Reviews for The Last Castellan
Guest chapter 3 . 1/22/2017
MissusPatches chapter 1 . 2/18/2011
I don't know if you check this account anymore, dear author, but I just wanted to publicly express my deep enjoyment of this fic. It was my sister who got me into Resident Evil (she's played the games) and Ramon Salazar instantly grabbed me as a possibly depth-ful character, so imagine my disappointment when I learned he had virtually no official backstory!

I mean, we DO get a sense of it, but still! Not nearly satisfying.

THIS fic though - WOW. So well written and carefully thought out and it MAKES *PERFECT* SENSE. I've read it to my sis several times since we found it and now we refer to Salazar's butler as Jacobs and stuff; it's like your fic has become our head-canon! Fics don't usually do that to us, it's weird, but awesome~ xD

There are so many little details and things I love about this, like the foreshadowing (even if we knew it'd happen, it was still cool) of Saddler not helping the baby raven that fell from the tree, the fact that Salazar brushes his fingers through his hair when he's nervous like his butler does (adorable! and we LOVE Jacobs btw! ), Salazar's constant worry about people under-estimating him and how he feels so excited and important when Saddler includes him in the church plans and takes him out! ANd Mendez lets him ride on his shoulders XD aww!

I found Salazar's characterization to be particularly terrific - he was brat-ish (of course) yet his childish behaviour and his self conscious quality made him sympathetic, and it was fascinating to see that he had oddly mature moments (like when Saddler came - well, before he was distracted by his dog, heh); it was cool to get a sense that this was influenced by loneliness and his parent's death without him being a whiny emo.

Oh man and Salazar's hesitation at the end! I dunno if you ever had plans to continue this, but what a PERFECT image to end it with - Salazar, nervous and conflicted (so human!), heading for that light at the end of the tunnel, but not quite making it... ugh, my sis and I cried a little, we felt so sorry for him! And now I got a little choked up typing it. Beautiful.

Another intense moment for me was when Saddler told Salazar about his family's supposed crimes against the cult - you write dialogue terrifically btw, you don't waste words or drag on at all! - and I just felt so BAD for Salazar. This little boy getting his mind blown with guilt, all shoved up on him at once... and imagining the look on his face when he stuttered to apologize just broke my heart a little. ;;

Before I forget, I gotta say, it was so cool to see Luis! His line about bat shit made me laugh - it was SO him! xD And the description of how he was dressed oddly to Salazar and then him cooking them a nice breakfast without shame~ Yup, your characterization was right on the money with him. x)

Man... I really could go ON about this fic, but I'll cut it short here to avoid using up much more of your time (if you're reading this, eheh).

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving us the Salazar backstory we craved; it feels like it's always been there exactly how you wrote it, like it's canon. I am seriously dumbstruck that this doesn't have more reviews, because this is the most SOLID back story for Salazar that I have ever read!

In fact, I'm considering putting it into comic form, so as to spread it around more. I really wanted to ask permission, but as I'm not sure if you'll ever read this, I might push on anyway and just link people back to this fic, giving you FULL credit for everything. This story DESERVES so much more publicity.

Thank you again for writing this gem of the RE ficdom! (:

And sorry for the long ramble-ly review, heh.
Sapphire The Legendary Child chapter 3 . 2/27/2010

That was really descriptive and amazing!

I certainly hope you continue this, its definitely got me eager to reading it more. I always loved Salazar's cuteness x3

Saddlers badassness D
shifura chapter 3 . 4/6/2009
I think that should make mroe story's involving Salazar...he's cute, so why the heck not?

Do continue with this, I like it quite much!