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Guest chapter 25 . 7/23/2016
Why. Did. You. Stop ?...write more please...
Debbie Hicks chapter 25 . 6/21/2016
Wat Happening part 2.
I borrowed shears to m fit my wings and cutted very loudly to altr my style then with undershirts as ell well here goes nothing I fits Bella what are you suddenly the silver glop made my wings evolve then suddenly I suddenly crotch really low rumbling really alien but Extraterrestrial it cloaked itself flying like a Kryptonian native the Wings suddenly exploded but shattering this is the job FOR SUPERGIRL! Duck! Garrett sorry I am half-Human and Half-Kryptonian Mother's Krpytonian we hail a unstable planet core breaking and snapping rumbling we were survivors but I have to go safe Journeys I spoke in Eternian to movie galactic languages suddenly a rock crunch he screamed myself prepared to save him Kryptonian way but popped wITH BOTH THEN shattering PIERCEED! With them with b five then BLASTED! But with more than as all of then brought in here too late the Gold blood turned Green at death Msters she inhuman pierced will cross over as breed of fighter known as Shadowhunters it came to pass dead for good ten a more monstrous energy I AM PHOENIX! I risen using my mutant powers Ugh my head is a punding you saved me yes here is my word bond if you live within our seitch so be it by Shal'laud the Tyrant she heals alien yes my bood is what oh god niece crap turned Green at death we are Shadowhunter elders oh my god like her yes my blood is Green see we got wings too yes we are young ShadowhuntersMother she is in a Vulcan healing trance Crud we died we are Homo Sapins Superior in other words mutants hold on to heal Mother COSMIC MOON HEALING ACTIVATION! I Swirled a blinding alien energy like Eternal Sailor Moon's attack welding a tiere Thanks Mom from the four sacred hoy beats of fathhope friendship and goodwill I ask thee Suzaku god of the Universe of the Four Gods save us now DESCEND FROM THE HEAVENS ABOVE! Suddenly Edward's symbol flying prayed so they Ancient Chinses fasion myself entered a adulthood rite swirling aling energy formed a priestess robes was holy pure god untouched thrown the scroll in flames like Miaka Yuki waited then a hologram of a anime woman reappeared Isabella you are now priestess of Suzaku I freaked out Alice I a am a Priestess of Suzaku oh she what fainted it is a prophecy Sir! you are praying to her it is a legend Thanks Mom your wings now matured yes the news was out of a Priestess of Suzaku te Volturi heard of my planetary gift the bodies exploding! then too late gold blood drained but suddenly bitten freely the Pack uge muscular grown men forced to protect me with them now at death tree humanswill pass away with families friends and loved ones and tribe will resume t'll death Egads we three will live on forever t'll the 24th centuryRenee yes you hatched her from your chest yes I set my egg snapped a child Mother! great Deanna Troi voice oops ten popped feely then Snapped from life to death ofically thenlost te bodies as all of them more monstrously trbazilions or mazillions as all of them snapped outside then popped lost them again then too late dead drained but too late as all of them butcursed by te gods and goddesses officially the piercing then too late punished forced to ,live forever beyond our deaths award her the senior title as Archangel of death could touch myself rewarded as te Deity of atomtic waste fire strife and battle and Destruction I opened my own mot uth screamed a siren's howl of war te newspapers reported mutants myself was one of them Bella yes my name is Sammy Spier you saved him from death cool wings he was her nosy little brother tawny hair green eyes he was in the body of a seven year old Vulcan male was a kid enrolled um bad news the three are sick with elderly humans I will adopt your daughter via a Romulan ritual hold still Vadii niece thanks Ow! you branded me with your blood I am Adopted yes onto my own arm deepest the three will be different with as all of them be reincarnated they died had different eyed childen were with us BLASTING! Bursting freely but CRACKING! But SNAPPED! They wre wih child with dead pet deformed young then too late te drained of as all of blood very as as all bitting throught then EXPLODING! Then Cursed us/Supernatural beings to see a lot of changes but to see events unfolding ten too late popped outside were brought in here then unable tobe alive killed and murdering as all of tem drained bitten it was too late a lot of brand-newest guards then buried as all of kills with more poison that I became archangel of poison/death that too late te green grass tainted turned brown with death striking Didyme shredding as all telepathically nuking her completely with as all of kills tainted then too late the bodies as all of them but the bodies created nwest green grass was from our blood then too late it came too late te corpses's souls as all of reentry heavenpeacefuly with her soul his gardener reported she's dead killed but found bodies wax em in place of tem with as all f it tat they suffered ours never then were cursed but poppd freely as all of it blacked outside officallt torn from here with as all of them popped then punished us/supernatural] but taken as all of them te very eachboth halves with both my mother and adopted uncle found guilty of murder SLAINE TEM AS ALL With more then exploding! Then it really gone wrong very wrong it was venom into us orphans lost as all of more then myself could honor their katras were reincarnated en too late to avenge them so they to be a crimefighter to fight crime like Superman's Cousin te Cullens adpted us winged teenagers taught us to help others took the last names of Cullen mess with us you destroyed live what this underneath my clothes um I am Supergirl ten suddenly this time I am doing for real it's trouble this is the job for SUPERGIRL GIRL OF STEEL IS BORN! Flipped a strange alien symbol wa Flew had embraced my Kryptonian heiritage for good under a yellow sun made us strongest evolved but was powerful then all of the sudden my own eyes suddenly just sizzled and all of te sudden FIRED! With help of my own teammates destroyd as all of witnesses and scouts I felt a more monstrous the greatest but mightiest sneeze then blasted a real gust of air then one supernatural look up in the sky it's a bird a plane it's SUPERGIRL GIRL OF KRYPTON! then myself was a a Superheroine we were a superhero team with my other each both dressed in boots and a flying long blood red cape with a hard look on my face to fight crime Bella where's e wings cloaked good choice of logic I am not human but Kryptonian the newspapers of Supergirl fighting crime officially myself was the mild-mannered student Bella Cullen was Supergirl Girl of Steel all I need is a foe to fight Bella we have a coven Volturi bingo it clicked My foe was Jane Volturi now stronger but powerful she had a twin her brother uh-oh you are thinking weird me and my big fat Kryptonian mouth name Bree Tanner born a mutant I cause disease and sickness call me Infectious Lass I am toxic wiell welcome Infectious Lass me I cause fear and terror Stone Girl is my alias then suddenly Angela yowled herself had cat ears Nyu sorry I speak to animals I am the predator Catwoman holy smokes Angela born a mutant we are the first students so to speak then too late we BLASTED From ere wre more vanishing then too late You modeled from Power Rangers SPD Yes we wre a litter of mutated kittens Crap oh god I need a beer and women that he noticed her CLANG! Ow first a headquarters and a plane Momma mia Holy Cronus he's muscular what is that ulp three young men sweated beads of sweat it's Eath we are saved with more aboared that Vampires took from home but our things as all of it but it never returned then took animals pets later had young then were more merged to my new adopted planet Vulcan then right into here EXPLODING! Never there the bodies were more youth lost bodies ten with out of the womb hybrid children ten shattering then brought here then murdered but no longer Alive decree us/suprnatura/descendants extinct but it came too soon crashed that stranded oh no our pets are families ten Abby sneezed blew her nose swore in Yiddish quiet boy well how cute that was it they took over as all of it the solar system was annexed Ack! you jerk lost Earth to Vampires you punk ulp he was afraid of him.
animal lover13 chapter 25 . 3/20/2015
i love what you have written so far. i know its been a long time since you last updated, but i hope you're able to soon.

keep writing
nikolasowa chapter 25 . 7/31/2014
Someone chapter 25 . 6/21/2013
You have to update!
LoneVampWolf chapter 25 . 6/21/2013
You need to finish this! It's really good and I love how Bella can fly! This is one of the rare stories that gets my attention, so plzzzzz finish! :)
Nyx'sReincarnation chapter 25 . 6/28/2012
Loved the story! You should update it though.
I noticed something. I forget what it's called... You rite words that are words but they aren't the right words even though they're similar. For example, you write latter when you mean later and you write ally when you mean alley.
It seems like things happened a bit too fast. The chapters flow propperlly, but it always seems like Bella's always there at the right time to catch the action. Because of that, the story seems like it's going too fast.
"another" is a word, so you don't have to write "an other".
"Driveway" is also a word, so you don't have to write "drive way".
I noticed a lot of spelling mistakes. You should do spell check, and you should also read over the chapter. It's posted for the world to see, so you should do the best work you can do.
Other than that, loved the story!
Keep up the great work, and PLEASE UPDATE! :) (:
Tarah xXx
SHJE chapter 12 . 3/26/2012
You should finish
InuFan21497 chapter 1 . 11/30/2011
I would ever so please if you were to continue this story... LOL I can't even write it with a strait face! But please do continue this story.
Edward's spouse chapter 25 . 5/15/2011
excellent story. cannot wait for more.
KT9556 chapter 25 . 4/19/2011
OMG, love this story please continue with it. I need to know what happens!
twilightiskewl chapter 25 . 12/25/2010
i hate cliffys update REALLY soon!
Somebody chapter 25 . 9/12/2010
This is so awesome! keep on writing(!) it and i love to read new stories!
gr33t3 chapter 5 . 8/21/2010
my moms best fresnd had a bright blue Ford Focus. totally awsome car.

great story, I like it.
Amelia Jordan chapter 1 . 7/9/2010
Good story, a little convoluted though.
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