Reviews for Shattered Glass
Guest chapter 48 . 8/27
This story is so captivating. I hoped Anakin and Padme would talk or have more than a moment. This angst is killing me. Can't wait for more
ambre chapter 48 . 8/26
I like this story! I'm so happy to read more!
DK Art chapter 48 . 8/26
Amazing chapter :D and little cute angel lives! Okay, when comes the next chapter? Uh, I need to know what will happen bethween Anakin and Padme :/
ILDV chapter 48 . 8/25
Very Good
Vivss chapter 48 . 8/25
Good chapter!
I am glad Leia could be saved, even though not completely healed. I wonder if in her Force healing process some of Anakin came back and some of his Darkness went away.
JourneyRocks13 chapter 48 . 8/25
Could Anakin be working with Qui-Gon to come back? Can he ever come all the way back? I think no
fleaz24 chapter 48 . 8/25
Wow two updates so quickly the readers don't deserve this. Anakin and Padme really need to talk I don't know if anything can be fixed between them. You're really piling on that delicious angst but I hope they work it out and have some semblance of a happy ending even if neither of them really deserve it at this point.
scottusa1 chapter 48 . 8/25
Good chapter.
Keep it up. Laters.
marthakun95 chapter 48 . 8/25
Oh man! For a moment there I thought Anakin was going to come back to the light side at last!
Le1a Naberr1e chapter 47 . 8/25
Evil clliffie. Barriss is the most valuable person in this chapter, in this story possibly. Poor Padme. The road to hell is surely paved with good intentions.
ILDV chapter 47 . 8/24
Very Good
RemiccoLim chapter 47 . 8/24
Cliff hanger! Great chapter but please update soon! :)
JourneyRocks13 chapter 47 . 8/24
Hmm... is it possible that the Jedi are not as true hearts as they seem? Who would have guessed?

But, as much as I wish that to be true, Vader is probably with then
Amortal chapter 47 . 8/24
Anakin and Padme are both so self destructive with their desires it makes it for an interesting read. I wonder what they will do next and what the consequences will be.
Vivss chapter 47 . 8/24
Hey great chapter!
Update soon! I am very curious to know where Leia is! Maybe they've taken her to a place where the Force is strong?
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