starofjustice chapter 74 . 7/10
Here I am at the end of the “first season” of KR Showa. There was a lot of cool stuff, a lot of weird stuff, and some strange stuff in there.

The end battle there was pretty epic. Looks like you guys had an awful lot of fun coming up with it, it being touched up a couple times and those being included too. That did seem a lot like the finish to one of Decade’s movies.

Cute how we had an appearance by our future KR Necros in the second-to-last arc there, but that was part of something I liked better about this than his treatment in SxV, where here the story’s willing to let him get slapped a little if that’s what it takes for him to learn a tough lesson or get out of a funk (somebody’d been watching The Brave and the Bold for the chapter with Wildcat). In SxV his going on about his problems was usually only there so the people in his life could tell him that didn’t matter and what a good person he was.

In general I prefer this Shinichi to the other version in SxV because he’s an action-oriented person like a proper superhero. He cares about what he’s gained since escaping Gin-Shocker to want to fight for it, there’s no “Why won’t Gin-Shocker just leave us alone so we can act like normal kids in peace?” There it always seemed more of annoyance at having their lives interrupted, but here he seemed willing to heal, move on and fight back against the darkness in the world. It even shows him still having some issues even as he tries to move on and does them well, though, like being willing to join Armor but not really being a team player or liking being told what to do, at least at first.

Maybe that isn’t what you want to hear, but I felt that while this version lacked a little in the way of focus, the way it handled its treatment of the characters was a lot more effective. Good job.
starofjustice chapter 65 . 6/19
That was an arc with some unexpected inclusions to be sure. The elements of a KR Decade serial were pretty well in place, down to the "passing through Kamen Rider" monologue and a set of cards in his repertoire unlocked by befriending Shinichi. Haven't watched that show in a while so it was kind of a fun reminder and I think I'll probably go back and watch some Decade again soon. I also liked how it was kicked off by Shinichi and Rena being robbed by Diend, since it suggested they were going to chase him down to get back what he stole which would be an interesting kind-of departure from the usual KR plot scheme.

The decision to make him Ranma took away some from it though, since Tsukasa Kadoya was touted as the destroyer of worlds, and since he had amnesia we didn't really know any different. But Ranma Saotome? Star of a wacky martial arts comedy as Narutaki's target? Sure he can be kind of a boor, but a world-destroying villain? Felt like that came out of nowhere.

I'd been hoping chasing Diend down would've been the main plot of the arc. The final fight with Gebok was pretty cool, but with the way Diend showed up by stealing Shinichi's love charm but that ended up having nothing to do with the main plot. The fight with the Gebok mecha wasn't bad, but I was kinda hoping to see more of Diend.

Not a bad arc.
starofjustice chapter 59 . 6/3
Another arc, based it would seem around a bunch of cool-seeming villains imported from Beatrice's home show.

The initial chapter about fighting the sisters was pretty cool, seeing all the Numbers get a little time to shine like that. The one where they ganged up on Shinichi wasn't quite as good, since we'd already seen them beaten, and with how he had free access to every power at his disposal including the ones the three treasures give him I wasn't that worried. Not bad, just not as good.

Yokoshima hooking up with one of the sisters was kind of unexpected, and it was an interesting and unexpected idea when Shinichi had a non-lethal fight with him to test the depth of his devotion to her.

All in all I think I prefer this version of Shinichi more than the SxV version for getting out and dealing with dangers to other people, like he and Lucy do at the end with the Darklings. That does make me think of something of a weakness of this arc, as it caps off with a battle with just some random monster, as good as it is to see Shinichi getting out and fighting them.

That's that the arc itself seemed mainly to be about Shinichi and the other Numbers spending the whole thing being jerked around by Beatrice and Topper. Their game seemed, at least in these couple chapters, to have no real signifiance besides jerking people around and forcing them into fights, because the "players" are really powerful and magical and there's nothing anyone can do to stop them, and they've got nothing better to do than force people into these fights. Which none of the heroes seems to care that much about; I'd sort of think they would, with treasuring the chance to live their own lives after getting out of Gin-Shocker, only to find themselves at the mercy of people who might in their own way be even worse than the likes of Gebok.
starofjustice chapter 55 . 5/9
Some quick but decent little arcs, this one and the last one. Giving Bomber a mecha was kind of unexpected.

The idea of unlocking more powers from the three treasures wasn't a bad one, but I'd probably tease the existence of some big upcoming threat to explain the need for power-ups.
starofjustice chapter 50 . 4/13
Well, Misato's dealt with. I almost feel bad saying I find that satisfying, but she was pretty sadistic and I don't mind seeing that type of character put down.

A couple other thoughts on the last few chapters. I thought it was a little strange giving an OC, or at least someone from a different show, the mantle of a preexisting official Kamen Rider. Even if it was one from a show where the henshin gear had a habit of being passed around.

Also, General Nagazawa's scary, but he just kind of appeared out of nowhere. He felt kind of out place, considering the previous two chapters were about hunting down and having a final confrontation with Misato. Even if it was just meant to be a taste of things to come, I would've built it up more.
starofjustice chapter 47 . 3/19
We see some of the finer points of what joining ARMOR involves, and just how far Warren's power, personal and administrative, reach. I wonder if maybe it's just a bit much for the sake of having compelling enemies for it, a multiversal agency with the most formidable and famous heroes from any continuity you can think of on the payroll. Led by someone who's not only got more than one Rider identity, one of them is the Kamen Rider Decade of the Avengers which depending on what you count could mean he could impersonate most of the major members of Marvel's stable.

I did like how Shinichi doesn't take well to being somebody's subordinate. There's a good sense there that he's still got issues from his time as one of Gin-Shocker's slaves. That he doesn't like taking orders or even the idea that he's dealing with somebody more powerful than he is, and who could theoretically impose their will on him if they chose to even if they're supposed to be on the same side. That was well-done, fit with his circumstances very well, and would help him do a lot to stand out when the Showa x Vampire reboot gets going.
starofjustice chapter 44 . 2/20
Well, the advent of another form for Shinichi, and the demise of another Number.

The biggest thing, of course, being the introduction of Armor since Gin-Shocker's a big enough threat to warrant that kind of intervention (what about the predecessors the other Kamen Riders fought?).

I would be cautious when upping the ante that high, exactly because of the possibilities that opens up. A dimension-jumping story can quickly become a crowded one, and a story format with somewhat rigid rules like Kamen Rider's can end up in a story with very different ones. And it can seem really cool to have your character rub shoulders with someone from a show you really like. Essence of fanfiction, almost. Just be careful when thinking what introducing something to your world will have.
starofjustice chapter 40 . 2/8
Sorry it's taken me this long to finish another one. Another arc closes, another fight with another NUMBER, but not the final one for Bomber just yet.

The part with dating the grown-up girls was kind of cute, although I'm getting the feeling I really do need to take a time out and read the manga this is based on to be able to keep up as intended.

Shinichi got to show off some cool new powers this time and put Bomber in his place, although I think I'm looking at the NUMBERS with too much of what I was told about them in SxV. There they were part of a competition to create the best one, but Shinichi was always #1. Here they seem tougher, closer to him in ability unless he's using one of the powered-up forms furnished by one of the village treasures.

Not a bad arc. We'll see what comes next.
starofjustice chapter 34 . 1/5
The romance/normal life stuff in the first half of the arc was okay, kind of cute. There wasn't a lot of buildup to the fight with Petrifier or Shinichi getting a new power-up from the other treasures, though.
starofjustice chapter 30 . 12/29/2014
Another arc behind me, the emergence of this story’s version of Black 13, and got some mixed feelings.

I liked that Black 13 actually is a dark side to Shinichi, unlike being a false alarm in S x V. His emergence was done pretty well, with Shinichi gradually acting like more of a jerk and performing a vigilante killing on the guy who ran over his mom. Some of the Numbers on his side approved, too, which says a little something about them as well and just what they might be willing to condone after growing up in Gin-Shocker.

I will say I was disappointed when it turned out that White 14 was Shinichi’s clone in this version, though. I’d been hoping to see him have to face his own inner darkness, instead of a villain who looks like him and is an asshole he can just beat up. Then again, clones are a plot device that are kind of hard to pull off without seeming cheap.

The game between Topper and the witches was kind of interesting, although I find that kind of thing works best when it isn’t exactly clear how they move or what direct effects they cause, just that there’s an idea that they’re countering each other.

Also, we have Warren Smith, the father of SxV’s Kamen Rider Necros? If I read this, will I get to find out his back story? Didn’t get much reading that.
starofjustice chapter 25 . 12/20/2014
We encounter the NUMBERS here, and first thing that springs to mind is boy am I glad some of them got different Kamen Rider names in Showa x Vampire, like Daichi and Goemon. With all due respect to the creators, those needed an extra run through the proofing process.

As for the Numbers, some join up with Shinichi, and it’s more or less the same ones who join his side in Showa x Vampire. On the one hand, I understand him having to fight for his life against the more twisted members of the unit who come after him and ultimately having to take most of the evil Numbers’ lives. His power base in this story’s a lot more limited and if they don’t take him up on his initial offer, he can’t really afford to keep trying to redeem them because he doesn’t have enough super-powered friends that someone can be counted on to come bail him out if he gets in trouble.

On the other hand, like in Showa x Vampire, when some of the Numbers do decide to turn over a new leaf, they basically just decide not to go back to that place they already hated anyway. And there’s nothing Gin-Shocker can really do about it besides send more guys to kill them. If a ton of guys just get up and walk away from the bad guys, and all that happens is they’re fighting members of the bad guy group like they were already, the bad guys don’t really look that dangerous. Was Shinichi really the only one who was brainwashed? There was nothing discouraging desertion for any of the other Numbers? In Ryuki, for example, Shinji was the only Rider who acted like a hero because everyone else they gave a deck had a reason to be willing to fight for the prize. And Shinji wasn’t supposed to have been a Rider.

One thing I did really like was how Showa was regarded with suspicion for wielding a sacred artifact and the villagers not really trusting this stranger who hides everything about himself with something so ancient and powerful. In other words, that he isn’t automatically afforded their respect. I also liked how Shinichi was told if he himself didn’t have respect for the sword, he wouldn’t be worthy of wielding it anymore; to be worthy of it, he has to not only want to wield it for just purposes, he has to have respect for what it represents and what he, as its wielder, represents. That was an interesting layer to the standard evil-smiting legendary weapon.

One minor touch that was kind of cool was seeing Shinichi being determined not to rely on his magic sword to get him through all his hard spots in one chapter. You don’t usually see that in tokusatsu; when the hero gets a stronger power they’re happy using it all the time. They need to advertise the toy of it, after all. It was, however, undone when he ended up using it anyway.
starofjustice chapter 11 . 11/30/2014
Having finished the arc, my main thoughts are still that the primary characters and setting were rushed out, perhaps banking on familiarity with the anime this is based on. With it being clearer this was intended to be a short series but the ideas just kept flowing, some decisions, like pushing the romantic couples together so quickly and Showa getting a powered-up form already, are kind of understandable.

The characters' identities and the heroes Shinichi can imitate being glossed over is something I found made it a little hard to get into either the Gaming Club's regular social stuff or Shinichi's fights against the villains. Certainly I'm familiar with the Showa Riders, but it felt really weird for Shinichi to just whip out the forms and powers of other heroes with no explanation at all of who they were and what they could do.

Obviously a lot of this was dealt with in Showa X Vampire. Although having read that, I'm really hoping Shinichi's guilt at the atrocities Black 13 committed at the whim of a madman doesn't run away from him here like it did there. It wasn't him, it was another person created by a very effed-up person, and his insistence those deeds laid on him lasted way longer than it had any reason to.

I did appreciate how despite regularly talking about how he fights for the protection of his friends, in this version Shinichi fights monsters who are a danger to the town around him in general too. Far and away my bigggest problem with Showa X Vampire was how isolationist the heroes ended up seeming. Not on purpose, I'm sure, but this was refreshing nonetheless.
starofjustice chapter 2 . 11/23/2014
I'm just getting started on this version, and the main thing I'm noticing right away is the setting and characters are rushed out kind of fast. I presume this was written with familiarity to the source material in mind.

This version of Shinichi's a lot more open with himself about drooling over hot girls in this one, I'm noticing, which is kind of a refreshing change-up. I'll see what I think of upcoming chapters.
SilverFang555 chapter 100 . 9/1/2013
I enjoyed every bit of KR Showa's genesis! It was an interesting take on the series and the various characters livened up the story. I would say the final battle that had Showa and Heisei Riders had All-Riders levels of finality and awesomeness. GIN-SHOCKER were very good villains and Gebok is the best 'love to hate' type of character. Also I would say that Daichi and Chiaki were two of my favorite characters, and I would really like to see what is the deal with Topper(reminds me a lot of Narutaki; y'know without being an ambiguous nutcase!).

Great story! Can't wait to read KR Showa X Green Lantern!
Cobalt Striker Gundam chapter 100 . 8/27/2013
Well so far that I've read this on the whole Summer and it was the greatest Kamen Rider Fanfic equal to Kamen Rider GX so far I really Like the part when Shinichi got to transform Into Showa and how His Friends and Rena saw his Rider powers and they excited about to become Riders up Where that butthole Gebok who want to Control Shinichi Back to his side but fail Like a Douche thanks to his friends who believe in him as a hero and a good friend and togethee they defeated Gebok. Then Shiori came back to his life and after learning that Shinichi love Hinamizawa cause of his friends and Girlfriend she decided to comeback. After That the NUMBERS group came to kill him but some realize He's changed and is not the same Guy as they used to know, so now some of them decided to join him on his mission to destory GIN-SHOCKER and later on WHITE 14 tried to mess up with Shinichi's friends and killed the NEO-NUMBERS only got his ass kicked by Shinichi after the payback is done he returns back to normal with his time power weeks later he meets Warren and asked him to join ARMOR with the NEO-NUMBERS after some much battles with Between GIN-SHOCKER and DHS along the way made new friends especially Princess Shawna peace brought back for now and Shinichi has a little brother named Sho along with Rkia and Hanyuu as his sisters and in the end married Rena in 7 years. I give this story 1000 out of 1000! Shinichi you rule! XD
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