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Moonflower26 chapter 13 . 8/18/2013
In the end of "Game of thrones" when Daenarys asks the witch to save her husband the latter warns her that only death can pay for life. It seems Blair intuitively followed this concept and it turned out successful. I think it was the strongest chapter in the story with metaphysical aspect of CB relationship being in full force here.
Moonflower26 chapter 9 . 8/18/2013
One of the most beautiful proposals, with Chuck promising to look at Blair's hand every day till he sees the ring on her finger. And Blair's words in the end reminded me of S3 scene in Chuck's suit after her quarrel with Serena
Befham chapter 14 . 6/20/2013
Again hauntingly beautiful.
CB Always chapter 14 . 9/30/2010
Wow! You are such an amazing writer, please don't stop writing. I love you stories. My favorite is Mr. And Mrs. Bass. I loved this story too, i used to love watching the show but after reading your stories I prefer your stories over the show. I wish the show was as good as your stories. I'm for Chair all the way so thank your for your great stories.
ggoddess chapter 14 . 1/23/2010
You took me to other galaxies too with this story! Your vision is inspirational and your style is consuming. You are an amazing, incredible, addictive writer. When I have doubt, I unexpectedly find hope. You must have either experienced mind blowing passionate love yourself or know of someone who has because you nail it girl!
suspensegirl chapter 14 . 12/3/2009
Oh my goodness, incredible. I was SO scared at the beginning that Blair had actually died. *was terrified* When you had Chuck going off to find her, I seriously thought he was going to the cemetary to lay flowers on her grave! *mourns in the past* I mean, here I was, expecting this awesome happy ending and then she could possibly have been dead. *shakes head* *was so prepared to try and deal with it* But then the wedding was just being prepared and she had just scampered a way for a bit in her guilt. It's great how Chuck comforted her, and idk why, but it just bothered me that their baby is a daddy's girl. I mean, it's so unbelievably sweet and I think it's just SO awesome. But Blair can NEVER be so consoling or comforting as Chuck and it just upsets me a little. *sighs* It makes me feel like his love has lessened for Blair b/c he adores his baby girl so much. I should not feel this way, and I have got to be the most abnormal being on the planet...*shakes head* but the wedding ceremony almost evened things out! XD And it was lovely. Chuck's wedding vow to Blair was like AMAZING and so epic, even more than hers-even though those were super AMAZING as well. *intense noddaging* FANTASTIC story. Though, I'm not gonna favorite you like I do for most of your stories. XD I usually reread my fav fics on here and I just can't force myself to reread a fic including JaB. *shudder* Great fic. I can't believe I practically read the whole thing through tonight. ;p
suspensegirl chapter 13 . 12/3/2009
Oh man. Super intense. I pretty much ate supper in less than 5 mins so I could scamper back from the cafeteria to read this. Heheh. I can't believe Jack did it. He just wanted to try so she'd come back to him in realization of how much he loved her, but she wanted him gone for good. And he did it. Omg. Intense. But I'm kinda glad. I'm actually ECSTATIC that he's gone. lol. And I almost feel guilty about it. XD Ah well...*pushes thought aside* the scene when Chuck woke up and Blair was there and just-just EVERYTHING was so beautiful about that scene. And oh man! I hadn't even thought something was wrong, I just thought her water broke! *gasp* Though blood is probably not a natural thing for that, huh? XD Anyways, let's hope they both pull through! *swallows* I wasn't sure at first what Chuck meant when he said 'her', but then I got it. ;D I thought he meant if something happened to HIM, they were to only go and work on her...but it was the baby. Heh. It took a bit. lol. *is sometimes pretty slow lol* And then of course she would want the baby to be saved instead. *rolls eyes* Well, I'm hoping for a happy ending! Next chapter! D
suspensegirl chapter 12 . 12/3/2009
Oh B. Last line is priceless. As always I hate these Jack/Blair interactions, and I hate that he kissed her even if she didn't respond. I hate that he's in love with her and I hate that he tracked her down. I do love that she doesn't hate him so much that she loves him though, I love that she just plain hates him. I felt it was so uncertain in the prequel and I love how clear it is in this story. It's painstakingly clear and that's the only thread of hope I have to hold onto. Poor Blair is dying b/c Chuck's not awake yet. I do hope he'll wake up soon. I'm glad the swelling in his brain has gone down. That's definitely a relief. So Jack was the cause of it then? Technically? That's why he got into the accident b/c Jack called him to get to the hospital? Kind of ironic since that's kind of how it happened with Bart, but with Chuck in Jack's place. Oh my goodness. All so intense, but again I love how clear Blair is that she hates Jack and it kills her knowing he's out there. So he tries to kill himself b/c he knows it'll make her happy. I do so wish he'd just realize that Chuck was better for her than HE ever could be. But maybe that is not the case. *sighs* Ah well. I must eat. But then...TWO CHAPTERS AND I'M DONE! *cheers* This really is such a fantastic story, but I hope you'll never write another one with this JaCB dynamic. XD *hopes this will not insult you* It's bound to kill me indefinitely. XD
suspensegirl chapter 11 . 12/3/2009
Oh my goodness. Poor B. I'm so SO glad Jack didn't appear again. It's good that he convinced Lily to let Blair see Chuck though...*nods* It's scary that he might not make it through the next day or so. Blair would completely die, but Eleanor coming around shows just how much Chuck kept his promise. Heh. To have Eleanor come around after all. And of course she wouldn't go to have the ultrasound unless Chuck was with her. *sighs* And Nate & Serena came to help...poor, poor B. God, how I feel for her. She wears his ring now. Always. They've been through so much and I know it probably won't happen but it would be SO awful if Chuck didn't make it through this. Even now I can feel the pain of it. I really hope Jack realizes he can't have Blair though, and that Chuck IS her perfect match and will be good to her and never leave her. *shakes head* Well, I will continue reading and hope I, myself, will get through this. *gulp*
suspensegirl chapter 10 . 12/3/2009
*shudders* The Jack appearances weren't as unsettling and horrifying as I'd thought they'd be. But I still flinched over and over just like she did. OMG. I hate that bastard and how he tortures her with his words. And her poor nightmares about how he wants to save her, but she'd rather die with Chuck than be saved by his twisted uncle. OMG. I HATE Jack with such an evil passion. I don't think ANY character could make me hate them any more on the show than Jack Bass. *shudders* And how he taunts her that Chuck has given up on her, that he's going to someday. Omg. Someone just kill him already. And of course Chuck wouldn't purposefully be late. And he's in surgery! Omg. It's just like Bart. I swear Jack set this all up. I swear. *shakes head* Well, I'm gonna continue reading. I'm so glad she finally admitted to that ILY. And Jack, ugh, let's just crash the Bass plane already. It's insured. XD
suspensegirl chapter 9 . 12/3/2009
Wow. I really love how sometimes you stumble upon quotes that were actually never said until S3, like that last one. I'm glad his little white lie to her at the table didn't ruin this new trust in him she has. And I'm SO extremely thankful that she's not pissed at him anymore, even if she did have every right to be, though STILL I am adjusting to that fact. lol. I mean, I would probably be mad at the accusation. XD *clears throat* Anyways, I was SO scared that Chuck was going to run into Jack when he came back home for Blair. I am just SO NOT anticipating that reunion, but since it seems inevitable I just want to get it over with. *gulps* This was a really great chapter though. Eleanor is evil, though I suppose I see kinda where she's coming from...*sighs and rolls eyes* But not really. lol. Great chapter.

*continues on*
suspensegirl chapter 8 . 12/3/2009
Ugh. I KNEW Jack would be coming back. *spits on him* Him and his STUPID gifts and his LAME black cards. *throws him into dungeon* I do hope Chuck gets back to her before it happens though. Everything really is going so well for them. *sighs contently* I can't believe though that you told people this story was getting wrapped up after this chapter! XD There are 6 chapters still to go! lol! I would've gone nuts when it just kept going with more angst - which I'm sure it will. ;D It's like I'm reading a movie...if that makes sense. lol. And sometimes that's better than watching a show. You get the whole thing all at once and you can SEE that happy ending. *nods* Of course it wasn't just sex for her either with Chuck and I'm glad she's coming back around to non-hatred and love again. *nods* I shall continue on! D Great chapter! ;p
suspensegirl chapter 7 . 12/3/2009
Oh goodness, I'm half-way done and it's definitely getting more promising. *nods* Although I'm sure there'll be some way that you made it dauntingly angsty again. *sighs traumatically* This chapter is light-hearted too, though definitely not as much as last chapter. Though it's funny that I even call them light-hearted period when everything is so very dramatically depressing. *gulps* She wants to trust him though. She's giving in just a little, even if she no longer acknowledges that she loves him and doesn't count him being there for her every second of the way as anything. *sighs* *shakes head* But...marriage? *feels this is getting dangerously close to MMB* We'll have to see what can be done. Eleanor needs to fix her head on straight and be there for her daughter, think of what she might be going through. If anyone can change her thoughts on that, it's Chuck Bass. ;)
suspensegirl chapter 6 . 12/3/2009
*sigh* Well, this one was a bit more light-hearted, I have to admit. Or maybe it just ended that way. Heh. I'm a sucker for happy endings, or even just HALF-happy endings. They make everything better somehow, and can almost justify everything horrible that has previously happened if written extremely well. ;p I liked that she allowed him to get close to her for the sake of the baby, that she allowed him to touch her and kiss her nose and lay his forehead on hers. *sighs* It was such an intimate moment and it made everything just a little bit better. Penelope's a bitch. I've always hated her. *grumbles* I knew 100% though that the GG post was about Blair going to the clinic to get the abortion. *sighs and shakes head* I'm glad Chuck is so persistent with her. It's definitely good. I really hope this constant gift-giving thing from Jack does not escalate to him coming and trying to take over again. *shudders* *is always fearing this* *wonders if you are cackling in the bg b/c you know how the story ends and if he does* *sighs loudly* Anyways, I am glad he did have fruit dropped by though. As much as I hate him, it's important for her to be extra healthy and what not during this time & I'm sure she would not have particularly dived into fruits and vegetables if it had not been directly offered in front of her. So for that, I am grateful for the gift. *nods* Good chapter. It didn't kill me. Heh.

*continues reading*
suspensegirl chapter 5 . 12/3/2009
Oh man...*gasp* *wonders if all reviews for this fic will start out this way* how awful when she told him she didn't love him anymore. *sighs and shakes head* I mean, she obviously still does but I don't blame her for not letting him in. I mean, I'm starting to realize how serious an offense it was that he accused her of, but...still. lol. *shakes head at self* Anyways, oh man, how much more awful would it be if Jack came back chasing her again? *sucks in breath* Those flowers...oh, of COURSE they would be from Jack. *swallows hard* This is all so painful. Poor B is so dead to the world and to herself. I don't know how in the world she's going to break free from this. But if he does come around and be so incredibly good to their baby, perhaps she will bend even a little more and let him in still again. B/c after all, Blair blocked him out after 2x15 in the show, but came back around by 2x23 or so. It's entirely possible, even if these circumstances are far more extreme. *strained sigh* I'm just glad she lets him stick around for the baby. At least she does not let their child suffer for her insistence in Chuck permanently being out of her life. *sighs and closes eyes in agony* That is something. I am grateful, btw, for your occasional flashbacks to when they were younger. I really enjoyed the one from last chapter. I think it was last With her helping him get the beer out of his eye. Heh. It's great how you show these hidden moments from their beginning. I find it very admirable.

*continues on*
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