Reviews for Upper East Side Story
Everso chapter 22 . 12/19/2010
this is so good! i cant wait to read more, it's fantastic! ireally like your portrayal of Bella, i find her strong but sweet and i think the story is developing realisticaly-

keep up the good work and please update soon!


juicybitkathy chapter 22 . 12/17/2010
10 months since ur last update!
jlm8808 chapter 22 . 12/11/2010
This is such a great story so far! I can't wait to see what happens next! :)
CrescentMoon12 chapter 22 . 11/26/2010
This is amaaazing!...One of the most hooking stories I've ever read. Just grabs you and pulls you in!

Please update soon!

Ishani xo
summerof17 chapter 22 . 11/18/2010
wow. this story is amazing. its just awesome. i love the characters! your writing is superb :)
quoideneufj chapter 22 . 11/14/2010
This story's beauthiful. I like the style with which you wrote it - very fluid, easy and natural. Write wen you can, but please write and if at all possible, please share with us. Take care.
mommymac0508 chapter 22 . 11/13/2010
Hello I am new to your story and I love it I hope

You finish it update soon please
Naynee chapter 9 . 11/7/2010
I'm trying to read this story slowly since you have not updated for a long time. I'm loving this story and I've read many fanfic story. I like the pace of the story and your writing style.
fangfan21 chapter 22 . 11/2/2010
Hey there, are you going to continue this? Its awesome. I can't wait for more. Please update
leah-cupcake chapter 22 . 11/1/2010
I am really enjoying this story! I think it is really well written (even the angst!) and you have nothing to worry about! My stomach was in knots reading the chapter or two after the cliffie with Tanya. I really like your writting style, its a little different, but its not wayyy out there! I think the plot of this story is cute, and unique. The characters are really well written, believable and makes you want to cheer for them!

I see that this hasnt been updated in months, which makes me a little worried, but from your author's notes, it seems that long time between updates isnt unusual, so hopefully that means it should be updated pretty soon? Haha!

tff000 chapter 22 . 10/30/2010
great story. will you be updating soon?
eviiz chapter 22 . 10/28/2010
i love this story, i think had a very original plot! please tell me you dont leave this story! writte soon, i wanna read more. Receive hi's from mexico! you have now a mexican fan!
JEC2009 chapter 14 . 10/23/2010
Please, please, write more! This is my favorite story among hundreds! I will do anything, can I bribe you? :)
Just4ALE chapter 22 . 10/22/2010
I really miss this story. I was rereading it tonight. I hope one day you have time to come back to it.

Thx, ALE
Snaps4Prongs chapter 1 . 10/14/2010
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