Reviews for Unforgettable Face
Haraku chapter 1 . 3/16/2013
I liked it! I'm a story writer too! I just prefer not to go on my file and read peoples stories. Anyway my fanfic name is haraku hearts! I just wanted to ask if you'd make a story with me! I like this one and maybe ine more chapter could be added! Maybe like a lemon. Or maybe just something even more romantic than a kiss. And the only flaw is that you are not using your fantasies. Make up some stuff along the way you need to show how you want it and how you'd picture it. Like here's An example this is in the middle of a story.

"Marta i told you i'm going with richter! You lied to me. You where the one eho put on that fake core! You tricked me. You were going to kill me to get ratatosk because you knew I was him. And to make me believe you even more you hypnotized tenebrae to go along with this!" Emil yelled. Marta's eyes teared. "Yes it's true but I have to kill richter for aqua's core! If we do it together then we'll stay together forever! I love you emil I do! she cried out. Emil turned away from her , his bangs covering his eyes. "I'm through playing puppet with you I'm leaving! Let's go tenebrae!" Emil said to the centurion as he followed emil. Juat as they where about to leave marta attacked emil , but his sword was already in his hand and behind his back to stop the attack. He looked back at her showing that he was in ratatosk mode. She jumped back in her fighting stance her floura blades spinning. "I'll kill you if i have to emil!" She said through her angry sobs. He smirked as he lunged at her. Before she could move his blade was through her roughly pulled it out. Her head shot then she fell on the ground. She looked up at the red eyed boy. "Emil... I'm sorry" She said softly tears streaming down her face. before her head hit the ground. She laid still and motionless. "I warned you" He said before walking looked back at the Unconcious still alive girl. " I'm sorry lady marta" he said before floating off to catch up with emil.

Just sayin all people who come across this. Don't bother trying to steal this reading it's mine and i already own it. Unless you are the reader you can not contact me about having this work. It's part of a completed story already so don't bother.
Unbidden-Angel chapter 1 . 6/27/2009
I really loved it!
Mishavonna Lovelace chapter 1 . 6/26/2009
Kyaa! I absolutely love EmilxRichter...and this was so sweet and sad. Oh, the angst of lost love...I positively adore it. And this was well written, you got nothing wrong. :)
Blackrose2005 chapter 1 . 2/1/2009
I really liked this oneshot.

It really did seem like Richter was the one who was thinking this, and it really flowed!

And the end.. U MADE ME SQUEE!

I didn't know that it would have a lil Richter/Emil romance... But it fitted in QUITE nicely~

I do hope that you make a few more like this! YOU. ARE. GOOD~

Kazegami-inkpot chapter 1 . 1/31/2009
Lmao, really? I gave you the starting point for this fanfic? I dont even remember! *tries to recall* I remember possibly...talking about a oneshot but I dont remember what I said hehe... But anyway, this was really cool! Damn it, you got me hooked on Emil Richter...just how got you into GuyxLuke, mwhaahaha! You know you liked that story! Lol, anyway, awesome story, really liked the feeling in it and Richter's thoughts about Emil, so cute!

Perhaps another oneshot when the inspiration hits? Yeah?

Your buddy, Kazey