Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 47 . 11/18/2016
Ooooh boy, this one was tough for me. I did enjoy the action but I didn't like the way Warren, Lucy, and Rachel were pushing the others around.

I do acknowledge that Shinichi needs to learn that he's not always in charge and Daichi was also getting on my nerves with how he was picking on Shinichi but...I guess it's more the fact that Warren and his family can just do whatever they want and nobody can get away with calling them out on it. I can't stand authority figures who give off the impression of a bully. Hopefully I can warm up to them but part of me fears I'll never agree with their methods, even if its for the right reasons.

The action was still good though and it was cool seeing some Kamen Rider cameos. My friend Seanzilla also does them so I'm a little more familiar than I used to be.

Now let's see how Shinichi's life will be now that he's an official member of A.R.M.O.R.
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 46 . 11/11/2016
Thanks for clearing that up for me regarding Shiori. She's a strong woman.

So we get a nice little tour of A.R.M.O.R. and introduced to more of the stuff. Naruto and Shinji, huh? While I don't really think highly of them as character, especially since Naruto ended up being Ninja Jesus, I won't deny those kids both had crappy childhoods and its good to see them getting better lives.

Figures A.R.M.O.R. hasn't made a move against GIN-SHOCKER unless they did something probably multiversal but it was nice to see Smith reassure Shinichi that the organization IS going down without a doubt.

And we're introduced to some of the more dangerous criminals locked up. I'm sure we all know who Uncle J is. Geez for him of all people to be there.

But now there's a threat that's actually got Smith worried. Guess we're about to see threats that A.R.M.O.R. has to step in to fight. I'm definitely curious to see what kind of threat that could be.
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 45 . 11/10/2016
Well this was a nice breather episode
Shinichi gets a new home and two technicap additions to his family.

Warren Smith is omnipresent. Aw geez. still trying to get used to that guy. Even though I know he was testing Shinichi out for A.R.M.O.R., he can off as a bit of a jerk and I was hoping to see him get a bit of comeuppance to it. Him being a godlike entity makes that VERY difficult to pull off. Ugh, don't even get me started on Haruhi. I CAN'T stand her. But i digress.

So he's training the NEO-NUMBERS too huh? Sure he's handing them their butts but I am convinced that under his training they will be a very deadly force. A sore one but deadly nonetheless.

I loved how Shiori was so accepting and excited at how Shinichi had become a part of A.R.M.O.R. and how she originally put out by their title until she learned it was a really cool acronym. But she is a writer, an erotic-romance one, but still a writer so I'm not too surprised at how acccepting she was.

Elfen Lied? Oh boy. I think I remember you mentioning that you were using that in your story but I had forgotten. I only saw parts of the series but I just couldn't get into it. But at least Warren gave this Lucy a much better life and I thought the interactions with her and Shinjchi were pretty funny. Especially at the end where he explains he already has a girlfriend he thinks is prettier than Lucy. Sure he got trashed for it but he said it was worth it in the end.

Shinichi's life just gets more interesting each day. Wonder what's in store for him next.
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 44 . 10/11/2016
Well, this chapter has certainly been a long time coming. Funny enough though, I could have sworn I had reviewed this chapter.

Shinichi's been recruited by A.R.M.O.R. Now things are really underway. Hope that he gets that rematch with the Skull Rider though.

Not much I can think of to say since this feels like the opening act to a bigger part. All I can say is that I am looking forward to what comes next and I'm sorry for taking so long.
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 43 . 5/6/2016
So Scanner's dead, and we get to see more of Shinichi's powers in action. Guy is really getting powerful but I wonder if it'll be enough, especially if he gets into a rematch with Skull Armor. Hanyuu drooling over Chiaki was pretty funny though.

Great, so Gebok is looking into the syndrome? Terrific, guy's already twisted enough with what he had, adding that to his resources is basically asking for doomsday. Things are gonna be coming to a head soon, I just know it.
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 42 . 5/1/2016
Ooooh boy. It's been a long time hasn't it? Sorry about the wait.

So yeah, Shinichi really took a beating from Skull Rider but I'm glad that it didn't leave him depressed. Still, I wonder what Skull Rider hopes to gain from bothering him. The training with his friends was pretty sweet and funny but wow, Kage Form? Things just got real!
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 41 . 1/31/2016
Well damn. Skull Rider's no joke as he completely handed Showa his rear end. What was the point though? To test him? Motivate him to become stronger? Looking forward to when Showa gets strong enough to trash him.

So Warren's taking more of a personal approach by entering himself into the "Game". I can only imagine what he's hoping to accomplish, plus whatever role Rachel and Alan will have to play.

First we got to deal with the fallout of Shinichi's defeat. Will he wallow in self-pity or will he try to track down Skull Rider's true identity?
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 40 . 12/29/2015
Sorry for taking so long to reply again.

Well this was a nice little bit of filler for the story. The date was pretty sweet but sure enough, Rika did try and pull some moves on Shinichi. I had a feeling it wasn't going to go anywhere and despite his perverted tendencies, his faithfulness to Rena speaks volumes of his character.

Unfortunately the festivities are cut short by the unwanted attention of Bomber. Go figure. I was a bit surprised when Showa got that helmet instead of his sword. And man, how brutal he was in dealing with Bomber. Still, he did get some really awesome powers from it. I actually thought he was going to waste Bomber but hey, sending him back as a message to GIN-SHOCKER works too.

So all this time it was Hanyuu who was responsible for them getting older. And to be with Chiaki too. That was pretty sweet. And Shinichi's learned a new trick, reversing time to bring those two back to a younger age. Though something tells me it's not something he should use often.

So now all that's left to activate is the Kage no Hoshi, huh? I wonder what powers that'll bring to Shinichi. And what lengths Bomber will go to have his revenge.
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 38 . 12/18/2015
Sorry for just now replying after so long. Well now, I was really off. I thought those two might have been descendants from the future but it looks like it was just a mysterious growth spurt. Hmm. Something else is at work here though, and I have a feeling we'll find out soon.

Boy is there egg on my face. I really thought Rui was a boy but she's really a tomboyish girl who gets mistaken for a boy. Yipe.

I was a bit surprised at Rika asking Shinichi out for a date and Rena being okay with it. But she trusts Shinichi and knows he won't let anything major come of it. But I can bet he's still probably feeling really awkward about the whole thing. I wonder how the date's going to go. Knowing Shinichi's luck and Shiori even saying "What could happen"? I've got a feeling crazy stuff is gonna go down.
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 37 . 12/8/2015
Sorry for just now reviewing after so long. Been hectic between juggling my work schedule and working on my own story.

So, Shinichi is hoping to take down GIN-SHOCKER. The NEO-NUMBERS are hesitant but they are starting to see 13 is just a victim of that organization as they were. While I don't blame them for their grudge since he did kill them, he did do it as Black 13 so it's nice to see that they're warming up to him.

I wasn't expecting Hitomi to have a boyfriend though I do wish the guy had been called out when he shoved Shinichi to the side and stomped through his house.

But, I wonder who those two girls are and why they're asking for help. I might have an idea but I'll have to see the next chapter to be sure.
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 36 . 11/27/2015
Huh. Interesting development.

Gotta admit, I'm not too fond of Garoh. He comes up as pretty arrogant and likes using the fact that he doesn't feel pain to escalate matters without suffering any consequences. Awesome powers though but I'm honestly hoping somebody serves him up a slice of humble pie. Same to that Beatrice chick who likes using mortals for her own amusement.

That aside, I'm curious about this Warren guy and exactly how Garoh is supposed to help balance things out. Especially since Shinichi is implied to experience something that Garoh himself already has. Hmm.
MadScienceGuru chapter 20 . 11/22/2015
You know, Wrong Side of Heaven would be a good theme for Daichi.
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 34 . 11/19/2015
Well this was quite the interesting arc. I was wondering what would happen if all three items were used together and looked what happened. No doubt Shinichi became a really powerful warrior, but I wonder how often he can do that, or it was a one time deal.

Jin was a pretty interesting opponent, though very creepy, with the way he planned out his heists and even got past the NEO-NUMBERS. Plus

I had a feeling Diachi was going to help save the day at the end, but I can't blame him for getting mad at Showa. Jin managed to get the drop on them and while I can understand Shinichi's frustration with the theft, he did get carried away for blaming them for something utterly out of their control. Luckily everything worked out in the end...for the most part.

After that little power trip, I wonder what's going to happen to Shinichi next, and whether using all three treasures is going to have any major backlashes in the events to come. Or it could just be the power up he needs.

Unless Gobek pulls another trick.
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 32 . 11/18/2015
So sorry for just now replying back to you. I work up really late and this day has just been a blurr to me. I was going to take your advice and do a review that covered a whole arc. But I need to head to bed soon so I just cover half this arc and cover the other half tomorrow.

I can see why this arc is called Treasures. So there are two other items just like the Higurashi, each with their special powers. I didn't expect to see Jin again so soon but this IS his department.

Rena really loves Shinichi, and his mother was nice enough to put things in the mood. It was really sweet and romantic between those two, plus all the different fantasies Rena was having of them eventually getting married and having a family. So sweet. But man, I didn't was not expecting Shiori and Retsu having a one night stand together but since they were getting drinks and Shiori's nature, I really should've seen it coming. They both agree not to speak of it again but I wonder how Rena's dad would react to learning Shinichi's a Kamen Rider.

So Jin's already got one of the items and he's gunning for the other two. I wonder what he's gonna try and pull off to get the Higurashi.
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 30 . 11/18/2015
Well now. I was originally going to review the previous chapter and call it a night but that cliffhanger made me want to see what happened next.

I should have known there were other beings like Topper out there. The concept of higher beings toying with mortals for their own entertainment is a tried and true way for story plots.

I really thought Hitomi was one of the NUMBERS, mainly NUMBER 14 But now that he's proven not to be, I wonder just how he is. Sounds like he's either a dimensional travel or a time traveler. Either way he's powerful.

Then we get a climatic battle with the NEO-NUMBERS and the NUMBERS. I did feel like the battle came out of nowhere and then the cliffhanger with 14's identity. I thought it was going to be Hitomi then but when I read the chapter's title, I knew who it had to be. So 14 was a clone or so of Shinichi. Man, I'm glad it turned out to be him in disguise instead of Shinichi himself doing all those horrible things. I also liked how Hitomi rescued Shinichi with the aid of that one doctor. And I was shocked to see that the NEO-NUMBERS had all been killed too.

The fight with 14 was intense. Now, like I said, I don't find anything wrong with vengeance as long as innocent lives aren't threatened, so I was a little irked at why Shinichi's sword didn't come to him. But hey, I've got my views, the sword has its own.

I'm glad Hanyuu was able to use her powers to fuel the Return to the Past ability. I didn't want the NEO-NUMBERS to be killed off for real.

But then there's this new player, Warren Smith, the Balancer. I'm really iffy about characters who speak of balance. As they care more about things being neutral instead of one side having an advantage over the other. Sure it means that evil can't get too powerful but at the same time, good can't be either. Hmm. I'll wait and see what he does before I make any assumptions first.
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