Reviews for For the Potions Master's Amusement
Almecestris chapter 4 . 10/3
Loving this story so much! I already read it, but they skies outside are grey and I have no responsibilities today so this deserves a reread!
heidlebergchick chapter 86 . 9/20
Fantastic story overall, I can't describe it, but I'm overwhelmed by the journey they both traveled to reach the point they're at. It was so beautiful and real, thanks for the sheer hard work you put in; it was a pleasure to read!
heidlebergchick chapter 53 . 9/19
Fantastic chapter!
Guest chapter 44 . 9/18
Fucking brilliant!
heidlebergchick chapter 36 . 9/18
woah, wasn't expecting that one!
heidlebergchick chapter 33 . 9/18
Wow, that was so perfect, I couldn't stop smiling the entire ritual, it was beyond beautiful! Amazing writing!
heidlebergchick chapter 28 . 9/18
Definitely one of the best lemons I've ever read, the legilimency really added to its uniqueness, especially when she called him master for the first time, wow!
heidlebergchick chapter 26 . 9/18
Oh my god! She finally asked him! I'm so delighted right now!
Guest chapter 22 . 9/18
Wow, that's some of the most amazing and honest sex involving dominance and submission I've ever read. I understand some of what she was going through there and I love how you wrote it, I can't wait for her to tell him she really honestly loves him.
Guest chapter 86 . 8/18
Amazing! Usually when i read a fanfic it takes me a rather surprising amount of effort just to read to 20 chapters-40s the limit- and with your fanfic there was absolutely no effort at all and i found myself wanting ,even wishing that there were more than the 87 chapters. Big fan
Guest chapter 4 . 8/16
Loving every word so far :)
Chris chapter 35 . 8/16
I love this whole story. I am reading it daily. I have fallen in love with it.
Guest chapter 4 . 8/9
Ooo naughty
SL chapter 86 . 8/1
It is such a beautiful story that I have read it over again. I really enjoy the changes Hermione (to a lesser extent, Severus) made in this journey.

One thing I wish it'd address is how Hermione deals with Harry and other friends after the war: how Harry and others reconcile with her regarding her lifestyle choice.

All in all, thanks!
Katy chapter 4 . 7/23
This story has me sopping wet reading in the doctor's waiting room and I'm afraid someone is going to notice. The tension in this story for a sapiosexual like me is brilliant, thank you so much.
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