Reviews for Guarding Edward
Guest chapter 3 . 10/26
You got it wrong it’s not Il tuo cantente it’s La tua cantente
Guest chapter 31 . 9/4
Yours is the first twilight fanfic that has me laughing the whole time
Tan R chapter 16 . 6/4
For vampires they're pretty shit at this job, aren't they?
EdwardCullengf chapter 50 . 5/4
Great story.
twiclare chapter 50 . 4/28
Great bonus chapter!
twiclare chapter 49 . 4/28
What an ending, powerful and poignant! I've loved the story, thank you for sharing it.
twiclare chapter 48 . 4/28
I love their big extended family!
twiclare chapter 47 . 4/28
Tessa was a little crazy!
I like Jacob and Vee!
twiclare chapter 45 . 4/28
I had a feeling...!
twiclare chapter 43 . 4/27
Carlisle put a lot of thought and effort into the plan to desensitise Edward, I'm glad it worked so well!
twiclare chapter 42 . 4/27
I absolutely love your Emmett!
twiclare chapter 41 . 4/27
It's nice to see Rosalie enjoying life so much!
twiclare chapter 40 . 4/27
It's so good for Alice to know that she was loved and remembered. I wonder if Vanessa will meet a certain alpha!
twiclare chapter 39 . 4/27
Edward is truly at peace with his decision to be changed. He seems to love his new life. The Tribe is actually taking the time to get to know them as individuals.
twiclare chapter 38 . 4/27
I'm glad they dealt with them so efficiently! It's nice to see such a positive relationship with the pack, especially young Seth!
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