes to you D
Guest chapter 49 . 5/21
I think your story could use two things at this point: one the move of an antagonist. I think it would be fun to bring in like a fully grown Kadaj from the future or Rosso of the tsviets into play. As Jenovas response to Clouds time travel. Two: Cloud definitely needs his sword! First Sword is just two awesome and Cloud just feels like he's missing a piece of himself to me without it, same with his enhancements...but mostly overall absolutely his sword! Planet be nice! Give Cloudy woudy his seven sword split mix mash monster back! :-D
Trey chapter 49 . 5/16
I must admit, I really enjoy reading this fic. It is hard to find a well written, well planned ffvii fic that is not romance focused and is believable. Your story does all of this and accomplishes it very well. I look forward to seeing the ripples waves and tsunamis caused by Cloud's presence, actions and inaction. It is sure to be an interesting ride. You brought up a good point that I'd forgotten too. Cloud has been focused so much on "fixing things" that we were all swept away with him and his efforts to do so by getting into Soldier, among other things, that we forgot the reason Aeris and Zack gave in the first place. Oddly enough the rewind of time was mainly so Cloud could be happy. My question then becomes, is becoming an immortal SOLDIER who watches the people he loves/cares about grow old and die before him really going to make him happy? I wouldn't be.

Anywho, thanks again for sharing! Looking forward to the next one!
Jaylen13 chapter 49 . 4/29
binged read and I want more
Akuma-Heika chapter 1 . 4/26
Considering what happened to herself and her sister, Shelke was debatably in a more terrible situation than Vincent.

Who is the Cyborg? Vincent and Shelke are both Biologically enhanced, but no cybernetics, although Vincent is the Avatar of a god(like entity anyway).
Death update chapter 49 . 4/25
Been a while since I read this but I was browsing the archive and saw this near the top and was pleasantly surprised to find two new chapters since last I read. I hope to see quick updates and more of the story develop. Especially what you do with Hojo.
Syaza chapter 48 . 4/16
Goodness I can't remember when was the first time I read your story. It could probably be more than 10 years now? In any case, ecstatic to see that this story is still continuing!
Christian ChimChim chapter 1 . 4/15
damn its been a long time ... I'll have to reread it again ! but I'm glad that it's not abandoned . thank you
asylilium chapter 1 . 4/10
So relieved that this isnt dead. Also haven't check in a while, so having multiple chapters to read is a plus. Looking forward to the next chapter!
AngelaVargas1 chapter 48 . 4/9
Mister McMahon!? Oh God I can't stop laughing!

When I saw the Name McMahon I spat out my tea...
TeeDee chapter 49 . 4/8
This story is sooo Awesome! I love the characters and how well you write them. I cannot wait to see what happen she next! Thank you for sharing
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