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suspensegirl chapter 12 . 12/4/2009
OMG. I have officially tortured myself for no apparent reason other than to justify the promise I made to myself (and possibly to you) that I would read this story. *rolls eyes* It's simply fantastic but I can already see your response to my e-mail about never planning to write again, and certainly not to this story. It kills me. *shudders* What an awful situation. And I think this chapter killed me the worst. But now that he knows...well, things can be fixed...right? Oh please. God. Please tell me you haven't completely lost your love and passion and motivation for this story. Mahogany was pure joy and bliss and just fun, but here more potent feelings are hanging in the balance. Lives that had become shells of the people once inhabiting them have a chance to rebuild. Even if Blair could never bear Chuck's children again...omg, it's awful to even think least they could be together. I'm sure Chuck would even give up sex permanently to be with her, b/c it's all he ever wanted. My god, this chapter just really got to me, and I SERIOUSLY hope you'll update and finish this piece. And SOON. You promised us at the end author's note to this chapter that it won't be all angst forever and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that it's sooner rather than later. Well, it hasn't been 'sooner' for awhile. I suggest you make it that. ;p Brilliant, BRILLIANT chapter. It tore me to shreds. ;)
suspensegirl chapter 11 . 12/4/2009
omg. Now that Charles is gone it's gonna be SO much easier for me to slink into depression. *gulp* The sincerity, and genuine emotions pouring out of him like a tsunami...omg. It makes everything so much more real and tangible and easy to be burned. *shudders* I'm glad he's going to talk to B again. I hope it will not overly painful, and woman - seriously - update this story. I think I may die if you don't. *gulpage* Excellent chapter here. Simply fabulous. I love how he's recognizing he has family again. *sighs and nods* You are brilliant.
suspensegirl chapter 10 . 12/4/2009
Thank God Charles killed himself. XD I mean, true, the whole Chuck/Georgina tryst was despicable to read on, but it honestly doesn't cause me too much angst. I'm glad Charles is done. Oh, I'm SO glad. You have no idea. The flashback was sad and just everything about this whole situation is treacherous, but like I said...if it's not head-on CB angst, as in not the situation but them fighting or something...*shrugs* *does not know how to explain* well, anyways. Brilliant chapter. I can't wait for CB to meet up again. *nods*
suspensegirl chapter 9 . 12/4/2009 Blair's Bass baby may have been conceived before Georgina's? And he had no idea. Omg. He could've gone back to Blair & it would've been the RIGHT wife & child to go back to. *sighs and shakes head* So tragic. *shudders* Oh, I hope everything works out. *gulp* I think that brief meeting with Blair has really started to shift Charles back into Chuck. Blair has that ability with him, ya know? *sighs* I do admire it so. I hate this dead 'Charles' character that has expressed hardly any emotion and is really so stoic, too stoic to really be respected in any way. Everytime I read 'lovely wife' in regards to Georgina I hear sarcasm. She is hardly lovely or really a wife to is just all so...*shudders* I can't even explain it. But I love what you're doing with this. I love that for the first time in 5-6 years Chuck is showing REAL emotion. He has RELIEF that his son is okay, is silently going crazy over the fact of Blair's possible miscarriage with HIS kid. Omgomgomg. Brilliant story and you really must update soon. Really.

*continues on*
suspensegirl chapter 8 . 12/4/2009
Wow...I'm proud? For your lack of sayaging in the author's note? XD *doesn't know* Intense, dramatic, scarring chapter. *shudders* Poor B. Even if they DID work things out...what kind of life would they live? *sighs* I'm guessing she DID have that miscarriage...though I'm honestly regretting skimming those reviews for the last chapter. It sure would've been more thrilling to discover it for myself. *sighs* Anyways, her screams are so repetitive and it almost scares me when I imagine it. must be her WHOLE face that she can use, not just blinking as you suggested before, quite obviously b/c of her screams. XD Anyhow, I hope he didn't just leave at the end of this chapter...even more traumatic and I wonder if they would've ever really met up again. *ponders* I do also wonder what she was to Jack...hopefully not romantic in any way. But man, when you told me you were starting this dark fic and I feared for a JaBC love triangle, I never imagined this as the alternative. *gasp* I almost don't know which one's worse, though the former immediately comes to mind with the pain that that ensues. *sighs painfully* Anyhow, great chapter, full of raw pain and emotion and I don't know what's gonna happen and I just...well, I hope it'll be alright. Somehow. *sighs*
suspensegirl chapter 7 . 12/4/2009 as your other reviewers probably feared...Blair Waldorf is nearly entirely paralyzed and Georgie IS carrying another of Chuck's babies. *sighs* That is just SO awful. Poor B. I wonder how they'll ever get through this, and I really shouldn't have started this fic now since you probably won't make me awe at a sudden return to fictionland. XD Ah well. Intenseness. Now I understand where the prologue was coming from. I don't appreciate his violence there, but nonetheless it was probably just a final parting to rid them of each other. *sighs* And of course he didn't want to choose a lover over a family, no matter how badly he wanted Blair Waldorf. He just...couldn't. *sighs* You're right. Entirely too dark for me to withstand. But still, I carry on. *gulp* Let's hope I can last through to the almost ending...*shaky sigh*
suspensegirl chapter 6 . 12/4/2009
Well, at the beginning of this chapter you said that the end would be fitting. Seeing as you haven't finished the fic though, and don't plan to anytime soon, I hardly believe I'll see it. *sighs* My guess though is that if it's 'fitting' it won't be a happy ending, or maybe it will...but granted where the story is going it doesn't seem like it could head in that direction. *sighs* I'm glad CB are FINALLY going to meet up. And I think I finally undersstand the backstory now. *sighs* So he had a little thing with Georgina when he abandoned Blair to screw himself over, and the only reason he STAYED for HER instead of going back to Blair was b/c she was pregnant and he didn't want to become the father HIS father was and just basically abandon his kid. *sighs painfully* And then he didn't even adjust well to the kid. *grumbleage* This is all so painful. Well, I shall continue on! D lol
suspensegirl chapter 5 . 12/4/2009
Well, I was fearing for the worst when you said this chapter would be super angsty, but apparently it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. XD I think the worst angst for me is when CB are having issues, but here - though they probably ARE having issues - it's just more of a separation, an ignorance of what has not been explored for what appears to be 5 or 6 years. Heh. *sigh* Regardless, I do like how you have Serena persistent about Chuck's involvement in her/their life. Also that she wants him to talk to Blair regarding the investigation. Quite obviously she's given up on trying to get him to talk to her just for the sake of talking to her about THEM. And...yes, I'll admit. I did sneak a peek at reviews from your most recently updated chapter and B had a miscarriage...or at least that's what you propose later on, I'm guessing. And with Chuck not coming back & having lost their baby she resorted to several attempts at suicide. How awful. I don't understand why Chuck wouldn't have come back. *sighs* But I do get now that this so clearly just began after 2x13, so that gives me a better grasp on what has all taken place...before the 6-year separation began. Heh. Well...*shakes head* brilliantly written, as I always come to expect and am always pleased at the outcome. I shall continue reading and I swear I'll get it all in by today...maybe it'll make you snap out of your hiatus? *bats eyes innocently*
suspensegirl chapter 4 . 12/4/2009
*cringe* Depression. Depression. Depression. And it just keeps on coming. *gulp* I REALLY need to know what happened between Chuck and Blair and how Georgina got into this mess. It must have been something awful to cause this death Chuck. Although, he must have not been ENTIRELY dead if he possibly was putting money into Blair's account. *ponders* And why was she with his uncle? Oh dang. I really thought Chuck was going to be more shocked when he heard Blair was part of it, like your summary suggested, but perhaps he's not. Or maybe he's just not letting himself be,'s just become habit for him to feel next to nothing regarding the people he 'once' cared about. *sigh*

*continues on*
suspensegirl chapter 3 . 12/4/2009
Wow...and so B is finally brought it. Though, I still cannot tell if that was her in the first chapter. You probably even said her name and I was oblivious. *rolls eyes* This is so sad though. The transformation from Chuck into Charles. *sighs* It's like he really turned into this empty heartless shell with no feeling, no emotion, not even for his own offspring. I do hope it gets better, though it's only chapter 3, so I'm guessing not. XD It's very intriguing though. You have a very creative mind. ;)

*continues on*
suspensegirl chapter 2 . 12/4/2009
Well, I'm confused now. lol. Though you probably shouldn't be too surprised, since it took me ages to understand Mahogany. XD Was it Blair then in the prologue? Or Georgina? Maybe it was Blair, but now he's married to Georgina and has a child and some twisted past happened and...well, idk. But you're right. It is definitely a DARK fic. *gulps* *plans to have fluffy fic at hand if this becomes too much*
suspensegirl chapter 1 . 12/4/2009
Okay, so I really shouldn't be starting this. *shakes head at self* You've been on hiatus for almost a year now, and I feel like that's not going to end any time soon. Heh. I do hope you're feeling a little better though, b/c last time we weren't. Anyhow, I told myself I'd get around to this fic you were starting and I am going to keep that promise to myself - and to you, if that's what I told you too. I was confused in the beginning of this prologue if those were actually quotes from a scene I'd forgotten from the actual show, but it must not have been. *shrugs* And it's Chuck! The limo thing would not have 'stoke'd him otherwise. *shakes head* He's so violent to her, and for what? This must only be past 2x13, huh? Well anyways...good beginning. Sounds so awfully painful though. *shudders* I don't blame her for leaving, if that's what she did...
KateKazoo chapter 5 . 7/6/2009
it's my second time reading your story and i must say it's first i was a bit confused, but my second time reading things are starting to clear up.i really love the way you write your characters and the way you subtly define charles from chuck.i look forward to your next chapter.

love, corina
chillwithJyl chapter 12 . 6/12/2009
ArtemisCharmed chapter 12 . 3/21/2009
Good to know. But for now... *bangs head against the wall* :P

Crazy. Jackass...*SCREAMS*

Ah, so she miscarried, then?

Blair makes me wanna cry.
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