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twilight-fanficwriter chapter 8 . 2/3/2009
By far one of THE best Twilight fics I have read. It's well-written (you have a formatting issue with the 'bold' tag, I think, in one chapter - I can't recall exactly which one); makes *brilliant* allusions and parodies and jokes about the actual series, which is AMAZING, because hot damn, what a way to do it; and I feel so much for your Edward and your Bella that my eyes kept misting up... and then a minute later I was clutching my stomach laughing. Amazing amazing.
jitterbug22784 chapter 8 . 2/3/2009
so so so good. u can definitly see him getting attached now after they did it. i would love to see him start opening up to her more. it's really starting to drive me crazy not knowing about his past and the only glimpse we get is during their sessions. :o)
EdwardsGirlSarah chapter 2 . 2/3/2009
Ouch. I do love the fact that bella was on the big ones back. LMAO
DanceFreak22 chapter 8 . 2/3/2009
I'm thinking maybe he should tell her? Because I get the feeling she's a little bit... in denial? About some of the jobs he does, like she doesn't want to believe anyone would do that to him?

But then hmm... I'm not sure?

Maybe Bella could go with him on one of his bachelorette party's?
Another Abandoned Account chapter 6 . 2/3/2009
I think the therapy sessions are excellent. They are really building a story. 20 chapters of sex is totally boring. You have to care about the people. You're doing that here and that makes the whole story far more interesting. Thanks for writing.
EdwardsGirlSarah chapter 1 . 2/3/2009
OMG I swear that was the best chapter i have ever read. I actually got embarassed I have never laughed so hard. you are a great writer and i am now a fan. and
blue.umbrella chapter 8 . 2/3/2009
oh my god.

i wish that stupid angry bitch would just leave him alone

i hate the fact that she was such a BITCH

he belongs with bella and i love the way youre making them fall for each other

its so CUTE!

im seriously too addicted to this story

i get so excited just by getting an email telling my its updated


keep it up youre doing awesomely well

loveloveLOVE this story!

AliceD82 chapter 8 . 2/3/2009
WOW! Your story is amazing and so well written I could not stop reading! I think that Edward should tell Bella in a therapy session but not be too detailed about it, I really hope that Edward can get over his job and his life and truly fall in love and be with Bella I know it'll probably take a while but that be the uber ending right there, as long as you keep on writing I will keep on reading and reviewing until its over, :-)
sayit3xs chapter 5 . 2/3/2009
Just wanted to say I'm loving this story. Great job!
technically a lie chapter 7 . 2/3/2009
Hello me

i just realized i forgot to mention something on my last me dive right in, shall I?

I also think that telling Bella now will help their future relationship. Because she isn't going to freak out on him, or push him away. Even though inside she will be insanely jealous and hurt. He might see it, because she is an open book, but the main point of him telling her now, is that she will accept it. (at least i hope she and by accepting it, even if she doesn't agree with it-which she could tell him if she wanted, though i don't see her doing that-she still stuck by his side.

It shows him that she truly is his friend, that she does care for him, and that she isn't going to just drop him because she doesn't agree with his life style.

Him telling her also shows her that is really is opening up to her, and that he trusts her. You need trust in a relationship. Even if they are not actively trying to form one or keep one going, they can always be honest with each other. He also leaves in twelve days, so maybe he wants her to see the harsh reality.

It will hurt like a bitch, but she needs to hear it.

I guess you can tell how much i am going to dislike it if you don't have Edward telling her in the next chapter, huh? I mean, it took me two reviews to get my point across. lol
piratehannelore chapter 8 . 2/2/2009
I want to see the therapy session personally. That was beyond hot. Can we all have Edward's like that, please? Just not man-whores lol. :D
technically a lie chapter 8 . 2/2/2009
I think that Edward should tell Bella. In fact it's not really so much what i think should happen so much as it is what i think will happen.

It would be the Edward thing to do, because he is worried about becoming too attached and also doesn't want her to fall for the most logical answer he will come to is to tell her about it, and hope that it might scare her off, or at least confirm for her that he IS in FACT a whore.

Because apparently his old girlfriend is in the hospital, and he does what he does so he can pay for her hospital bills, whatever might be wrong with her...cancer maybe? Coma? This is probably who he calls everyday at 3pm...or perhaps her doctor, or family member. Or maybe she is dead already, and he is just working to pay off the hospital bills that she racked up before she died. Tanya maybe? Jessica? Or some OC? Perhaps it's nothing really of that sort, and she got pregnant while they were together and there were problems with it, and she has since decided she doesn't want Edward in her life, so everyday at three he calls his could explain his aversion to little girl scenarios. Though he can't talk about it, this could also be the reason (any of them really) he freaks whenever girls start to like him, like when he tells them his lifestyle. It's worked at keeping them away so far, so why should it be any different with Bella?

Also, because his parents abandoned him when he chose to love someone, and still wouldn't come around when he showed up at their house begging for their help. Which, i don't see why he would expect any different from them, considering she WAS the reason they turned their backs on him.

So basically, he would tell her the truth because he DOES feel guilty about it, against his better judgment, he DOES really like Bella and doesn't want her to believe he is a better person than he really is. It's the whole monster story all over again. He wont have to worry about becoming too attached to her if she is repulsed by him anyhow.

So, he will tell her about Paige during their next session, and because she will ask about the treatment he receives, he will also tell her about Raven.

It's simply in his character to do so. And besides, he is really afraid of where it might take him to pursue her. It's hard to put yourself back out there when you have been burned so many times before.

Am i completely off with his ex girlfriend? Can't blame me for guessing though, right? lol

Any how, i don't know what your updating schedule is, or if you even have one for that matter, but i hope you update again soon. :D
kyla713 chapter 1 . 2/2/2009
Wow.. I've only read the first chapter so far, and I am EXTREMELY intrigued! Can't wait to read more!
SleepingBedHead chapter 8 . 2/2/2009
WOW Amazing New Chapter! PUDS XD XOX
Naomitron chapter 8 . 2/2/2009
Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. You'll have to give me a moment. I'm shaking and breathless and am in no condition to articulate the things this story has done to me.

First of all, I think it's necessary to say that this story is unbelievably hot. Not in that overtly skanky, "bonk me in the bum while you pull my hair" kind of way, but it has a certain attitude about it, if that makes sense. I'm shaking because my nerves are like freaking live wires at this point. I'm so mentally and emotionally stimulated that I'm on the brink of sensory overload. I'm loving every bit of it.

Thank you and your beautiful mind for this story. I eagerly await the next update!
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