Reviews for 07 Geographical Solution
skywiseskychan chapter 3 . 12/14/2010
Well with this chapter it should be interesting to see how Sarah takes it all. Afterall, I think I know what her issue is with Anna, and that is that its tied upin her Gen, and how Anna feels to her. I'm not done reading yet, and shall soldier on.
Stormbringer951 chapter 3 . 11/26/2009
D'aww. This is an Anna-sympathy chapter. What did that nasty Sarah do to you? It's kind of weird, in my perspective - but then, I'm one of the terminator crowd - I expect robots to be the Stoic. Anna breaking up humanizes her a lot, which just makes her subsequent comments about readjusting the threshold damn creepy.

We get a lot of Roxy's backstory here, and it's pretty sad. She's had it pretty tough in the parental department, a dissolute mother and a broken home. Ah well, the harder their childhood is, the faster they grow up (and the longer list of mental problems they pile up).

An interesting chapter, and a helluvalot of character development.
Stormbringer951 chapter 2 . 11/26/2009
Ok, this is a mostly fluffy chapter, but one which I was quite good. The detail you've put into their household is astounding - for my stories, the locations are normally cookie-cutter suburban houses, anonymous apartments and safehouses, weapon stores ...

Wow. The plot, like I said, is rather fluffy, but that's supposed to happen at some point in stories, unless you're going for the super "darker and edgier" vibe. Sarah's outrage felt a little ... contrived. If it was me, I'd be a little outraged at the intrusion, but more grateful than not for the preservation of my treasures. I'm guessing it's your intention to make me feel this way, but she is a real bitch.

Not much else to say about chapter two.
Stormbringer951 chapter 1 . 11/20/2009
A decent start to this story, although I can't help feeling that it would have worked better as part of the previous one. It felt a little short and disjointed, that's all.

A fairly interesting conversation between Anna and Kat, with them first realising that she isn't like them - she is designed for war. And then the realisation that they were going to be made in the same image - that they would have been made into assassins, hitmen etc. At this point, I would quite like a view from the opposite side of the trenches - from the rest of the Callahans - as I simply don't see how anybody, particularly these young teens, could be conditioned into weapons and remain even fairly sane. I suspect that the Callahans aren't either.

You get a view of Roxy and Eddie's relationship - very different from the comics - in that Roxy and Eddie are both very serious about it (and that Eddie is less of a dick). It's very interesting, the things that you've said so far about intercourse being a sacrament and the fact that Roxy is waiting - it's an old fashioned viewpoint, but one I feel is appropriate for the characters - it makes them more mature than they often seem. Child-like teenagers and adults at the same time.

More sexual tension between Bobby and Sarah, they really strike sparks off each other. He offers her some good advice, which she spurns. Maybe she should be more conciliatory and less arrogant? Huh. I'll review the other chapters later, hopefully in the same depth.
Whyt Wulf chapter 3 . 7/17/2009
*sigh* More attitude from the Native princess, eh? You certainly put these folks through the emotional wringer! The more I read, the more real the characters become. Such depths of personality!
Tezza1502 chapter 3 . 5/7/2009
Once again, you manage to breathe fresh idea's into an old comic. Can Sarah be any bigger a bitch? Though sadly, she was almost as bad to Bobby in canon. It's a pity he had to leave the band he was becoming a part of behind. The pairing of him and Mel in the comic was a rare case of a character moving on from a bad crush to something better.

Moving on...