Reviews for Nights of Insomnia
ArielSakura chapter 3 . 4/24
Loved this, so cute :)
FlowersBite chapter 3 . 3/29
That was different from the slash pairings I usually read however I enjoyed it.
Kisaki Sakura chapter 3 . 6/6/2016
Well, I liked the first... but Dean kind of really got possessive and rude in that last part. That is so not like him
Guest chapter 3 . 4/17/2016
Elfin69 chapter 3 . 1/9/2016
Guess that answered all their questions and let Harry know that Dean really did love him.
Elfin69 chapter 2 . 1/9/2016
At least Dean made Ron leave Harry alone and let him get more sleep.
Elfin69 chapter 1 . 1/9/2016
Wonder how Ron and Hermione along with the others will react when they find out about them together
JBubbles chapter 3 . 8/27/2015
This was awesome! Loved the pace of their relationship and how you described Dean! :)
adafrog chapter 3 . 8/22/2015
Lovely, thanks.
Lunatic Yaoi Fangirl chapter 3 . 7/19/2015
This story was beyond fantastic! I am incapable of expressing just how amazing this story is, but I hope my adoration for this story is received. :)

First off, the plot: while the plot did move swiftly, I personally felt it fit the development of the relationship between Dean and Harry; I especially loved how the relationship started off as a seemingly physical romance and blossomed into something more of a mental romance.

Secondly, the sincere and heartfelt love Dean has and has had for Harry for two years: not only was it emotionally true and beautifully crafted, but it also was realistic in its nature-a one sided love, and a love that cannot be explained (hence Dean saying he didn't have a reason for his love for Harry, Dean just loved Harry-plain and simple).

Finally, the sexy scenes: heart-racing, arousing, and elegantly written. Nothing more to say, my dear.

To conclude my review: a well-developed plot, a realistic and breathtaking love, a possessive Dean (something I found myself enjoying and appreciating greatly), wonderfully written lemon scenes, and the accomplishment of attaining a new Darry (Dean/Harry) lover...I think it's safe to say that the word "perfect" just has found its new synonym-in the name of "Nights of Insomnia".

Stay perfect,
Lunatic Yaoi Fangirl
Cordelia Chaos chapter 3 . 7/3/2015
Finally a good slash story where Harry is bottom and he doesn't act like the girliest man on Earth. Thank you for not going with the stereotypical scenario.
zorra101 chapter 3 . 6/23/2015
Great story, are you going to continue it?
Stasia Ravenclaw chapter 3 . 2/28/2015
tat5934 chapter 3 . 1/1/2015
I think it's the first Harry/Dean that I have ever read and I liked it a lot!
Momma Lici chapter 3 . 12/15/2014
Finally got around to reading this. I am very happy I did because, oh my, plot bunnies, they LIVE! *evil laugh* XD
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