Reviews for Carlos Wrzniewski vs the Walking Dead, Part 2
David N. Brown chapter 1 . 2/1/2009
Thanks for a good review. I assume "GOD" is supposed to be "GOOD". I appreciate the remarks on setting. I don't really know much about Australia, but can relate it to my own home territory in AZ, USA. (Adoni, for example, is modeled after a native American "tracker" that a family member met and described to me.) I don't think of the choice of a desert setting as at all unusual for horror, but I suppose it is pretty distinctive for the zombie subgenre. A comment as explanation: I actually rejected the idea of the "zombie" animals coming back to life, except for the thylacine. The idea I settled on (paralleling Max Brooks) is that most "infected" animals would spread the plague while remaining alive.
James chapter 4 . 2/1/2009
It's GOD. Different from normal zombie stories.. where only the humans die & come alive. && the fact that it's in australia, usually it's in a crowded place/country like england, USA, New york etc.. Overall, It's great.

Carry on! I'll be back to check the new chapters out. :D