Reviews for Lay of Mordred
someone chapter 3 . 7/22/2013
beautifully done!
Angry Santo chapter 3 . 9/21/2011
Interesting story. The only things I would say is that Her strength should be B. Her mana A to S and her magic resistance A-

A strength of EX means she can pick up a sky scraper and fling it like a javelin. So that would be a tad too much eh? :) A strength of B coupled with Manaburst would make her a fighter on par with Arturia, and since they killed each other this would likely be what you were aiming for right?

Magic resistance EX would mean that there is no magic that could touch her. Making her immune to the magical equivalent of a TMW (Thermonuclear Warhead). Sabers do have excellent magic resistance. Reflected in a stat of A to A.

Mana EX would mean that she is a self sufficient servant. Meaning that once summoned she would not need neither the holy grail, nor an anchor to remain in the world. At most for being a homunculus she would have an S rank.

Overall great story, most are willing to hate Mordred without taking into account his (or in this case her) circumstances. Good read.
shadowzerover5 chapter 3 . 3/12/2009
This is a very interesting story and Morana is interesting. However, EX is just way out there even with homunculus strength an EX rank in that category would place her stronger in strength than the Berserker it also means she can lift buildings and throw like javelins.

An example would be Enuma Elish an EX rank Noble Phantasm that has the power to fight the entire world if Gilgamesh wishes it that is the kind of power EX rank means...

An EX rank magical resistance would also place her body along the ranks of Avalon which is an EX rank Noble Phantasm. Avalon is impenetrable that would make Morana a broken character even if her Noble Phantasm aren't.
captor2000 chapter 3 . 1/30/2009
May I be the first one to congratulate on your effort, this is the first story I read that say's more about the knight mordred. (I was wondering how long it would take untill someone actualy did it.)

The whole mother-father-daughter bound catched my interest, it didn't show them as cold evil murderers but more like a envious struggle between familie and country.

I like your idea on her appearance (a mix of black saber and the typical homunculus red eye color)

your input on the noble phantasms is splendidy done. (rather than going for mordred's historical blade 'the Clarent'(sword of peace))

As for her abilities, you should be warry when you choose to level something up as 'EX'. 'EX' here means that 'it's' way out of value, it can't be measured. Surely homunculi have a much more powerfull magic cirquit than normal mages, but it still can be measured, so 'EX' isn't right here.