Reviews for Reparations
Guest chapter 10 . 11/15
So this was amazing. I got your refrence to HIMYM (at least I hope it was). Seriously an amazing fic, good job! Also you're great anf fabulous okay bye
BewareOfFlyingMonkeys chapter 10 . 11/8
You're amazing
This story was brilliant. I'm speechless
BewareOfFlyingMonkeys chapter 7 . 11/7
Major love for this chapter.
BewareOfFlyingMonkeys chapter 5 . 11/7
I love this story. You rock.
BewareOfFlyingMonkeys chapter 4 . 11/7
was intense
You are
BewareOfFlyingMonkeys chapter 1 . 11/7
Great start!
turbulenthandholding chapter 10 . 11/3
Love, love, love this story, so much! I keep forgetting to say in my reviews how much I enjoyed Harry's opinionated cupboard. I loved this last chapter and adored how Draco and Harry finally got together. This was such a great read and I enjoyed it so much! Thank you!
turbulenthandholding chapter 9 . 11/3
Aaahhh! This is suspenseful and delightful and wonderful. I love Draco's gradual thawing toward Harry and adore how Harry is putting the pieces together! Thank you so much!
turbulenthandholding chapter 8 . 11/3
Loved this chapter so much. Harry's last day was poignant, the additional kissing was amazing, and I loved his drunken dinner with Ron and Hermione. I love that Draco and Ginny are good enough friends that he can turn to her. So excited to read more! Thank you so much!
turbulenthandholding chapter 7 . 11/3
! The kissing! This chapter was awesome; thank you so much!
turbulenthandholding chapter 6 . 11/3
I adore so much about this chapter, how Harry sticks up for Draco so much and doesn't doubt him, how awesomely Harry runs things in Draco's absence, and the amazing scene at the canteen. Thank you so much! This was wonderful!
turbulenthandholding chapter 5 . 11/3
"Gay Crisis" had me chuckling. Thanks for another awesome chapter! It was fun to see Harry win their bet, and see Draco's potion research. I'm enjoying this story so much; thank you!
turbulenthandholding chapter 4 . 11/3
This chapter was awesome! I love that Harry and Draco were locked together in the closet, that they were able to learn so much about each other. And I loved Harry's conversation with Ginny as well. Thank you so much for an excellent chapter!
turbulenthandholding chapter 3 . 11/2
The push and pull of Draco and Harry's working relationship is fun to read and is brimming with chemistry. I'm intrigued by Draco's back story as well. Thank you so much!
turbulenthandholding chapter 2 . 11/2
Thanks for another great chapter! I adore Draco and Harry's banter here and am so curious about what's up with Ginny. Thanks so much!
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