Reviews for Do Not Meddle In The Affairs Of Wizards
Rebmul chapter 20 . 14h
so tired I stayed up till 5:48 in the morning reading this I have only one question what happened to the back stabbing metamorphagus.
Melikalilly chapter 20 . 10/12
I love this story
Guest chapter 3 . 9/24
Wait wait wait, he's just going to . . . do as he's told? Go live with the Dursley's? My ass. He's days away from being an adult, and I'm not sure it's smart to force Harry and Fred/George to return to Hogwarts. That's asking for the castle to be leveled.
Guest chapter 2 . 9/23
*immediately starts laughing at the name*
CK holland chapter 20 . 9/23
Nice story, pleased to have read it.
If I would make a suggestion to an name change..:
Final Reckoning.

Seems more suitable... ;)

Nice work!
Thewriterthatreads chapter 20 . 9/18
Was a great story overall but the ending was disappointing
OneTwoThreeReactors chapter 20 . 9/15
Thallion chapter 10 . 9/13
what if Harry wrote a memoir of his Hogwarts years and a lost muggoe-born found it, a ratty old thing by then, in the back of the book store.
TheGoldenSpeedster chapter 2 . 9/11
Cristo. Really.
Rebecca Swayne chapter 15 . 9/9
A Spoonful of Salt chapter 2 . 9/6
ooo! I think I know where the Edmund Cristo thing is from! is it the count of Monte Cristo? Edmund Dantes?
HerderOfTheStones chapter 12 . 8/25
"From her position on the floor, Ginny stared at Harry's back as he stalked away, not toward Divination, but in the opposite direction."

I guess you could say she didn' this situation :)))
Zirxces chapter 19 . 8/20
Ugh. I don't like this ~
Hank1967 chapter 20 . 8/19
And a smug bunny it should be. Excellent fic!
mongodatroll chapter 20 . 8/5
Wonderful story. Not gonna lie, I was hopeful that Harry might come around for Granger at some point until the bitter end, but I understand why he didn't.
Thank you.
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