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AprilNichole chapter 43 . 6/1
I really love this story and can't wait for the rest of it. :)
BrittanysBee chapter 9 . 3/2
I've come back to this story on and off for a few years now. I can't wait to see it finished. I'm currently rereading it but I did skip to the top of the last chapter just to see if you were going to continue it and saw that you were. Keep up the amazing work :)
rissbenzo chapter 43 . 1/20
nice chapter
dvilleza chapter 43 . 1/19
Inwardly screaming incoherent happy noises at a happy ending... The fluffy fluff is fantastic, good read. Thank you!
Sogreat chapter 43 . 1/19
Oh my god an update! *shockedemojitimesinfinity! I loved reading about your Quil and Claire! Thanks so much for posting and please let us/me not wait so much for the end! Xx
YaleAceBella12 chapter 43 . 1/19
Please write more...
Guest chapter 42 . 12/17/2015
This story is disgusting! It's horrible how Claire treats her mom, who was only trying to protect her. She is right imprinting is horrible. It's basically childgrooming and her dad was ok with it. Just fucking disgraceful
twilight-et-the-vampire chapter 42 . 3/17/2015
h√Ęte de la suite
Lapushwolfpack chapter 42 . 2/14/2015
I loved the ending it made my heart swell up. Lol I love Quil and Claire
SapphireRoyal chapter 42 . 2/8/2015
First I want to say that I've been following your story from the beginning and I'm really happy that you're writing again!

I think the continuing story you have is good but this chapter felt very rushed and it seems like story is being told rather than shown.

I really appreciate your story and the fact that you are continuing it for your faithful readers :)
manda2784 chapter 42 . 2/6/2015
I've missed this story! Love the new chapter!
Baie Noire chapter 42 . 2/6/2015
Finally! And they lived happily ever after!
Debbie Hicks chapter 42 . 2/6/2015
Wedding Daze/Ritual
then The big Day I was Treated the Vulcan way I was Nervous very hungry on her big day it was a Formal affair I was dressed very funny in the Vulcan robes had my hair styled good grief I was getting cold feet Quil yes I Declare Koont'ut'so'lik to be my Adun my wife I then it was time he was standing tall but he was nervous then he calmly Suddenly Clanged the Gong he was wearing a Wig had glued pointed ears his eyebrows wre artistic slanted he shown no feelings at all her son was a Adult nice wig these robes are killing me Embry I hear the wedding party Man I See your bride nervous I am fine then it happened the Vulcans sighted my bride dressed in the fashing of Vulcan women her ears glued but pointed for our Tomorrows for our days to you my husband it shall be for our marriage in of Gol oh my god it's on their planet yes I shall take my choice This one the two Vulcan males horrified of her harsh but cold but Emotionless voice was my mate and Adun as a Vulcan woman that's her carried by Acolytes KROKYAH! Step forward both I moved very differently I was a Vulcan bride the First officer was Muscular madam he was very formal but Ceremonial it was the 24th Century Vulcan wedding That come ye from without change this is the Vulcan heart this is the Vulcan soul let Kail Farr unite this union of Claire and Quil these two will never apart never part never and away touching and touched t'll their katras be beyond lif or death it be eternal it happened the Newspaper rported a Vulcan wedding of us then it happened with each three with as all of them delivered to Italy I was Married to a Werewolf with them married years before were with Eight kids but it happened causing the Volturi to take action and ordering the Senior Volturi guard as very as all of them then all of the suden had as thre races with Child as all of their guests Killed with us both with them had us Ripped Apart but with as all of them suddenly causing us with as all to be burnt to death then took our own with as all of their Corpses but it happened after our mating causing the Women to go into labor then it was too late they all of them returned with as all struggling screaming squirming and wailing cursing and with as all of very as all of them suddenly releasing as all of much many more of them very as all of them suddenly went as all of very suddenly as all of the Sudden brutally killed as all of the Werewolves with as all of The Shifters and all of the sudden who had them Shot then all of the sudden as al of them had been Executed for crimes then they forbid us to have as very largest Pack had only Eight kids young but it was too late never had more kids but was no more as all of them caused us with as all of them be Carriers were infected too late but afterwards the very as all of the Prizes with Human blood and they destroyed with up/down Italians had no need of them suddenly Shattering but Exploding the bodies with Didyme into flames they were all of them Volturi members were Carnivorous ourselves were Immortal by choice declared a Battle Challenge after our deaths we never aged at all unable to have kids the kids wre teenagers by now formed it was a very much more largest pack in history had families and so forth them as all of new homes as all of them built but with them slipped outside but Crumbling but freed of the bodies vanished but we were the same as we were but it was too late a Ball of blood held but it was no it was a cursed Serum but they had kids with ourselves the Pack grown as very too largest but it happened Spread as all suddenly overrunning Forks who bit and suddenly gaing as whopping of members and all of it happened each three races with our selves Exploding from the holes but as very as all of them reappeared much many more Prizes as all of them overrunning Italy Shattering but Exploding as new members with as all of them too late the Volturi were Enraged had as all of them shot to death Again but it was no more of us with them but a Witness reported it's terrible they are Everywhere but they have Crashed while resting it is as all the bodies that they ended us/them forever but kept humans alive he was Cursed to phase and change looked young so do I but it was now a year later after our wedding/kids as all of them our tribe's elders died off we created a new race odf our own then Alice had this look oh my GOD! Humanity Are Enslaved by them forced to do work That's It BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! Suddenly Bella Cullen became a Warrior she led a double life then TRANSFORM! We unifcation were warriors forced to do battle the Volturi my turn Mother for our new race BAJOR CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! Herself was with ourselves with them Erupting but suddenly Exploding but Ascended as official guardians of Death with Sailor and planetary powers with the Knights followed us into death we were a Rebellion against them together we will FIGHT For Earth's future mess with us they are SUSHI! MARS FIRE IGNITE! JUPITER, I CALL A STORM TO STRIKE THEM DOWN SUPREME THUNDER BOLT! CRASH! MERCURY AQUA MIST FREEZE! VENUS WINK CHAIN SWORD! SMASH! URANUS WORLD SHAKING! NEPTUNE DEP SUBMERGE! SATURN GLAIVE REVOLUTION! PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM! The two yelled SILVERLIGHT MOONLIGHT CRYSTAL KISS! Then the Beyonds turn then roaring they all of them screamed but crumbled then it was no more of the Witnesses with him Then it happened as very as all immigrated to America to get help from us/them then it happened with child suddenly bit turned but Exploding with Pets as well with young but where are we into my thing safe from here that it happened lands taken away by them but it was no more cloned as all of Animals very as all but Escaped but it never returned to Vulcan each both races crashed it went BANG! With as all places lost forever suddenly gotten bound here went BLAST! Now on Vulcan we were Immortal but what this more on planets but it was no more of us/them but it happened a Side affect then it was gone but ourselves haunt the Earth never to rest at all but it's Changed at all with as all but cursed them to suffer in woe and then they were Destroyed but from them their children of Dracula.
margaretmarilynmorrison chapter 41 . 4/27/2014
oh no! please continue!
Tety Potter-Malfoy chapter 41 . 3/4/2014
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