Reviews for Battered Hearts
KoldT chapter 17 . 1/26
Wickedly good story. Congratulations to you both.
Kira Potter Jackson chapter 17 . 11/4/2020
Good story.
The aura of mystery was what I liked the most.
Percy got what he deserved.
Kira Potter Jackson chapter 8 . 11/4/2020
I like this original story.
I hope Harry is a good teacher.
The red tendrils belong to Sasha Karkarov
tcl7189 chapter 17 . 10/4/2020
mogu73 chapter 5 . 9/2/2020
Nice "Love Actually" reference.
Clavyus chapter 17 . 8/15/2020
Beautiful tale, a little sad. Great read.
Jazzielady76 chapter 17 . 6/22/2020
Love it! Thank you for sharing!
Guest chapter 17 . 5/5/2019
Okay i did not expected this well it's a nice story, but with some problems.
-A lot of dialogue is cut off with no further info later, a bit of a shame.
-That molly would say something like that my god, and dumb ass potter listens.
-Weird that hermione doesn't notice a thing when harry has his shield up, cause she knows him well, and before she goes after him she reacts not like her self is this some of the brain damage she has sufferd she gives up pretty quick too?
-Little hints and things are said, but it weird so sudden they come intimate.
-h/hr is occ i reckon even if harry uses his shield, there is no reaction of mourn/guild/shame/angst on his/her part. Even with her oblivations parts shouldn't she scared of touch or intimate things? unless there never had any contact in all the years bit hard to believe never notice a thing etc..
no discussions what so ever you skip it all.

-sweet wedding i do hope they still make kids with each other.
katmom chapter 17 . 5/4/2018
Thanks for sharing with us. It was a great read.
ThunderSphinx chapter 17 . 1/10/2018
How come Harry is referred to as "Lord Black" and not "Lord Potter-Black?" J.K. Rowling said that the Potter Family is older than the Black Family. :)
ThunderSphinx chapter 1 . 1/10/2018
Hermione never changed her last name to "Weasley."
Right What Is Wrong chapter 17 . 1/6/2017
Dear fellow readers:

I know what you're thinking upon the initial few chapters. 'Oh, another super-abusive!Ron Harry/Hermione story.' Some of you will read it because of this. Others... will be heavily tempted to hit the back button.

I'll just say that it's not what you think. Can't say more because of massive spoilers, but... all is not as it initially appears. Jump ahead to the end of Chapter 3 if you have to. The true plot thread begins there.

This story deserves more reviews, and I think it hasn't gotten them because the initial chapters do too good a job of making it blend in with regular monstrous!Ron fics. The real plot is original (at least, I haven't seen it before) and worth a read.
Guest chapter 17 . 11/2/2016
Great story
LadyPhoenix68 chapter 17 . 10/9/2016
THank you for your dedication and respect to the work of someone else. This was a wonderful story and both of you did wonderfully.
Hobbyfarmer chapter 17 . 4/13/2015
Great story even though I thought you spent too much time on inuendo and lemon for the story. I am not opposed to lemon, I just thought it added nothing to this story.
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