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Googlemo chapter 31 . 8/5/2013
Im sorry, I forgot to mention whats good with this story. Even though I didn't like it that much, I still finished it and thats in itself a praise.
1. Strength of characters is really balanced and well done even with all that warlock crap.
2. The story have a pretty decent scenario well placed in the borders of crappy world of Bleach(The world of Bleach is just ridiculous and stupid even for shounen manga on so many levels that just wow...).
3. Its FINISHED and thats a super good, 98% of FF are left unfinished and I just pity losers who write them, whats the point of starting?!
4. The history of Toshiro being the strongest Vasto Lorde in history is a decent idea in making him main character, but personally Id like for him to do that with his OWN strength and not his inheritance.
5. A lot of interesting Bankais and abilities, I think this part of FF you did with true love) cause fights take almost 1\4 of all time in this story(1\3 if u count flashbacks in those fights).

Well, thats all.
Googlemo chapter 32 . 8/5/2013
Ok, I finished it, so first of all let me answer your questions:
1. Well, all fights were so-so, too much talking and not much actual fighting, but if you ask which of those were a bit better than others I say Toshiro vs Aizen.
2. 11 chapter was far the best one
3. all story is 1 on dark chart, its just too childish, even death of characters is not that sad, and villains are just pathetic.
4. The most funny scene was when Rangiku screamed of her boobs trying taking over the world.
5. All sad scenes were bad, but the saddest probably with Toshiro and his grandma, but the fact that was freaking grandma didn't make much of a tragedy for me.
6. Not even one scene, the story was simple to predict even for 5year old.
7. Pretty good, but you just ripped off most of it, I think you good make better job, but you used all the same tools as Kubo, thats why throughout story I felt like Im reading manga and thats not good at all, cause its your FF and you made really big changes to story I expected to see some AU in characters too.
8. Terrible, I don't see any point in them being there at all! Why in the world did you even create them?! You gave them SO MUCH SPOTLIGHT and they were practically useless, you kept true to canon until Toshi vs Aizen and then King, as it seems you could have done the same without them at all! You could at least saved Tia and Tousen with those OC, but no, they were ... useless ...
9. Roster is pretty decent, but not that I care much for it.
10. Thats easy, When Rangiku learns of Shiro's seal on island.

Well overal story is decent for FF, I liked first half, and hated middle part(canon) you did it horribly, new powerful Toshiro and 3 OCs just to repeat canon?! Thats retarded. Didn't care much for last part with King.
The greatest Flaws of the story are this:
1. NOT ENOUGH TOSHIRO! Holy cow, the story is about HIM, and you gave him 1\3 at best, it should be 2\3 at least, u gave freaking Alex almost as much spotlight thats just BAD.
2. There isn't any Romance, you said there is that genre here, but there isn't at all. HitsuMatsu happened just like that without ANY fluff or romance - hop and they are together, LOL?! How it happened?

I won't reccomend this story, its just barely passable to read, but not much to enjoy, the only reason I tried was because of HitsuMatsu and even that part was done bad.
Googlemo chapter 14 . 8/4/2013
I probably won't read flashback chapters, cause I don't really care about Alex.
I just wonder, why did you make Toushirou SO MUCH weaker than Alex? After freaking 40years! Alex defeats 3 opponents almost without zanpakuto, WTF?! And Shiro had to break the seal to barely defeat 1 hollow, who isn't even Vasto Lorde! I mean who is the main character in this story?! The more I read, the more it seems you are too fascinated with your OC, and thats really sucks.
Googlemo chapter 13 . 8/4/2013
Personally I thank you for HitsuMatsu, and fcking hate HitsuHina, cause Hina is retarded psycho. And HitsuKarin is WAY MORE stupid, I mean Hitsugaya is like 70 years old and Karin 10! Matsumoto is older by like 50 years but they lived together for 50, and done so much for each other, I mean thats the logical pairing, imho.
Googlemo chapter 11 . 8/4/2013
Ok, this chapter was really good, even though I hate cheesy talk in FIGHT, its too much anime-style, you could do that much better like he could tell others AFTER fight, or you could make people comment the fight, either way its still was good.
Googlemo chapter 8 . 8/4/2013
TOO FREAKING MUCH TIME for your OCs, seriously nobody gives a damn about them, and you make like half of text(or more) about them. The story is about Toushirou, right?!
Googlemo chapter 6 . 8/4/2013
well story got much better.
Googlemo chapter 3 . 8/4/2013
Ok, the idea of new quincy-alike is bad, and that guy died and REMEMBERS what he was is even worse, but whatever story so far seems pretty interesting.
Googlemo chapter 1 . 8/4/2013
Ok, the start is bad, Emo-toshiro with little to none time at the start of story about him... Some new super strong character... And retarded anime-style dialogue during fight... Hope it gets better...
Also, Toshiro doesn't look like he is 10 years old, more like he is 14 years old small guy, and Ichigo and Co look like 20years btw... but whatever...
d011 chapter 32 . 3/3/2013
I really like this story
1. Toshiro vs. Aizen
2. His Hell
3. 7 I would say Mayuri's death is the darkest
4. Nanao and Shunsui those two are hilarious
5. Gin's death
Ukitake's death
6. Ishida and Mayuri's fight
7. The characters are very well done
8. They fit in very well without causing an imbalance
9. I like Nelliel being a captain
I don't think Ishida would continue that fight with Mayuri though; after all he saved him from an organ crushing death by Szayel. I'd say they're even...more or less (but that's just my opinion)
10. Shinso's explanation...That was so sad...
Bloody-Rozez chapter 32 . 7/2/2012
I loved it!
ShadowAngelBeta chapter 32 . 1/8/2012
1. Toushiro vs. Aizen, I think Shiro vs. Ice Devil(His inner Hollow) would've been cooler though.

2. Last, I'm a sucker for happy endings.

3. 7 or 8 out of 10; the beginning, being suicidal is not a walk in the park to come out of.

4. Don't remember.

5. Ditto.

6. Rukia having bankai caught me a little by surprise, which is impressive because its almost impossible to surprise me.

7. When you take in to account their interaction with your OCs and subsequet changes they were actually pretty good.

8. ...I have honestly no idea how to answer this one, sorry.

9. Liked it, you especially got brownie points for getting Nel in there.

10. I did say above that I'm a sucker for appy endings.
dragonick711 chapter 32 . 8/28/2011
I think this is the best bleach story I've ever read. I usually don't like OCs but I would have read the story if it was just about them. Their pasts were very well thought of and they were very deep characters. Their powers may not have been completely original but the way you write them it completely gives them a life of their own. I also loved nemu's shikai it was awesome and all the bankai names and attacks were perfection and should be part of the series along with the OCs that would make bleach infinitely better.

vs alex toushirou vs aizen

chapter that revealed gin's true intentions


's grandmother's death

death of Isshin

7.I think the characters were very well portrayed

OCs were perfect they were powerful without making everyone else look incompetent

new roster was great and I'm glad you killed mayuri

final scene with the graduation

to sum it up this story was great and I can't wait for more house of winter
Prince of Winter Dragons chapter 32 . 8/24/2011
Hi CG,First off sorry It took me awhile to review,Second congratulations on finishing this was definitely one hell of a answer you questions,1. It would have to be either Tier vs Toushirou or Toushirou vs were awesome and well done, 's between The Shark and The Dragon,Convictions or the final chapter Resolutions,But all the chapter were very well had a good emotion,And depth to them.3.I can't say which scenes were necessarily the darkest,But when the story did get dark the level was 8.4 for me that Is. the comedy scenes were great. and Granny's death were the saddest for me,Granny"s funeral were a very bittersweet scene,Along with the manner which Momo passed very heartbreaking. number of characters you killed of,And the new generation of Captains and cool choices.7.I would say that you portrayed Kubo's characters pretty well,However I feel at some times were a little out of character like Hitsugaya,Unohana.I feel you made Restsu a little to dark and did focus on her sweetness ,But you did give her a very interesting with Toushirou I feel you made a little to emotional and overly cold to Momo,And his very very strong dislike of the you still portrayed the both fairly well.I somewhat get the reason you wrote them like that. Ocs fit very well,Yumei was my new roster of the Gotei 13 Is amazing,I loved all your choices. most heartwarming was seeing the children of Toushirou,Rangiku,Ichigo,Rukia,Alex,Restu,Byakuya,Yumiei and Shunshi and Nanao.I really love how some are named after the fallen ones In battle.I also didn't see Orihime losing here powers but she was very brave.I also did Uryu and Nemu get together?,Is so great job with that move.I like him more with Orihime,But I like him with Nemu job with there battle with Mayrui.I must say you left me wanting more of this awesome fic,But this was a very lovely ending to a epic story.I really happy got to finish It,I truly look foreword to see more of your work,Specially of the Bleach kind.I also look foreword to your own personal story finish to a great story I like how you add there new look In the actual series,Awesome.I also can't wait to see the next installment to Winter,Once again congrats on finishing PEACE AND LOVE.
Furionknight chapter 32 . 8/22/2011
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