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111 chapter 18 . 4/2/2016
Cool please continue to be honest I kept waiting for the next chapter so please update soon!
Marie Brookes chapter 18 . 12/29/2011
Yay i hit the 80th review mark - ahehe...its funny how inita's review replies are so long XDD i'm not trying to be offending but it's just funny she types up such long reviews XDD

well i'd like to say that i have read all the chapters and i have a few words that some it up:

It is by far the best fanfic in the entire archive! D if Inita's Blaze in the Labyrinth was still here, then they'd be tied but besides that this is so awesomely amazing - don't know if... "awesomely" is a word but who cares? D

i love the Kluke x Jiro and i have to make the review hsort because Im supposed to be in bed . but what episodes does Bouquet call Jiro "Jiro sensei"? I need to rewatch the anime... or were you just talking about the english and Japanese version of your story? er I mean the voices? You know cause when you read you can sometimes here the character voices in your head... ah never mind -'

Update soon Yamadori! D

You and inita are like, the best writers in thsi whole archive -

TheSecondQuincy chapter 18 . 11/11/2011
O.O Oh. My. Snickerdoodle. This is...


You have to be my favorite author so far on FanFiction. You play all of the characters really well, and it makes for a excellent read. Sadly looks like you haven't updated in a long time. PLEASEEEEEE add more! I was just about to click the next button, but all I clicked was air :/ so PLEASE add more to this story! A TRUCKLOAD OF COOKIES FOR YOU!

Shu: Can I have a cookie?

Me: No.

Jiro: Could I have a cookie?

Me: OF COURSE ( hands bucket of cookies)

Inita chapter 1 . 1/12/2011
This is sort of a response to your reply on this fanfic's chapter 16 (15 in chapter names).. the one that dealt with Coluti and when I asked if there were going to be anyting dealing with Frado and Jiro... but,

I thought of something. You know how the Aurora Ruins are located near Noluta Village? So I was thinking, maybe there, in Noluta, you could bring in Torippo. Aurora droplets were first found in that village if my memory's correct.

The problem is, why they would go there in the first place... Mmm... maybe something on the Mechat radar could draw their attention to Noluta. Possible, endless outbreaks of snow storms? Maybe there they could meet Torippo and he's in search for another droplet (because that was where the first on in the game was found) and so he's searching Noluta. After all, if the characters from Plus will appear, I think that may be a good place to throw him in ;) It's up to you, really, but see what you think about this idea.
Pheeja chapter 18 . 12/30/2010
i luv this story! plz update soon:D

i cant wait! its tooo good!
eclair chapter 18 . 10/26/2010
i think Shu x Zola would be a nice pair
kitty67 chapter 1 . 8/12/2010
its gr8 but plz plz update soon okay
Inita chapter 18 . 6/3/2010
Sorry if I couldn't reply to everything. I ran out of characters so I had to retype this. I'll just reply to a few things and that's all.

(*nods*) It’s true though; a lot of people who had really good stories just stopped writing in the year of 2007 (possibly less). So if you ask me, when it comes to updating stories, you’re pretty quick. :) Yeah, review replies are an easy way to thank reviewers. Oh really? They have a button for it now? Cool, I'll have to look around for it. Yeah I know, isn't it great! I'm so glad it's out! Now if I can just get my friends into it... well one's getting there. Though she's leaning towards Shu/Kluke rather than Jiro/Kluke. I mean, it's great she's looking at another pairing and all, but I tried showing her a few Jiro and Kluke moments and it didn't work out as well. (*shrugs*) I can't really change opinions on pairings, so I should just put that aside for now. I hope you get it soon. :) This game is one heck of a ride. So many surprises both good and bad. I'd tell you some, but you don't want anything major spoiled. And once I start talking (in this case, typing) I can't stop. I will say though, the "flashbacks" (you know the small clip for each character with no audio?) on the official Ikai no Kyojuu site take place during the game. Sahlia's flashback and (I'm pretty sure) King Jibral's flashback I've come across already, but I'm hoping to find Jiro and Kluke's soon. :) (*sigh*) No, they switched to the anime cast. :( Don’t' worry; I was agonizing over that too. Actually, when making my character, I switched right over to the male and played his voice audio. To my astonishment, I didn't hear Jiro nor Shu's original voice in the mix. Well I know both Sahlia and Kluke are voiced by Kluke's anime voice actress (I would list names, but I don't want to break a rule). Shu's voiced by his anime voice actor not to mention they killed his game personality. He no longer says “I won’t give up” (maybe in the Japanese version he does) and he’s not as aggressive as he was in the first two games (Shu: What? I’m not aggressive!) (Right, you’re just naturally vicious when it comes to enemies. Sorry, I forgot.). I'm not sure who voices Jiro though. At times, he sounds like his original, but then it changes to someone I don't really recognize. King Jibral is voiced by the person who voices Conrad. At least I think... It's a bit unclear, but it's positive that it isn't the original. Zola... hmm... I don't really know who voices her. I can't figure her out. Just like Jiro, she leans towards the original, but some lines throw her off track. They pronounce a lot of words and names differently such as “Devee”, “Yasato”, and “Toripo”. I mean, we didn’t hear Toripo say any phrases, but when Akira Toriyama (forget what I said about “breaking a rule”) said the name “Toripo”, there’s a huge difference in the pronunciation compared to Awakened Shadow and the first game. Marumaro no longer says “Maro” (unless he’s fighting) and Marumira and Marutora don’t have names anymore. They’re titled as “Marumaro’s brother” and “Marumaro’s sister”. :( Shame that they just did that to them, really. I can’t find the rest of Marumaro’s siblings anywhere, so I guess it’s just the ones that fought alongside you in Plus. (Ah, speaking of Plus, I gotta review your Plus Adaption) Oh, this isn’t really “bad news” (compared to all the complaints I’ve typed so far), but you can unlock Bouquet’s hair style later on in the game. Just give the catalogue to the barber and you can walk around with Bouquet’s hairstyle. :) I thought that was pretty clever of them; to have a bit of Bouquet appear in the game.

The only ones I know who were involved was the artist (well I guess that’s obvious...) and I believe the composer was too. I don’t know if Sakaguchi was involved with the plot. I don’t think your Japanese is that bad. In fact, I think it’s pretty impressive. WindGoddess Rune told me that you were able to translate one of the new Ancients into our language. I believe his name was Ganda. Anyway, when I played the game, I found out that one of the Ancients really had the name Ganda. :) To translate something completely different in writing to Romajii (sorry if that’s spelt wrong) and then into our language is amazing. I wish I could do that... Also, Randel (the male protagonist I believe) was another name you translated. While looking up images of Awakened Shadow, I found a picture of the male protagonist with the name “Randel”. A few phrases you were able to translate such as “Kluke, do you like Shu?” made an appearance in a game. A few differences here and there, but you got the gist of it. :) (Marumaro: Maro thinks Inita’s a bit jealous of your Japanese.) (Marumaro!)

No, I don’t really like Andropov. I mean, I guess that was pretty cruel of me to type. (Andropov: You’re telling me.) In honesty, I’m starting to like him just a bit, but not much. I just don’t really like how they added in the “Andropov-plot-twist-bomb.” (I’ll try to find a shorter name for that. ;)) I judged him immediately when I found out he and Kluke had a little thing going on.

Kluke and Sahlia would make really great partners (in my opinion). Actually, whenever you’re finished with everything that’s been going on (I’m a bit busy too...), I’ve got a fanfic that has Kluke and Sahlia as the main characters. The love triangle between the two girls and Shu will pop up here and there, but concerning the situation and its significances, I toned the whole competition a bit. I’m rewriting it so hopefully characters will be more in character and I’ll improve (hopefully) on my imagery and grammar. Sorry; off topic and this is your fanfic so I should just be talking about BD Beyond rather than my fanfics.

Abraham seems like a cute kid. :) Same. I brought in a few OCs for this one fanfic, but their only there to make a love triangle between (for example) Shu and Bouquet or Jiro and Kluke. I try to keep them minor because in my opinion, it’s no fun reading a fic where it’s all about someone’s OC.

I do like Zola, but she’s not really a favorite. Probably my sixth favorite character. (King Jibral’s after, but that’s beside the point)

Sorry; I have to skip to the actual review.

Poor Kluke... :( Well for a somewhat bright note, I guess it’s nice to see some more Kluke and Zola friendship. Though I don’t really see how missing her is considered friendship, but... Minor Shu/Kluke here, but it’s a brotherly and sisterly part, so it’s pretty cute. :) (if only the relationship stayed like that in the future games.) Aw, King Jibral don’t blame yourself. Is it me, or is there some foreshadowing here? The part concerning King Jibral sort of gives me the impression of him receiving his Shadow soon... maybe that’s just me. Wait, wait, wait... “Jiro-sensei?” Well, now that I think about it, I could’ve sworn I heard Shu say “Jiro-kun” (in the Japanese version) after the scene where Shu saves Sahlia. (It’s pretty straightforward, so if you listen closely to Shu, you may hear him say it.) Either that or it was “ka”... I don’t know to be honest, but I swear I heard a “kun” at the end of Jiro’s name. Anyways, I think the new name for Jiro’s cute. :) Fits him, you know? Hey, who’s this person writing to Bouquet? Did we meet him already and I just forgot or is he (or she) knew? Oh, this one part right here:

“Shu lead the way...”

I think you mean “Shu led the way...”

Sorry I’m trying out as a Betareader so I’ll be pointing out any mistakes I find. (though I doubt I’ll find a lot of mistakes in your fanfics; you’re a good writer.)

Man Shu’s really in character. Even though they completely destroyed his personality in Awakened Shadow, I’ll still always like the “I won’t give up” Shu instead. I prefer the original, not the anime one. (shame they replaced the original actress; she was so good at voicing him.) Yeah Shu, you really should call Jiro that. :D It’s a cute name for him. (Jiro: Don’t get him started.) You could use the nickname for Jiro in your other fanfics such as “Questions”. I think it may fit in nicely. :) Though that’s just an idea. Ooh, someone’s jealous. ;) I wonder if Shu or any of the others can see that “odd energy” radiating from Kluke... I mean, it’s probably floating around her somewhere. (Kluke: What energy?) If only Bouquet was in the game... I did see a picture of her in a “game outfit” (the only way I could tell was by looking at her Shadow) on one of the Blue Dragon sites. I’m pretty sure you described her outfit in a fanfic that I read too. While I feel bad for Jiro, I also feel bad for Kluke. It’s sort of hard not to feel jealous when you see a girl talking to the guy you like. (not that I like anyone; I wouldn’t give away that much info about me.) Kolin seems like a nice place; nice enough to go exploring the game I mean. The bulletin board could’ve been used for quests in the first game. The talk between Jiro and Kluke reminds me of the moment in Lago Village. :) It’s cute and I’m always up for Jiro and Kluke moments. Oh... the whole fight between Jiro and Shu in Pachess Town took me off guard a bit. The argument shouldn’t have surprised me so much, but I didn’t like seeing them fight like that. (though I will say that the Japanese version made it a bit more... how should I put it... angry? No that doesn’t fit...) This doesn’t look good... my only guess is a rock fall will probably cave them in.

Well done yet again and do you mind telling me what episodes Bouquet calls Jiro “Jiro-sensei?” I haven’t completed the whole first season (mostly just bounce around here and there) and it doesn’t really help that Bouquet rarely talks to Jiro. I voted on the poll, and when I get the chance, I’ll read your other fanfics and review. Once again, I'm sorry I couldn't reply to everything in this review. If I get the chance, I'll reply to them on a different chapter.

~ Inita
OceanLeviathan chapter 18 . 6/3/2010
Gosh, I must apologise for not reviewing the last few chapters! DD:

Anyway, I have to say I'm getting more and more intrigued by this story as it goes deeper :3 the Jiro/Kluke moments were so lovely here *huge jiro/kluke fan* you've made me a very happy bunny, especially since j/k is in the minority these days D:

I liked how Bouquet calls Jiro 'sensei' I must listen out for that in tenkai next time ;D

I really hope Zola is okay, and that warning Jiro mentioned is really quite the conundrum...poor king jibral though, I loved how you wrote his anguish over the situation.

Keep on writing this wonderul story ;33 and I know how you feel about awakened shadow, the european release isn't until September! DD:
Wind Paradox chapter 18 . 5/30/2010
So, the gang are going to Nirvana? I got a bad feeling about this and all of us knows why. ;)

Dr. Tarkovsky, Vermillion and Furioso, of course. xD
whitewolf105 chapter 17 . 5/3/2010
-bows down before greatness- I love this chapter. I actually predicted that Shahlia would get Cat Genie. The fight between the tree was awesome. Poor Zola. I hope they get her back safe.
Inita chapter 17 . 3/25/2010
Hm, it's not that late. Some stories I've read haven't been updated since 2007. :) Oh, that's good. Thanks. I thought you may have been offended when I typed that out. I mean, review replies are the only way I can actually thank people for their reviews. Ah, no problem. :) I just got really excited when I heard that it was going to be released in May and I just had to tell someone. I would've told my friends, but they're not really huge fans of Blue Dragon. (actually, I think they only heard about it when I first told them the game's storymode) XD Yes... two more months. Let's see if I can survive. ;) I'll still be on the lookout for more Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow english news. Speaking of release date... did you hear that they have a demo out in english? I found it two days ago. They're telling you how the gameplay's going to be. Apparently you can go back and refight (is that even a word?) the bosses you've already defeated. Okay, I gotta stop talking about the demo or else that will be my review. XD

I'll be looking forward to the Jiro/Kluke moments in your Plus adaption. ;) I think the anime got to the creators heads. I mean, Kluke and Bouquet... there was a cat fight here and a cat fight there over Shu. Now that they decided to have Sahlia have a crush she's not afraid to show on Shu, they decided to make her and Kluke rivals. :( It's dissapointing... I thought the two would make really good friends (just like Jiro and Shu). Yeah, as much as you really don't want too, it is best to put in some Shu/Kluke and Sahlia/Shu/Kluke in the Plus adaption. I mean it was in the game (obviously), so we may as well have it appear in the adaption. Yeah Blue Dragon Plus really should've had Jiro/Kluke moments. It's just like Tenkai. They have so much chemistry in the first only for it to dissapear in the second game. It's actually cruel how they got all the Jiro/Kluke fans piped up only to let them down. XD I'm getting off track too...

Really? I thought you liked it in the anime. Maybe I'm getting mixed up... Yeah, it's pretty hard writing about them in Tenkai... I do have a Shu/Kluke one shot originally made for season 2, but the chemistry was so hard to write up that I just decided to base it off season 1. Same. I can get into Shu/Kluke moods as well. :) All in all though, I prefer Jiro/Kluke. I don't really like Andropov because I think he was just added to the Blue Dragon universe so they could get off of Shu/Kluke and Jiro/Kluke. (Andropov: Well that's rude.) (I'm only stating my honest opinion.) Apparently, they didn't seem good enough. XD They probably got tired of the "Shu/Kluke and Jiro/Kluke" war going on around the internet. Anyway, her and Shu seem to have a brother and sister relationship in the game more than they do in the anime. I mean, in the anime, they threw in a lot of chemistry (why do I feel like I just said that?) but I think half of it was to anger Bouquet and stir up their competition over Shu.

I know. :( I'm gonna miss the Blue Dragon series so much... but yeah, thanks to fanfiction, Blue Dragon should live on forever... Man that was corny... XD Hm? Nickname for Hironbu Sakaguchi or Ikai no Kyojuu? Sorry. I feel really dumb asking that. I should know. XD Yeah you noticed that too, huh? Bouquet in the anime and Sahlia in the game. Yeah the name sort of threw it all away as well as the writing style. You got a good point there. Nope. No one guessed. Other than you that is. Yeah they are fun to do. It's best when they actually read them though. There's this one fanfiction where half of the people don't even read the reply. (*shrugs*) Oh well. Not my problem really. Oh go ahead. I actually prefer Inita. The thing with Jiro za Kyuuketsuki is just because I decided to "test" something out. (right word? I dunno.) Seeing how Jiro's my favorite character (Jiro: Sadly might I add. Would've been better if it were Shu.) I decided to name my pen name Jiro za Kyuuketsuki (obviously) which apparently translates as Jiro the (*embarrased flush here*) Vampire. (Jiro: *bangs head off of wall*) Well he doesn't like it. Yeah my obsession with vampires (it's not because of the Twilight series, trust me) combined with the name of my favorite character sort of stuck. It won't be long before I change it back to Inita.

Wow that's a lot of text here. My review for the actual chapter may be a bit short, so sorry about that. I tend to rant on about things a bit too much. Now if I were able to PM, I wouldn't have to worry about characters... right? I don't know. It's been so long since I've PM'd.

Yes that did seem pretty Shu-like. :) (Jiro: It's not a word.) Oh, Jiro you know you've always had a tendancy to carry the world on your shoulders. ;D (Jiro: What? No I don't.) Exactly. As much as I love the love triangles and Jiro/Kluke moments, I also like seeing different characters interact. A lot of the characters seem to always be talking to Shu and they seem to avoid the other two. Oh that will be good. :) Can't wait to see his reaction when they meet up with Yasato. Heh... Pegasus hm? What would Shu say? (Shu: *narrows eyes* What do you mean "what would Shu say?") Oh, makes two of us then. Though instaed of Shu, it was Jiro. I thought his hair was black, but it turned out to be dark brown when he stepped into the sun. XD Oh, about that... I meant when Shu told Kluke... quote: "Yeah, love you too, Kluke." Sorry that's my fault for not being specific. Hmm... upcoming Jiro/Bouquet with Kluke getting jealous? That will be good. Though their "arguments" won't be as bad as they are in the anime so I'll be looking forward to that. No, no, don't worry about spoiling it for me. (either way, they were only minor, nothing huge, right?) I really like this story and if you want, you can tell me the whole thing. XD No I'm joking. Though thanks for letting me know what's coming up and who's joining the team. :)

Ah, once again, thanks for letting me do the review replies. :)

Alright on with the real review (sorry if it's short):

Okay, you really captured the emotion in this chapter. And Abraham sounds like a good character especially seeing how he's Sahlia's brother. It would've been nice if he were mentioned in the game. :) Oh, by the way, when Shu charged in like that, it was very in character. ;) When Shu saw his mother again, my eyes started to get heavy so either you did really well, or I'm just nearing that time of month again. XD No I think your writing is what set it off. _ Very well done. And when Jiro went to comfort him, that was sweet. Ahaha, there goes Shu again. "It's a cat" he says. Thought it was good when Sahlia corrects him saying it's a Cat Genie. Hm, hold on a sec... "Hey, Hironbu Sakaguchi! Why can't Kluke and Sahlia get along like this in the game?" If only. Like I said before, I thought Kluke and Sahlia would make great friends, but with all this Shu stuff it's an ongoing competition. Bouquet blushing? Kluke's not gonna like this... (Kluke: Like what?) (Nothing.) Ah Zola. :( I hope they find her soon. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter now. ;)

Very well done and no I'm not gonna throw things at you because Zola's gone missing. XD I'm not really a huge fan of her anyway, so... you have nothing to worry about. Update whenever you get the chance, alright?

~ Inita
Inita chapter 14 . 2/15/2010
Okay, I know I reviewed this chapter (quite a few times) but I just need to tell someone that Blue Dragon Ikai no Kyojuu is going to be relased this Spring on May 18th! :) That's what a few sites say though...others are saying it's going to be released sometime in August. I have to agree with the August release date because I guess they'd have the official site up in english. So far I can only find it in Japanese... Anyway, I just needed to tell someone. (would've been easier if I could PM) I had a hard time going to sleep because of this. XD
Inita chapter 15 . 1/23/2010
Okay, so I've managed to post a total of three reviews on this. I'm sorry if I'm annoying you. If I were allowed to PM...(Jiro: Get on with it...) I've noticed a bit of friendship between Shu and Coluti in this chapter. Will there be any of that similar friendship between Jiro and Frado (you know that kid from Noluta Village) in future chapters? Just wondering and I forgot to put it in my previous reviews.
Inita chapter 16 . 1/10/2010
I forgot something, the way you post review mind if I do it that way too? I've...(*guilty look*) actually been doing it for a while now. I'll be doing it even more (if it's okay) seeing how I'm not allowed to PM for a while. Sorry if you're a bit upset that I didn't ask for permission earlier.
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