Reviews for Naruto the Angel of Death
reichertstephen chapter 17 . 10/13
Just a suggestion but if you could separate/delete the old story from the revision it would clear up a lot of confusion
Captain James H00K chapter 4 . 10/11
I have read the part for baking, frying, boiling, and stir frying Tora so many times my sides hurt! It's just that good! Good story so far by the way. (kakashi eye smile) :)
emmalilly21 chapter 8 . 10/8
Why wouldn't the marker be on all the allies so it knows not to hit? That would be SO much easier and more practical!
Artista the Psyco Ink Mistress chapter 8 . 10/5
this thought just went tru my head sakura could be the avatar. ...
Artista the Psyco Ink Mistress chapter 8 . 10/5
hahahahaha poor kashi sensei
Artista the Psyco Ink Mistress chapter 7 . 10/5
Artista the Psyco Ink Mistress chapter 6 . 10/5
soooo shokogeki no souma huh
Gold Testament chapter 14 . 10/4
And now Sasuke claims his divine instrument.
Gold Testament chapter 11 . 10/3
Yeah no more AnkoXSasuke. She's too good for him. She's better with Naruto, also~... I KNEW YOU WERE INCORPORATING SHOKUGEKI NO SOMA SINCE A FEW CHAPTERS AGO WHEN TSUNAMI CAUGHT NARUTO IN THE KITCHEN! You further proved it by calling the contest a shokugeki, and then, then... YOU USED RYO KUROKIBA'S CURRY DISH FROM THE AUTUMN ELECTION! I was actually expecting Naruto to bring out the aroma bombs of Soma or Akira, or their bear meat dishes. Still though when Sakura gets hit by the fire talisman test, have Sasuke throw Naruto at her. It would be funny.
Gold Testament chapter 10 . 10/3
Some guys would probably take one for the team and throw themselves at her.
Artista the Psyco Ink Mistress chapter 1 . 10/3
sanji too
Artista the Psyco Ink Mistress chapter 1 . 10/3
ahhhh I see what you did there my boi made it gaaaa zoro is awemazing
Gold Testament chapter 3 . 10/3
Now Naruto just needs to get 2 more swords, and then he can start learning Santoryu. Zoro's style.
Gold Testament chapter 1 . 10/3
Wait until people find out Iruka and Naruto broke the Hokage. Danzo would laugh at his rival's cluelessness.
Blurr chapter 16 . 9/25
I read the original a while ago and thought that it was fairley good, but this is AMAZING.
Please update soon. I have never read a fanfiction while it is being updated, I mostly just read stories that were last updated in 2010~2014.
This is awesome!
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