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kazuhiko chapter 16 . 12/25/2006
Ah ha! Sephiroth is alive! (dance, dance, dance! does a jig around the room then runs back to the computer to keep reading)

Hojo is a bona fide sadist, shit eating, piece of disgusting trash! Could he get any worse? I really doubt it. Poor Cloud, one identity crisis after another. But kudos for Zack! Trying and in some way succeeding in making Cloud remember at least pieces of himself.

Ouch. Cloud grabs the chain with Seph's ring on it and doesn't even know why? That's so... sad, but hopeful too, ne? Somewhere inside Cloud must remember something, right? He HAS to!

Was that Vincent clawing at the casket as Zack and Cloud passed? Such a shame, to be so close. But would he really have heard any of this?

Sad sad ending. But we know it's got to get better, right? Now what do you have in store for us in your next fic, eh? Can't wait! In fact, off I go! Thanks for the great read and I'm looking forward to just as good in your next, so don't disappoint, kay?
kazuhiko chapter 15 . 12/25/2006
Can I kill Hojo now? Huh, huh? Can I, can I? Pleeaasse!

I like the idea of Zack singing the Soldier's Lament for Cloud. I can't think mean enough things for Hojo, because we all know he deserves worse, far worse than he got in the game. A quick death was WAY to good for him. Being killed in several reincarnations brought on by his Jenova concoction was still WAY TOO GOOD for him! ~~ Can we send him to the hell of a thousand deaths? Hm?

I feel really sorry for poor Cloud. He's losing his mind piece by piece, after losing his heart in one fell flaming swoop. Zack just has to watch. Which is bad enough, I'm sure. You really got me going with this chapter. It makes the whole thing more real, you know?

Good for Cloud, ignoring Jenova for so long! Wish he could've ignored her forever, but we know that didn't happen. Still, he did kill her in the end, sort of, right? At least before the piece of her head showed up in Advent Children. Man! She is so hard to kill!

I'm in shock. So sad. Sephiroth was really there, wasn't he? How he must hate Jenova and Hojo right now, that he's lost Cloud finally and completely. I think I could happily crush the little bug's neck and poke out his eyeballs. Yeah, carnage sounds real nice right about now. So where is Seph? Is he really dead? Or is he alive somewhere? I know he ended up at the Northern Crater regrowing his battered body with Jenova's help, so I guess the answer to that is moot, really. But this seems a bit different from the game somehow. I like the way you show Cloud breaking, but not breaking. Glaring at Hojo even while unconscious hopefully gave the creep the willies for weeks afterwards. Well there's one more chapter so let's see how this ends, shall we?

Wah! Poor Cloud and Zack. I already know how this has to end. Course, it's happy too in a way, but still... Wah! ;_;
kazuhiko chapter 14 . 12/25/2006
Wow! What can I say? Just... WOW! I've seen all this in the game but you really made it come alive and I felt like crying all over again, only mostly because of the love the two felt for each other and what they lost, not because Cloud lost everything; home, mother, Tifa.
kazuhiko chapter 13 . 12/25/2006
Yep! I read even on Christmas Day. hehe Can't let my simple joys go for a holdiay now can I! Now on to the next outstanding chapter. I know this for a fact, even before reading it because you are TOTALLY COOL!

That would've been so funny, to hear Cloud announce to the entire village of Nibelheim his love for Seph. Course it wouldn't be very good for what's coming shortly after, though. ~~ So sad.

Dragoon Wars? What kind of war would that have been? Just curious, you know. Great idea on how materia grows, by the way! Loved the lecture. It sounded so... well, like a lecture. I think you're supposed to be a teacher, right? At least on mako! hehe

Ugh! Nice explanation for why the monster in the pod disintigrated, but... yeah, ugh!

Haven't read Scenic Route yet, one story at a time and I got caught in this one. But if there are scenes that are too um... graphic for this net, just let us know when they come up and tell us the site to check out for the juicier one, kay? I read another fic that did that, left the CLEAN one on this site and steered us to another site for the DIRTY one, for those who wanted a little more thrill. Good idea? Can't wait for the next chapter, though I know where this has got to go. But it's always such fun seeing how you've blended your own inimitable style into the old familiar story! . Thanks for all the hard work!
Guest chapter 12 . 12/24/2006
Aargh! . .CHAPTER! Can't help myself. Like a moth drawn to the flame. So Preety!

Well, finally! Zack sure took his sweet time, didn't he? Now wait! Wait, wait, wait! The garage? Kinky. Trying to imagine what they'd use... Hmm ~~ Jeep? Naw, too crowded. Bike? Too small, I think, though it does bring some interesting positions to mind. Oh! I am so dirty minded! hehe Yep! Motorcycle brings lots of interesting positions to mind. Shame you didn't elaborate, but I guess that's part of the fun, ne? I mean, who needs a lemon when they have their own imagination?

Nibelheim? That's kinda early, isn't it? Well, I guess not really. But what a blow all of a sudden. Guess the fun's about to stop, or start, depending on how you look at it, ne? Sad, since the ending to this is already set in stone. But I;m interested to see you particular style in this. It's bound to be good. Okay, who am I fooling? It's bound to be GREAT! There, happy? hehe

Kawaii! Seph embarrassed and... uncertain? So cute! And Cloud nearly faints from the intensity of his feelings. I could just hug the lot of them! Does Shinra allow male-male weddings? I'd love to see that! Maybe Tseng and Reno could do a double wedding or Aeris and Zack make it a triple wedding? (giddy about all the fun before the fall) Shame it couldn't last.

Ouch! Of course Seph was born in Nibelheim. Oh the irony!

That's right! Hojo never got hold of Cloud. He must have been furious! So how come we didn't get to hear more about him? I'd at least think he'd try once more to get Cloud under his verminous claws, even if all of SOLDIER and Seph and Zack would've happily throttled him if he did. Seems uncharacteristic of Hojo to just give up like that, though.

Wow! Seph really is the gentleman, isn't he? Bowing before Cloud's mom. Shame he couldn't stay that way...
kazuhiko chapter 11 . 12/24/2006
Love mint chocolate ice cream! My favorite! Of course, so is Cloud. And picture books... really now! hehe I love this scene! It flows so naturally and yet carries the story perfectly too! Seph slamming the door open hard enough to put a hole in the wall. Oh! O.O Look out Shinra execs! Someone is going to die!

Can Cloud hear the Planet? Seems as if he can, standing alone on the balcony looking at the stars. And I know mako enhanced hearing wouldn't bring on that kind of sound. So romantic, Seph! You mean... you're legal? What's with that? Of course, now he can think of getting serious, finally!

Go get 'im Cloud! Tell the big slow poke off! Seph had it totally coming! Ah the old grab his luscious hair trick! Man! I so want to grab Seph's hair. No fair! (whines abysmally and tries to look pitiful, pouting) Cloud knows what he wants even if he doesn't know how to get it? I think he just got it! Yeehaw! Ek! So... so... I'm speechless! Where's the love scene, quick! Must have love scene! Argh!

A threesome, eh? Okay, I forgive you. This is funny as heck and sweet as the best Christmas morning stocking candy. And guess what? It's Christmas Eve! Thanks for the present, even though you wrote this years ago, it seems. You're still reaching out through the fanfic net. Happy Christmas! And thanks for the fun read.
kazuhiko chapter 10 . 12/24/2006
Would've been interesting if Zack had taken Cloud to meet Aeris like he did Seph. Wouldn't that be something? Course, it might interfere with the story, but I personally like the idea.

snort! "Do you still want him?" she asks. ah ha ha! rolls on the floor laughing till the tears start to come... Only Aeris could get away with that! And good come back from Sephy! Oh these two are either going to kill each other or be good friends! Poor Zack, stuck in the middle of Aeris' mind games with Sephiroth. My heart goes out to him. And the sparks fly!

hehehe (laughs evilly) Oh Zack! Setting Sephiroth off like that. And on Cloud! Of course our little chocobo blonde likes Seph and wouldn't say anything about it either. So how will Seph figure it out now that Zack's practically shoved his nose into it? This is so cute! .

Galen, huh! Family of Reno's? Maybe, say, a brother? Like one of the brothers Reno was worried about being in serious trouble if he got killed (or shall we say retired?) from the Turks? hehe I like the idea of a special spell to keep people from taking too much notice, but don't you need materia to use magic?

I am so liking Galen right now. He's got something going for him, sort of like Aeris. He's just what the doctor (Cloud?) ordered? Or needs anyway. Aw! Cloud kissed Galen thank you? So sweet! (blushes with joy and giggles uncontrollably) I think I can guess what he's thinking, ne? He's going to be of age now, right? hehe Look out, Sephiroth! *o*

What's TWTFO? Boy has Cloud got his heels in the air and eyes sparkling. Where did Zack's Cloud go, indeed! Wow! Cloud sure is dedicated to graduating! He even took classes in Wutai? Yeesh~! Aw! Cute! Cute, cute! Sephiroth smashing Cloud in a bear hug, wet and only half dressed. Okay, not a bear hug, a careful hug. Wonder what his wet hair felt like on Cloud's shoulders? Oh the visions dancing around in my head. If only you knew, you'd blush too. Eep!

Do I discern a case of Hojo's interference in the so-called lab experiment assigned to Cloud and Galen? Sounds like the kind of monsters Hojo would make and definitely difficult enough to cause trouble to most students, ne?

Cloud's kiss will make him a regular heart breaker? hehe Yeah, maybe to Sephiroth or Zack. What am I saying? Colorless materia? Neat earrings! I like Galen even more! (ah hahahaha! rolling on the floor laughing at Sephiroth's reaction to Cloud's little lip touching.) Jealousy is such a green bastard, isn't it Seph? But then he's got the eyes down already, green and all. This is getting too hard to read through the tears of laughter!

Good excuse for the Gast Alpha Beta thing. I like it! And you are SO sneaky using Factor J (Jenova!) Shame on you! TWTFO... Hmm. Okay, good enough. Negate last question about it at least. Ya snuck under that one, barely. Still don't get it though. ~~

I like the idea of Galen giving Cloud some of his Holy materia. It would also explain maybe why Cloud could go through the Lifestream and survive so many times. Maybe even hear the Cetra at times, ne? You are so cool! I can't say it enough times. YOU TOTALLY ROCK!
kazuhiko chapter 9 . 12/24/2006
Uncomfortable! How could two such close friends get into such a cold war-type squable? My, my! Aeris, huh? Okay, now I understand. Yeesh! Guess we know how THAT worked out!

Boy, has Cloud changed and yet not! He made a lot of friends among the SOLDIERS and probably amid his own troopers too, eh? Wonder what that little materia inside Cloud is doing? Did he absorb it completely? hehe Loved the idea of that, I can tell you!

Ooh ho ho! Sephiroth flirting? And Zack's still jealous, even though he's got a new love? But then, I guess feelings aren't easy to control and impossible to ignore. Touchy ride back to Zack and Seph's and I loved the way Cloud cluttered their house with his few belongings! This is a real treat for the eyes and the mind. I'm enjoying every minute of your story and hope it continues forever! Course, that's not happening, I know, but the feeling's there. Just so's you know.
kazuhiko chapter 8 . 12/24/2006
Gad! That scream from Cloud would've set everybody's hair on edge! He's getting pretty good at this war stuff isn't he? Wonder when he's going to use the Comet materia? It's gotta be a really whoppin cool show, I'll bet! And I totally loved the title for this chapter. Got goose bumps all over my body when I read it. hehe

Hey! Like the use of hypers. I used them a lot to get my limit breaks sooner, though it did cause my people to miss more often. Ah well. Oops! Found another typo. Small one. When Cloud was worrying about Ray getting on hypers and refused them himself because he got really violent when on them. Here's the sentence, in case you want to take the time to correct. If not, that's cool too.

Maybe he just responded really well to hypers? Cloud had {{had}} -I'm thinking you wanted only one 'had' here?- refused them, because he got ‘excessively violent’ when on them, and knew that none of the medics were bothering to check medical records right now.

whoohoo! Status boxes? What a neat idea! And I can totally see Cloud's status as being Fury! About to do some serious limit breaks, eh? I think I see damage with a capital 'D' coming down on the Wutaians' heads.

I would love to see all the SOLDIER friends Cloud made going up against Shinra and demanding Cloud get made into a SOLDIER. Wouldn't that have been something? But we all know that never happened, don't we. Wah! I am soo loving Andrews more and Shimo too. They are the greatest OC SOLDIER characters you've come up with and I wish they were mentioned in the game, they're so cool. You do a good job of making readers fall in love with you OCs. Keep it up!

Can I strangle Banford? Huh, huh? Please? I wish Cloud could. Jackson shouldn't be stuck with paperwork during a war. ~~

Wow! Like... wow! Talk about a rain of meteors! Meteorain for sure! I would've liked to have seen Cloud pull one of these off in the game. Materia going to level 6! Yeesh! This is going to make him real popular with the troops though. But... a materia merging with a human? hehe Have to admit, that thought already occurred to me and I was writing it into one of my own fanfics, though I'm not ready to post it yet. I'm still finishing the first one, after all. It was just such a cool idea though, that I just had to incorporate it and I'm glad to see someone else thought so too. Great move, boss. Great move!

Shimo probably didn't know what hit him when he saw Cloud with SOLDIER eyes, ne? (Goose bumps growing all over my body again and a shiver going up my spine at the image of a berserk Cloud going after the rest of the Wutai army with his oversized SOLDIER not-SOLDIER sword.)

Excellent chapter! Couldn't have asked for better! Really! This was great!
kazuhiko chapter 7 . 12/24/2006
Zack sent Cloud a Comet 2 materia? Cool! Like the way you explained Reno's aversion to materia too. And obviously, since Cloud's still in the trenches, Reno did the right thing, ne?

Who couldn't love Cloud Strife? Especially a battle hardened and proven Cloud Strife? Ne? So kawaii. Reno is one astute individual! He's always been quick on the uptake, so I guess it should be no surprise he's spotted Zack and Seph's obvious weakness where Cloud is concerned. I think secretly Reno likes Cloud too.

Shinra has a party while his troops get pasted in Wutai. Right. Smart move buddy. Fool! He so deserves to get wasted by Sephiroth, even though it takes awhile before that happens. Oh well.

Okay, how did Wutai renegades get into the Shinra building and all the way up to the top floors when there were so many roadblocks with security on the lifts to guards at every stinking floor, etc? Or did all that happen after the assassination attempt on Shinra? Definitely made for interesting play on the game. This is a really good fic! I'm totally getting into it! Aww. Guess you could already tell that, couldn't you? hehe

I liked Lark. Sad she died. But now Tseng and Reno go up a notch, ne? Elena is Lark's daughter? Cool! Yes! Guessed right! It was Elena! hahaha! Oohh! Reno and Tseng sleeping together? O.O This is getting interesting.
kazuhiko chapter 6 . 12/24/2006
Ah! So we introduce Sephiroth's bane, Jenova, discreetly of course. So he's had all out screaming matches with her, eh? Sounding like our Seph already. Sad to think he may lose to her and do what he fears most, mainly to kill Zack and Cloud. Course he didn't really kill Cloud did he? Almost, but not quite. And it wasn't exactly him to killed Zack either. Hojo made sure both of Seph's friends suffered first then got shot at and chased halfway across the world by Shinra soldiers first. Not Seph's fault, but just as much of a nightmare for him if he ever remembered. Will he? Remember? Be curious to find out what you have in mind for Seph and company in future chapters. But on with this one first!

Typical Hojo, fixated on Jenova. He should've just married the witch and been done with it! Surely he could've cloned her like he did Seph? Or just finished growing her in that nasty tank of his? Unless her body was just too ruined for that. Hmm. Nasty man!

Okay. Hojo needs to seriously be drawn and quartered and hacked to little bitty pieces and stabbed and maimed and did I say killed a few dozen times? How can he get away with calling a SOLDIER candidate as a possible specimen? Would Shinra let him do that? Yeah, probably. I forget, Shinra is almost in Hojo's palm as far as that greasy ball of sickness is concerned, isn't he? Ugh! (holds nose and tries not to spew) Yuck! Dear Jenova? Okay, now I know Hojo's a freak and should've just injected himself with Jenova cells and become her puppet from the very start. Would've save everybody a lot of hell.

Okay. This could get ugly. Reno bringing Cloud to Hojo? Ick! No wonder Reno's hair was standing up. No one in their right mind would feel comfortable around that disgusting worm. But the worm's got power. Wonder how Reno's going to get through this with his neck intact. Anger Hojo? Or piss of Zack and Seph? Oh the horrors!

Glow? Reno's an addict? That's a new twist. Makes it harder for him to decide what to do about Cloud now, doesn't it? Or maybe not. Aw! Gotta love Reno. He warned Cloud! He's not going to take him back to icky old Hojo! Such a good Turk! _ Wait wait! Second thoughts? No! Reno don't!
kazuhiko chapter 5 . 12/24/2006
Hey! I like the slowing down thing with Cloud and Shimo. What a neat idea! Wore him out too, I'll warrant. But way to go! Aaw! I can just see Zack dancing for joy upon hearing about this! Okay... this is going to be another Wutai war, isn't it? I just know Cloud's going to get in the middle of it and with his knowledge of mako and tricks while in mock battle, he's bound to be a force of his own, ne? (getting jumpy now. gotta read faster!)

Okay. I know this is going to be a stupid question, but what's a BDU? So many military terms. You must have a book on them or a really good source, right?

oh! Reno! My favorite Turk. He's gotta have the cutest bod I've ever seen. Of course Cloud, Zack and Seph are way beyond cute, ne? I think Zack and Seph are liking Reno more too. He's so irrisistable, isn't he?

Okay! On to the next chapter. Can't wait. This is getting so intense!
kazuhiko chapter 4 . 12/24/2006
Have to say, I like the idea of a female in the regular army. Don't think there should be female SOLDIERS though. I always felt that the mako treatments would mess with them physically (you know, as in making babies type of thing?) But I have to say I think I like Ryans. You made a good OC character there. kudos!

Yes! Banford has to eat his words and swallow shit too! Could this day get any better? Oh ho! Sephiroth getting jealous of Cloud making Zack moody, and now happy about it? So out of character, and yet so in character too? How do you do it? You're a by-god magician, that's what you are!

Ah! More info on Hojo and Cloud's dad. So he read his dad's notes, eh? Guess he didn't really know his father too well, if at all? So this is Wutai? Did the great Wutai war already happen? Of course, it had to have, cause Seph and Zack were there, right? So we got another little police action coming? I ask cause I get the distinct feeling that something's going to happen here. Gotta say I like Jackson too. Cloud's got some pretty cool officers in his unit, doesn't he? And where did you learn about squads and military terms and stuff? You are totally freakin me out! It's great! Sounds like you went to Shinra training academy and took notes.

New OC! hee hee! Like Andrews and Shimo. I like the idea of Wutaians working for Shinra too. It makes sense, when you think about it. Tseng was one too, right? Can't wait to see how Cloud does with the SOLDIER unit too. Gonna be fun fun FUN!
kazuhiko chapter 3 . 12/24/2006
Yowee! Riding Zack's motorcycle already? What a cool bike. It's not the Fenrir by any chance? Is it? Sound sort of like it, but this story is too early for when AC came out. Which means your imagination totally rocks and you were right on with the people of Square when thinking up super hot motor bikes!

Oh joy! Sephiroth as good as admitted he was interested in Cloud, that way! Can't wait to see how this goes. Whoa! Cloud is a what? A specialist in Mako Sciences? Now that's original. Sounds good too. So he knows a lot, maybe more than Hojo even? Love the way it just rattled off his tongue about 'imcompatibilites being amplified by mako-enhancement, leading to confrontations between squad-mates. I could totally see Zack's mouth dropping to the ground, though you didn't write that. Yeah... I understand Sephiroth's shuddering at learning Cloud's sub-specialty. Wonder how Cloud learned so much? Took after his dad? Or did he only start learning about it when he came to Midgar. Naw! Couldn't be! They're too lazy to teach something so specific to a kid so soon after he arrived in Midgar, right?

Oh! Cloud has his ponytail? Kawaii! Love the hideaway knife too. Can't be too careful, can he? I'm having more respect for this version of Cloud by the minute! And Sephiroth 'asking' Cloud to stay and let Zack try to rustle up something for him to eat? hehe I think I'm liking this Seph too. And a homebody? (lol rolling on the floor holding stomach with both hands) I burst out laughing and had to explain to my daughter. She also thought it was funny, though, so I'm forgiven, for now. Shame on you for making me snort with laughter! (tears still rolling down cheeks hehe)

Oh! And before I forget! I DO name my vehicles! Every one of them. They just scream personality and want names, you know? I sometimes think my car would glare daggers at my back if I didn't name him!

I can't say enough about this fic! You should go into the Fanfiction Hall of Fame for this one! Curious about how it's going to go though. Canon to the game? AU? Or sorta both? Well, only way to find out is read the rest and so... without further ado... on to the next chapter!
kazuhiko chapter 2 . 12/24/2006
Oho ho! Banford's a prick, eh? Wonder how Cloud turned him down? That would've been funny as heck. Guess we know why Cloud didn't get credit for that stunt he pulled in the mock battle, though.

Oops! Misspelled word. When Zack took Cloud out on the motorcycle, he was thinking how he had two Sephiroths and said, quote:

/Great. Just what I need, two Sephiroths to ride heard on./

I think you meant 'herd' not 'heard' ne? But let me tell ya, your spelling and grammar so far have been impeccable! So don't mind me pick-nitting, kay?

Seph and Zack too? May get a threesome here, eh?

Okay, and I thought Hojo was a sniveling bastard! I think I just passed by a lower cousin of his in the snooty beaurocrat who wouldn't let Cloud into SOLDIER sector without an hour wait and bored act. Do worms grow under the same rock?

Cloud has a SOLDIER sword, from his dad? Woohoo! Cloud got in a good whack on Zack right away! This is so cool! Original SOLDIER sword? More slots? Okay, now I'm getting more than just curious. I'm getting REAL curious!

Aha! So Hojo's in this after all and he knows or knew Cloud's father who was in on the SOLDIER program? I like it! And now Seph's interested in him too. Could this get any better? Yeah! More chapters! *o* So off to the next!
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