Reviews for Of Dreams That Are
zombiegirl22 chapter 12 . 8/4/2017
My heart goes out to Kultuq, trying to drown each day. Repeating it over and over for what I can imagine 2 months.

I have to say I'm proud of Robin. Not putting Kultuq in prison and letting him go. I'm glad he saw that Raven being gone was enough punishment for Kultuq and that he also saw that the man was in love with her.

So Lilq saw Robin naked? I can't help but laugh.

I wonder why there aren't that many people in their heaven.

And I wonder how Lilq got Hell to admit Raven wasn't there.

I guess that the concept of time as Lilq went and investigated different realms isn't like earth's time. He seemed to do alot in just a week.

And damn you are making my eyes water again at Klutuq's words- "I will be dead before I let anyone take that victory away from her...I won't let her be ashamed of herself anymore!"

And that is dedication gorging out your own eyes so that your lover can awaken.

And just when I thought that Kultuq and raven were finally going to make it out, C'thulhu's dream had to ruin eveything.

And I just knew that Kultuq was going to pull a Yumichika sacrificing himself for the one he loved.

But that is the whole point of love.

I'm glad you showed all the titans as they spoke to an unconscious raven.

I had a feeling it would be Robin who would be the one to be with her when she woke up.

You almost made me ship Robin and Raven for a minute there, what with all he was telling her while she was unconscious.

I like Raven's response to Robin of "I ought to slap you for being so stupid!"

So I guess the image of a nude raven was enough to ruffle the Bird Boy;s feathers that it took him two tries to find his communicator.

And I'm glad Raven isn't giving up on Kultuq.

And damn. I was getting ready for Raven's own journey into the land of dreams, only to find that Kultuq found his way home on his own.

I'm glad that she was able to unrestrain her emotion and finally allow herself to feel and thus was able to go running into his arms.

And i love how his first words to her were "I'm sorry".

And I lovehow she hugged him with all her might. And I love how she was the first to kiss him.

And I love how he asks her if she is still going to send him away.

And I love how she told him sorry, and how she lied.

And I love how he told her all is forgiven.

And I love how he gave her a blue rose.

Tomas, can you tell how much I love their reunion?My most favorite scene in the entire story.

And I'm glad that Dream stepped in and saved Kultuq and his dream.

And I'm very happy at the ending. The titans and Kultuq really did need a vacation after all this happened.

And I must say Kultuq probably would shave his beard because Raven asked it of him.

I'm glad that neither Raven or Kultuq stayed "gone".

Makes me wish that Lilq existed in "Lifted Up". Would really love for Rukia to go lookng for Yumichika and bring him back to help her with her child.

Makes me wonder if Noboru and Yumichika would have gotten along.

But before I start rambling about "Lifted", I almost forgot about one person in this story: Slade.

And what his thoughts were when Raven sacrificed herself for everyone. If he himself was trying to find her, or if that is just wishful think on my part. If he heard that she was back? makes me wish for a sequel to see if Raven's soul will carry out its threat to him.

Amazing story Tomas. I'm sorry it took me so long to read and review this story. I'm saddened that I didn't notice this story in your list until a few months ago.

I'm glad that I found it though. Thanks for writing it.
zombiegirl22 chapter 11 . 8/4/2017
You know I never fancied myself a stupid person. I always knew I wasn't a genius. And my ap classes and above average grades always made me believe I was above average. Not the smartest person in the room, but able to at least keep up with the flow of something I might not know.

However I can't help but feel like like what is happening in the first chapter is what someone, like Ichigo would feel like when visiting the 12th division. Everything going over my head.

For a minute I thought I had accidently clicked on a different fanfiction. But I hope I am getting the gist of what is happening. Which seems to be that this Silpks character is a travel agent who is aware of many different dimensions.

Well, at least Cyborg finally got the dishwasher working.

I loved the moment between Starfire and Robin.

And I'm glad Serenade finally did something good for someone.

So is beastboy really talking to Raven or is he like Renji with his own I!Raven inside of his head like Renji has a I!Yumichika inside his head.

And it seems that aliens are vacationing on earth.
I couldn't help but laugh at the statement "Sorry, your daughter is doing what now? With whom?"
And I'm guessing this "daughter" is the Princess Ojryu, the "what" is tickling and this "whom" is Beastboy.

I'm glad Beastboy and the Princess hit it off. God knows what would have happened if Silpks would have had his way and allowed them to kill them.

But it seems I spoke too soon and Silpks will do anything to kill them.

Kind of sucks for them. Defeating C'thulhu only for some other alien to send out a hit for them and the rest of the earthlings.

I was both happy and saddened by Beastboy's words of "Raven died for you, dammit! Didn't that teach you anything?!"

I'm glad Starfire and Lilq/emo were able to stop everything that Silpks put into motion.

But man that guy is vengeful. I mean even going so far as to try to kill Robin, even after realizing his plans weren't going to go the way he planned.

I want to add more but I'm too anxious to find out of Lilq will be able to find Raven, so I'm off to the next chapter.
zombiegirl22 chapter 10 . 8/4/2017
Ah Slade. You should know better than to make demands of people.

You know I can't help but compare him to Byakuya. They both seem to make demands of people, never apologize, and thinking they are the smartest man in the room.

I'm glad Raven's soul self was finally able to pay Slade back for what he did to Raven. And I'm glad she didn't give him the easy way out.

I bet that is the first time Slade has ever felt fear.
The Slade/Raven shipper in me is very happy with his statement of "I look forward to you".

So the revelation raven made was very informational. C'thulhu can give Unohana and Aizen a run for their money in manipulating peiople to carry out plans for him.

I will never ever get over how well you have written this story, and I wish I can do your work justice by giving you more things I found interesting in Raven's explanation but the only thing that the Kultuq/Raven shipper in me is letting me concentrate on is Raven's statement of "It was C'thulhu's Unizue who did all this".

She didn't lay the blame on SLade who pushed the button, she laid it on her friend, and the only thing my mind is processing is that that means that their is still hope that Raven won't do to kutluq what she promised to do to him. Becuase if she won't blame Slade, she can't hold Kultuq responsible either.

There is a chance Raven forgives him. That is if the world doesn't end.

And Robin won't leave Slade alone with Raven. Awesome. Slade speaks about love like he knows from experience.

And maybe it is just the SladeRaven shipper in me that is grasping at straws but I can't help but feel that Slade let something slip in his words.

Now I'm not delusional enough to think Slade is in love with Raven, but he did stay with her and he did try to get Robin to leave.

Now he might have done so to try to kill Raven once she did took down C'thulhu to make sure that she doesn't carry out her threat.

But I can't help but think his words to Robin are actually words to himself, it isn't love what Slade is feeling but something close to it in regards to Raven.

And I feel like that was why Robin straight out asked him why he didn't kill Raven.

"Just so you know, I never had cause to regret it", makes me curious because it seems as though the man doesn't even want to kill her now, even after her soul self's threat to him.

I'm glad Twist saved Beastboy. Her life snippets were interesting. makes me wish I knew more about her.

Not sure if Slade is really feeling mercy for Raven, or if just doesn't want there to be a chance of her waking up.

And that hurt Tomas. Seeing Aqualad succumb, reading the words of the Titans, and Slade and Twist being the first to go. That hurt. Because surely that couldn't be it right. I had to step away from my latop for a few seconds.

And then when continuing reading, I let out a sigh of relief. I'm glad Raven was was able to get to them.

And wow Tomas. I know you must get tired of hearing how in awe I am of your brilliance but it doesn't fail to stop being true.

A waking dreamer.
Damn. That really is amazing.

And honestly if they ever decided to make a movie about C'thulhu they really need to hire you.

Because you have written C'thulhu in such an amazing way.

And dammit I had to step away from the computer again. There are tears in my eyes Tomas. I hope you are happy.

There I was hoping that Kultuq wouldn't go and sacrifce himself for Raven, only to see Raven sacrifice herself the the world.

Raven how are you supposed to have immortal demon babies with Kultuq if you go around sacrificing yourself.

I couldn't help but smile at Raven's statement- "My name is Raven. I was born to kill you all." Reminded me of Indigo Montoya.

And Damn, there goes my smile. It didn't hurt as much as Yumichika's death, but the statement of Raven being gone still hurt.

It was nice to see all the Titan's dreams come true. But it would have been nicer to see what Slade's dream was.

And those were some interesting dreams people were having " I'm going to beat the final boss", "My fanfiction will become the basis of the sixth season".

And I'm glad the earth was saved, tbe big boss defeated. Yet I can't help but think that Kultuq is feeling what Rukia was feeling at Yumichika's death. "None of this matters if you're dead." I'm paraphrasing of course.

Damn Tomas. I'm crying again. This last part as Kultuq pleads for her to wake him and punish him, pleading with Raven to not go really pulled at my heart strings.

Amazing and sad chapter Tomas. Thanks again for writing this story, and making me cry (only your stories seem to be able to make me cry with emotion at a fictional character's death.)
zombiegirl22 chapter 9 . 8/4/2017
Finally Getting back to reviewing this awesome some.

So slade and Kultuq finally meet. Slade may be a genius super-villain who is two steps ahead of the Teen Titans, but Kultuq is a genius supervillain with 50 thousand years of experience behind him.

Must have been a humbling experience for Slade to see someone get the upper-hand.

I assume Kultik being irked by Slade's comment of "No thinking in broad terms with that group" is because Raven is included in that group, and Kultuq doesn't like when people insult Raven.

And I love Kultuq's reaction to Serenade trying to put him under her siren's call: "Breath mint?". It is about time she sees that she can't put all men under her spell.

I do wonder if Raven would have felt anything at seeing another woman trying to work her voodoo on Kultuq.

So Twist is a girl. Interesting.

And I'm confused as heck: C'thulhu should have been revived over 300,000 years ago? Either the calculations are wrong or C'thulhu hit the snooze button on his alarm.

Ah Slade. Got to love that confidence "I make no apologies. Only demands."

And i love Kultuq's courage: "Why should you demand anything of me?"

So Kultuq guessed correctly: for all his brilliance, he can't do away with Atlantis on his own.
But Slade was still Brilliant enough to be able to read a man like Kultuq and come to hte conclusion that Kultuq has a weapon 'eliminate the competition'.

Since Kultuq hasn't used it in the past, I am verey curious as to Kultuq's reasons.

And I'm sure Slade is very much feeling like Seranade was earlier when Kultuq said no.

I'm sure Slade isn't used to people telling him no.

Something tells me that Raven is one of the major reasons why Kultuq refused to join slade. She would never forgive him.

It must hurt Kultuq to hear that Raven doesn't love him. One must wonder why he doesn't move on.

I have never been in love so I probably don't understand why he can't just move on from her.
But that said I'm very glad that even though he knows she doesn't love him, the man is serious in his promise to her.
Never taking another life. Got to love that devotion and love.
But I get that answers my own question.
What Kultuq is feeling isn't a fleeting fancy, it isn't lust, it isn't the feeling most people think is romantic love: it is the real deal.
It is an undying love, that years won't ever diminish or change.

I love how Kultuq was willing to take her friends, jut as long as she got out as well.

But I can see why she herself doesn't love him, the man doesn't understand that she won't leave.

Andit must have been a slap in the face for Kultuq to see that Slade knew raven better than he did.

Slade knowing Raven so well almost makes me hope that the two come across each other before the end of the fic.

I wonder if Kultuq caught Slade's statement of Slade holding a dying Raven in his arms. And what Kultuq did to him. Surely he assumed that Slade out her in that condition in the first place.

And I love Kultuq's statement of "You're not a demon. You're an angel. That stupid bastard Trigon went and sired an angel." More pure, heartfelt words have never been spoken.

And I think that is the first time Raven has ever heard someone deny her demon heritage and call her an angel.

I'm glad she was able to cry in front of him and I love the comfort he tries to give her.

I also love how he confessed that she was the reason he started caring again.

I also love how Kultuq told Slade to stay away from her.

And I'm glad that Raven is willing to try with Kultuq. And how she thanked him for her roses.

And I feel for both Kultuq and Raven, the two are just starting their relationship and C'thulha has to mess everything up.

Freaking Slade. I guess this is why the man never had a paramour of his own: Kultuq was forced to go back on his promise to Raven because he didin't want her to endure what he himself endured at the hands of the R'lyeans. Slade would never have such a "weakness".

Got to admire his honesty though, going to Raven and the Titans and confessing what he had done.

You know I love Raven. I really do feel for her at seeing this man, who she has begun to trust, who she has began to possibly love betray her.

However I can't help but feel that she is a being a teeny, tinybit hypocritical. Especially since she herself did something similar to Aqualad for a friend. She used her powers on him for a friend, Kultuq did what he did for her.

at least he came and warned her about what he had done. to give her a chance to stop it.

So who tried to raise R'lyeh with monster magic but instead sunk a continent?

And I'm glad to see Cyborg and the Titans out maneuver manifest. Brilliant writing as always.

But they weren't counting on Twist.

And Twist didn't count on Pepe Le Pew.

And Slade wasn't counting on Raven's Unizue: tricking him to destroy the ocean.

I bet no one has ever called Slade an idiot before. I'm happy that Raven did the honors.

Awesome chapter. Glad to see that C'thulhu is finally awake.

Must be a very breathtaking sight.

I want to speculate about what his arising means, but I'm onto the next chapter because I don't want to think about the world ending and Raven and Kultuq never ever fixing this problem that has risen up between them.

Although maybe I shouldn't because I still have a bad feeling about one of them dying.
zombiegirl22 chapter 8 . 6/15/2017
I really love the way you write Raven, and I'm very happy that she is feeling guilt for her actions. Because that shows that she really is regretting all the actions that led up to this. And i see that I was mistaken in Unizue being dead.

My heart goes out to beastboy. having to endure what he did and not being able to sleep to get away because C'thulhu is there as well.

I'm glad Raven was able to give him comfort and was able to lull him to sleep. How she was able to help one of her friends, and mending her mistakes.

And I can't help but laugh at the letter that Raven got from home. I know I shouldn't but I find it funny how C'thulhu's creatures were rejected. I'm not sure why I'm picturing Raven coming home with C'thulhu and telling her parents he followed her home (not that that would ever happen).

But the funny thought has left, and once again my heart goes out to Raven and what she has to go through because she tried to help her friend.

And I can't help but picture Robin as Batman- saying "Good Idea" to a joke seems like something the Bat would say.

Beastboy should definitely get raven the Kama Sutra. She can practice wither Kultuq or Aqualad.

I also love how Beastboy's statement made it sound like he and Raven slept together.

I'm a huge germophobe so I couldn't help but grimace when Beastboy took a piece of freshly-chewed gum and put it in robin's ears.
I feel for Robin as he has to relive his parents' deaths.

I feel for Raven, not being able to face Kultuq alone, but at the same time I'm quite happy, because she went to him for help.

Interesting backstory for Twist. Makes me hope there is more to his story in later chapters.

And I never thought that Robin would tell Kultuq he was right. Good for Robin. Shows he can be open minded and learn a thing or two.

And I'm glad Raven thanked Kultuq for helping them.

And I'm very glad that Kultuq helped Cyborg with his little side mission.

And I'm glad that Kultuq is going to fight and wa even thinking of taking down Slade himself.

But as the end of the chapter shows Slade for him first. And with a petition as well.

Excellent Chapter Tomas. And I wish I could continue to the next tonight, but the night got away from me, and I need to wake up in 5 hours.

Well I have the whole weekend to finish reading and reviewing this story, so don't be surprised if you receive a lot of alerts.
zombiegirl22 chapter 7 . 6/13/2017
I bet Raven is wishing she heeded Kultuq's and Aqualad's warnings.

As Aqualad explains his family's secret and how they held it for over 100,000 years, I wonder if they ever came across Kultuq.

I doubt it since Kultuq didn't know about R'lyeh being under water. But he had to have escaped somehow, and Aqualad said that they killed anyone who tried to leave or enter the city, so perhaps when seeing they couldn't kill Kultuq, they erased his memory of where to find the city.

What I'm getting at is tht I find it very interesting that Kultuq seeemed to erase all traces of R'lyeh from the land while the Aqualad's family did it under the sea. It almost seems as though Kultuq and the Royal family joined forces to ensure no one ever discovered it, and how the two have the same rule of killing anyone with the knowledge of it. WHich was why I sated my curiosity of Kultuq ever meeting the Atlantean Royal family.

At Aqualad's confusing at hearing Vandal Savage, I thought that that meant that perhaps the Atlantean Royal family and Kultuq never met.

But then I remembered I noted how Raven's roommates call him by his villain name, so perhaps Kultuq had introduced himself to the Atlantans as Kultuq and they don't know he is a villain or that he is immortal.

Although I definitely agree that her teammates need to be made aware of Raven invading Aqualad's mind, the Aqualad/Raven shipper in me is quite happy that he tried to protect her.

And I'm VERY HAPPY WITH Aqaulad, because not only did he come to Kultuq's defense but he also made it very clear that there was no malice behind Raven's actions


I wonder if Shinji would feel at home in R'lyeh.

I love BeastBoy and how he still able to use humor in such a dire situation.

AND I'M LOVING YOUR AQUALAD MORE AND MORE-"he would not fail to save her".

You know, I would bet good money that Yamamoto wished that those aquatic worms in the Atlantean solders' skulls could have been implanted in the in the brains of all his soldiers.

That parasite is very horrifying but at the same time very good planning on the Atlantean's part.

Raven found Unizue, but Unizue's words leave a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Aqualad and Beastboy have guts.

I find the deep ocean and space fascinating so many things we don't know, but never ever would I step into either of them willingly. I like solid ground beneath my feet not stepping into an unknown area where I can be lost without a way back. So yeah, i admire the two for stepping out in R'lyeh's waters.

Not that I want Beastboy to fight C'thulhu, but now that he mentioned turning into a Leviathan, I think it would be pretty cool to see a fight between Leviathan and C'thulhu.

I really feel for Raven as she is betrayed/attacked by Unizue.

And My heart goes out to her at Unizue's statement of "I am C'thulhu's Unizue forever."

And what a grand (but horrifying) honor of being given to C'thulhu himself.

Another thing Raven seems to have in common with Kultuq.

And I really love the way you write Beastboy-"We can't leave her. Not with that. I'd rather be dead than do that."

I feel for beastboy, having to take C'thulhu to save Raven.

I'm glad that he was able to get to her in time though. And I love his little statement if having saved her.

And I for one am both happy and saddened at the choice Raven made. I'm happy that she chose to save Aqualad but at the same time saddened that she was forced to send her first friend to her death.

Not that she had a choice. Unizue was already lost.

I'm also saddened that she couldn't look Kultuq in the eye, and how he was left standing alone outside.

And with everything happening I completely forgot about Slade.

I was going to work on my game side project and leave the next chapter for tomorrow, but Slade's appearance is not going to allow me to do that.

Amazing and emotional chapter. Thanks again Tomas!
zombiegirl22 chapter 6 . 6/13/2017
Meeting went long so I was given an extra 30 minutes for lunch, so 15 of those minutes was spent scarfing down my lunch and the rest reading and reviewing as much of this chapter as I can before going back to work..

With the way the last chapter ended, I'm glad Kultuq emphasized that he wouldn't kill Raven "I WOULDN'T!"


'"Thank the gods," he whispered.' I knew he wouldn't care about her parentage because the man really loves her and that is what true love is all about.

But I'm just as surprised as Raven is about his words. Raven probably more surrpised because I doubt anyone has ever had a positive word to say after finding out who her father is.

Raven, you need to marry this man.

However, I feel like the man loves her too much that should Raven ever find herself in danger, the man will pull a Yumichika on her her and sacrifice his live for Raven's sake.

And that is why I love your Raven so much, she doesn't forget debts to firends, espeically friends who helped definer who she was, a friend whose techniques and frienship helped her find a home on Earth.

And my heart goes out to Kutluq at his question of why she humored his advances. I'm glad that she finally telling him the truth. That she is willing to give him and his love a chance but first she has to find her friend.

Manipulation is something I come to dispise in people. But only in people who hide behind what they are doing, pretending that they are innocent and pretending to themselves and others that they are not really doing what they are doing.

Which is why I am ok with Raven's minor manipulation. Sure it could be a bias I have where I am defending my favorite TT character, but I think it goes beyond that. Because she isn't trying to play coy or hide her manipulation. She blatatantly states it and not only that, but she herself hates herself for her tactic, which speaks volumes of how she herself despises her tactic ("Was it worth losing respect for herself by resoriting to such a tactic?"

Even when her manipluation is to save her friend, she doesn't hide or try to justify to herself that her tact is correct. She knows her tactic is wrong, she doesn't try to reassure herself that it is correct. And I think that speaks volumes of her character and makes me respect her even more.

And I'm glad Kultuq, who 10,000 year old, who has seen manipulation from coutnless people who were more experts at manipulation than Raven is, doesn't let her walk out the door.

And I am glad he was more opne to her about his past. I know it hurt him to recall but I think that this openeness with her can only cement their bond even more.

My heart goes out to Kultuq for what he had to endure and how he lost his sanity to it.

I'm glad Raven didn't press him.

You know the way Kultuq describes C'thulhu "Even death cannot finish it, at least not forever" makes me think of Ulquiorra for some reason and now I am curious about a crossover of Teen Titans/Bleach where Kultuq meets Ulquiorra.

I love how his words concerning her father " Trigon the Terrible!" He spit contemptuously."Pah! A mere bogeyman. Trigon does not dare to venture into our world, because he knwos what is here and he wants no part of it.""

Kultuq's words leave me very curious because it almost seems as though the man knows Raven's father personally, as though the two may have even been friends.

And because of how old he is and because of all his experience, I put more weight on Kutluq's words regarding Trigon than anyone else, and now it makes me theorize that perhaps the reason Trigon kept sending emissaries to Azarath was because the man wanted to make sure that his daughter never went to her mother's home planet, and that he didn't want his daughter anywhere on earth because of the threat of C'thulhu. Which makes a feeling of dread form in my stomach because perhaps Raven has a different destiny that she originally thought, and that was to face C'thulhu herself.

And I can't say that I am sad that Kultuq C'thulhu's followers. Good riddance.

And now we know why Vandal Savage went around killing off people, he was making sure that no one could awaken C'thulhu from his slumber. They really should give him a medal in my opinion.

I'm glad that Vandal made Raven the exception however I can't help agreeing with him- "And looking at you now, I fear that we might all come to regret my lapse".
And I'm disappointed in Raven for trying to invade Kultuq's mind. And no my disappointment is not a bad thing, because it shows that my favorite characters has flaws and that just means she can learn from them. However I fear that these are hard lessons that Raven is going to have to learn. I love how he forgave her and I love how he still loves her.

And I must say I love how she included Kultuq in her thought of those she left behind. Because even though probably doesn't recognize it, it shows that she cares for him greatly.
And I had forgotten about how I also slightly shipped Raven with Aqualad. But Tomas made me remeber it.

And juding by his widening smile and his statement of "pleasant surprise" I can only hope her attraction to him isn't one sided.

And judging by his words and the statement "And more, if Raven should desire it." I see it isn't just one sided but the man might also be attracted to her.

(Now you are having me ship Kultuq/Raven/Aqualad together. I'm not of fan of love triangles but I am of OT3s.)

And since he isn't following his own kingdoms rules of Killing Raven (something he has in common with Kultuq) I feel that whatever his feelings he has for Raven goes beyond friendship.

And once again I find myself disappointed in Raven for using her powers on Aqualad, but again my disappointment isn't a bad thing or a bad reaction to the story it is a good thing. Because you are writing my favorite character very well, with good characteristics and flaws. You have created scenarios that will allow her to grow. .

Raven's mistakes only show she isn't a perfect mary sue and show she is a human and is capable of mistakes and making wrong judgement calls.

I'm both disappointed and glad because now I'm glad she is able to continue her mission and because I want to see how her action with Aqualad will change their friendship in the future.

And like I said it is a good thing because Raven herself knew that she had crossed a line. And she seems ready to face whatever consequences should she live.

And I'm tempted to spend another hour to see where the Call of C'thulhu takes Raven, but my lunch break is almost over, and I really need to get back to work.

Thank you for sharing this work with us even though I'm quite late to the party.
zombiegirl22 chapter 5 . 6/12/2017
Those are some interesting powers that Miss Sarah Nade has. Those powers would come in handy during meetings when I am trying to read fanfiction and need my boss to not fire me.

I kind of feel sorry for Sgt. Reubens. Wasn't really his fault.

I really like how Kultuq and Raven work together in her dreams. Interesting dream, and seeing how Tomas writes about dreams and prophecies in your other fics, this dream must mean that something will happen in the future.

I was a bit worried that Kultuq would find a way to sacrifice himself for Raven, but now with the dream I feel like Tomas is giving us a warning that it might be Raven.

I do wonder what it means that Raven thought of Kultuq as Vandal Savage in her dream rather than Kultuq.

I know it is significant because first impressions are important and she knew him before Robin revealed that Kultuq was the villain Vandal Savage. Because she saw him as Kultuq first she isn't like the others who only see him as a villain. Also I'm sure it has to do with the fact that her father is literally the devil and Raven herself is quite judged for her parentage.

And I am extremely curious about Raven's friend.

You know Benny from "The Mummy" and that scene where he comes face to face with the Mummy and starts taking out so many religious charms and he offers up a prayer to each different religion. Well that scene always reminded me of my father, because my father was the same- catholic but also prayed to Buddha, was a believer in Christian science, etc.

Why I'm bringing that up- "many people were beginning their day by kneeling in the direction of the sun and offering prayers". That line made me remember something I had long forgotten about, my father would do the same as well when we were younger. Just something that struck me all of a sudden especially since I had long forgotten about it.

I really love Kultuq's thoughts on Raven and how worried he is about her. Especially since she really doesn't have anyone to worry about her outside of the Titans.

I really do feel for Kultuq, and I'm saddened that he doesn't know of Raven's true parentage and thus does not know why his statement of "Why didn't she realize that those peoples' deaths were inevitable?" He couldn't possibly have known that dhe herself was to bring about Armageddon and how his words no doubt reminded her of her father's purpose for her.

His actions with the jellyfish speaks volumes of the impact Raven has on Kultuq.

I also find it interesting the lengths he will go to to get along with Robin for Raven's sake.

Not everyday does a villain extend such an olive branch to a superhero.

I also love how even though he wants to retaliate against Robin he doesn't and just by thinking about Raven, he is able to calm himself down. Dang it Tomas, Robin's over-protectiveness to the point where he threatened Kultuq almost makes me want to ship them in this fic.

But I won't because God Dam Kultuq is one smooth MF. "And the matchless curve of her lips, colored a more vivid shade of gray than the rest of her skin, which even in daylight glowed with the subtle inner light of a marble sculpture. In a Romantic vein, he toyed with the notion that she had not been born human, that some supernally talented sculptor had caressed her from inanimate stone, and an equally anonymous god then blessed this miracle with well-deserved life. His very own Galatea."

Another thing I have to be grateful to Tomas for: the attention to detail in the snippets of Raven's early life that Tomas shows us.

You do alot better job than DC does.

I can't help have my heart go out to child!Raven and what she went through as a child. And I'm very glad too see the introduction of the friend she is looking for. I'm excited to get on with the other chapters to find out ore but it is late and I'm not sure if I will have time tomorrow to read the next chapter.

I really love the sentence of "But Trigon's daughter was not in the mood to be good". I'm really curious about how Tomas would write Trigon. I feel for Raven especially the incident with her Soole.

Ah Tomas, I will never be over the way you, so easy to draw in your readers with how effective you write such scenarios and are able to convey the emotions Raven feels as she goes through difficult times in her child-" She wasn't even supposed to cry when she felt like it, but how do you stop from feeling sad?".

And I love Raven's introspection of what she felt for Kultuq and I love the word she used "Relaxed", because it speaks of how doesn't view him as threat, nor is she reduced to a nervous girl with a crush. But rather she is comfortable in his presence, doesn't feel the need to hide or to put up a front. Doesn't feel as though he will judge her for who she is or what she does.

Andhow she feels that he understands her, which I'm sure she has never felt that from anyone else.

And I'm glad that she is willing to try for Kultuq.

And I'm so happy she touched his cheek. Again I can't help but feel in awe of the backstory you gave to Raven and her friend who showed her that he magic is not evil but can be used for good.

I'm glad Raven was a ashamed of her actions of almost violating Kultuq's trust and I'm glad that she decided to be direct with him. And I hate that it is late and that I won't be able to find out what happens next.

Well, I can always try to read the next chapter during my lunch break tomorrow.

Very interesting chapter, and as always I'm very appreciative of the fact that Tomas shares his works with us.
zombiegirl22 chapter 4 . 5/29/2017
I am loving your Raven more and more especially with these words"You don't weaken. You don't run. You put yourself before these people and tell them the truth." I think every person can learn a thing or two from Raven.

I also love how Raven doesn't betray Kultuq's real name.

She recognizes that the name he gave her was important, she recognizes that when he told her in a way he opened up himself to be vulnerable to her. The man didn't know her and yet he let her in on a secret. Even her friends, who love her and care for her, probably aren't capable of that. There is always a suspicion towards Raven because of who her father is. Kultuq, this stranger, even once realizing she was Titan still sought her company and opened up to her. And I'm glad she won't betray his name to them.

"Raven, I think that after today you don't get to decide what stays secret around her anymore."

I guess Robin, being Batman's adopted son/protege or not, still inherited alot of suspicion and Paranoid towards his friends than Robin would have liked. No matter how much he wants to distance himself from the Bat, and proclaim he and Batman are nothing alike, the two are quite similar.

I hope her words remind Robin he is acting just like the Bat "I'm not just another weapon in your arsenal against crime."

I love Beastboy and I found myself laughing at his reply "You think maybe this time he'll start the car?"

I also love how she lets them know that she knew that Robin was telling the truth and that she didn't take his revelation of Savage lightly.

And I love Cyborg. Always will. But you make me love him more for the support he gives to Raven when she needs it most.

I also love Beastboy's contribution to the conversation.

I also love Starfire's input about how he is not the same man and how she makes them all realize that the man knew his secret could be found out but came anyway.

I'm glad that her friends do trust her and that she recognizes that.

And I'm glad that Robin indeed made the right decision by trusting Raven. And their friendship hasn't broken.

You know even though I'm a christian, I can't help but feel that there are books that haven't been made available to the Christians. As I was discussing in a Bible study I had a few months ago, I brought up the fact that alot of christian writings were labeled as apocrypha and left out of the Bible.

The reason I brought it up in church was because in church I was always taught that the Revelation 22: wasn't just for the book of Revelations but for the entire Bible.

And I brought up how there were books/writings were not deemed fit for the Bible, by scholars and those who thought they knew best. Men, not God. Men who are human and aren't holy or perfect. So would they be punished for leaving out teachings?

I mentioned that by having these books not available to us, how could we not know whether or not we were missing something God wanted us to know. The Bible study leader told me to be careful because that was how Eve fell.

I told him, that I think that the story of Adam and Eve was just a parable to warn us of what will happen if we try to search out knowledge beyond what Preachers and Church leaders tells us, something to keep us dumb and under their control.

But I won't get into any more of that discussion, just found it interesting about the mention of the Book of Thomas. Something I hope to read in the near future now that Tomas has brought it to my attention.

You know I think my Achille's heal will always be supervillains throwing/changing their plans for heroines, whether it be Kultuq for Raven or Aizen for Rukia.

Another Archille's heal for me, supervillains having such interesting and long conversations with heroines.

I am both happy at Kultuq's words and saddened that Raven did not comprehend his confession "home is where the heart is." Raven has given him a home, yet she is his home because she is there. She is his heart.

And even if she didn't catch his meaning, I'm glad he cleared it up for her by telling her he was in love with her.

I do wonder what friend Raven is looking for. But I guess I must keep reading to find out.

Another wonderful chapter Tomas. I will never get over what an amazing writer you are.
zombiegirl22 chapter 3 . 5/29/2017
I do wonder who Raven is talking to in her transmissions with people around the globe.

Robin's conversation with Imaginary!Slade makes me wonder if it is really Robin's mind speaking and predicting what Slade would say or if Slade left a bit of himself with Robin to torment him.

But it more than likely is Robin, because after all we are all our own worst enemies.

And I love love love Kultuq's nervousness at asking out Raven on a date.

I also love the "Because you never had so much to lose." Statement. It shows how the man isn't just our for world domination. How perhaps he have found something even more worthy than that.

I really love the Robin's thought on Raven and their friendship. Hopefully their next conversation doesn't do anything to hurt their friendship.

You really write Starfire well. Loved the conversation between Starfire and Kultuq and their thoughts while having said conversation.

Dammit Robin! How dare you interrupt Raven and Kultuq's second meeting.

I'm glad that Raven didn't jump to conclusions and how even though she felt a lied to, she instead asked him if he was Vandal Savage, and saw that he hadn't lied to her when they first met.

I love how Vandal locked his car and the reaction it had on the other titans that weren't Raven.

So Tomas has left me increasingly curious about the creatures at the end of this chapter. However due to Tomas's message I think it is safe to assume that they are H.P Lovecraft's creatures.

Well, Tomas does know how to leave readers wanting more, and the only way to sate my curiosity is to read the next chapter, so I'm off to chapter 4.

Thank you for this wonderful chapter.
zombiegirl22 chapter 2 . 5/29/2017
Another interesting chapter, Tomas.

You write Raven, her thoughts and her powers alot better than DC ever did.

The dilemma she feels at what she did and how she recognizes herself "You're a killer" is telling of who she is. She doesn't try to make excuses for her actions. She faces them head on.

And now I got the joke about "running in different circles". Raven being a hero and Kultuq being a villain.

I never came across Vandal Savage in the comics, must be because I just stuck with Batman/Batfamily and Teen titans, and the occasional storyline which featured characters outside of those characters such as Identity Crisis.

But something tells me that I would prefer your Vandal Savage to the canon one.

I am not even familiar with him, yet the way you write him and his own dilemma makes me feel that I am indeed familiar with him.

And Slade always prepared for anything, even going so far to take measures to ensure someone will assist him even though he is their enemy. The man reminds me a little bit of Sosuke. Come to think of it he reminds me a little bit of Mayuri and Urahara as well.

I really love how Raven in able to stand her own against him in terms of retorts and him trying to intimidate her- "We go a safer path, or you resign yourself to dying."

An interesting dream Kultuq had. Subconsciously Recognizing that Raven was like him (immortal) and that he wouldn't have to worry about her dying because she could stand still with him while the rest of the world turned.

And I love the confusion at the end, realizing that he had used the word love when describing his feelings for her.

I love how Raven doesn't want to do what she had done earlier, how she won't listen to those thoughts telling her to kill Slade, even if he does deserve it.

I never liked wine, I tasted it twice and I couldn't get over the fact that it had a rotten taste to them.

I was told it was an acquired tasted, but I never saw the need to become acquired to a taste I didn't like.

"everything was better than you imagination". I find that this statement is really what I feel about romantic relationships.

I would almost feel sorry for Souffle, I mean Sophie, but I can't help but she brought this reaction on herself.

"kultuq was following his heart". And I do look forward t where his heart takes him.

You know Princess Bride was a favorite of mine as a child. I remember asking my older brother if i could become immune to poison like Westley. And he looked at me like I was crazy.

I love Slade's snarky response "You needn't be concerned for me, Raven. You're not unpleasant to look upon. Far from it."

Tomas, you are going to stir my Slade/Raven Shipper heart if you continue Slade's teasing of Raven.

Especially since this conversation about how they are alike reminds me so much of the conversations between Rukia and Aizen.

It is an interesting theory Slade holds about Robin and Batman's influence on him.

I also love the wake up call Raven gives Slade- "If I do decide to kill, I promise you'll be the first to know it."

Interesting that Slade is so intrigued in what could entice Raven to kill that he saved her own life, even if it meant giving Raven a chance to kill him in the future.

AND TOMAS I SQUEALED WHEN SLADE KISSED RAVEN! Does that mean that two villains will be after this demon princess's heart?

I'm glad that the rest of the Titans were able to find her. Amazing chapter Tomas. Thank you for sharing.
zombiegirl22 chapter 1 . 5/27/2017
Well Dinner is on hold, (wait of 30 minutes for pizza delivery) so I thought it best to dive into the first chapter.

Now Raven is my favorite Titans character. I always felt like I could relate to her in terms of having bad fathers.

And I have to admit there is a serious lack of good Raven fanfiction.

SO imagine my disappointed in myself as having never ever ever noticed that my favorite author had written a teen titans fanfic featuring my favorite titan.

I love the way you write Raven and I love how her first words to this man was "That's only the stupidest thing you have thought today."

I love her bluntness.

I really love the conversation between Raven and Kultuq (interesting name by the way).

It was nice seeing Raven open up to someone about her mom and life before she found the titans.

I also love the little joke between the them "You and I run in different circles". "You'd have to live forever to improve that one.

I have a love/hate relationship with Starfire, on one hand I really love her and on the other hand she can really get on my nerves sometimes.

Which is funny because I really love her backstory in the comics and I really love her in the comics, but her character in the cartoon was too cheery and naive to the point I found myself to think her really annoying. Of course being a kids cartoon they couldn't really delve into her true backstory so I can understand why they wrote her like that, but yeah I have a love/hate relationship with Starfire.

And not because I sort of ship Raven/Robin(My OTP is actually Slade/Raven, its better not to ask). Actually, in terms of comic storylines I actually ship Starfire/Robin, it was the TT cartoon that actually made me not like the Starfire/Robin romance.

And wow. What an amazing and pricey gift Kultuq sent Raven. He is a keeper. Tomas, I do believe you have made me ship Raven with someone new.

So when I first began reading this story I assumed that Kultuq was an OC. but at the revelation of his real name I see that he wasn't an OC but an actual DC supervillain and one I haven't come across before.

It will indeed be interesting to see what comes next. I have a code meetup tomorrow. so I have to get some sleep. But do look forward to my reviews for chapter 2 by tomorrow evening.
discb chapter 12 . 12/27/2012
Well done you amazing motherfucker, best 6 hours I've spent on this site.
Nemrut chapter 12 . 10/29/2011
As always with your writing it was excellent. The characters were true to their originals and the way you have made the world grittier and more "real" worked magnificently. Loved the dialog, especially of Vandal. The story was great as well, although, I do feel that the shift from end of all creation by the hand of freaking C'thulu to Terry Pratchett-esque inter-dimensional tourist race was a bit off, but then again, silly things like that are part of the Teen Titans, so I am not begrudging you for that.

Whew, took me quite some time until I got around reading this story, even though I wanted to read it months ago.

Loved the way you blended the C'thuly mythology with the Teen Titans world.

Although, maybe one point of critique would be that the rest of the Titans had more guest roles than being actual protagonists. Somehow, despite their involvement in the second half of the story, it felt as if they weren't present all that much.

However, I immensely enjoyed this story and thank you for writing it.

Happy Halloween Tomas. Hope you write something with the Teen Titans again. By the way, have you checked out the new DC animated series called "Young Justice"? I like it way less than I do "Teen Titans" simply for the fact its cast is less interesting and more annoying but it is written by the same guy who made Gargoyles, Spectacular Spiderman and W.I.T.C.H. season 2 (about which, by the way, I would sacrifice many, many humans to our overlord C'thulu for you to write a story about that, W.I.T.C.H. I mean) so, it must be good. And I am told vandal Savage is one of the lead villains.

Take care
elizemail chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
I had to laugh at myself and my terrible lack of DC knowledge as I read through the entire Vandal Savage Wikipedia page. It was very informative and I am glad to have read it before continuing this story :P It was interesting to see what he looked like after reading the first chapter since I had pictured him younger based on the glimpses of what I interpreted to be an eager carefree nature. Looking at the images of him, I would have suspected him to be a bit more 'stuffy'. Of course what would I know about him?

As per usual, your imagery is highly appreciated for its sophisticated and appropriate delivery. I can really enjoy a story in which I don't feel as if I'm drowning in the details of the landscape for a whole page for the sake of setting a mood that could be accomplished in a paragraph in lieu of progressing the actual plot. These images were well developed without being too wordy simply to be wordy.

As a side note, after reading his mini biography, I wonder if Savage would be interested in producing an heir/immortal cannibal snack with Raven in the near fanfiction future ;P
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