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Shade Of Red chapter 27 . 11/15/2010
This story is amazing!..really, really enjoying it!

Can't wait for Ron's confession..hope you update soon.
rigal chapter 7 . 11/13/2010
WOW! I really am liking your story! I stumbled upon it a few hours ago and you have kept me glued to the screen if Im tired tomorrow its your fault :P Anyway I just want to congratulate, all the chapters have been spectacular, very refreshing, as Ive read very few stories about ron and what its like to be him. Most other authors focus on his less favourable traits, forgetting about everything else, and not cutting him any slack. When if you think about it, all the characters have had their less than proud moments, thats what makes the books so great. Almost every one has a redeeming quality, or as they say, no one considers themselves the villain.

Hehehe I can{t believe your other haha "fans" had to wait so long during the flasbacks chapters. It must have been horrible!

Anyway your doing a great job, keep it up. I{m going to keep reading :D
Appelsini Aurinko chapter 22 . 10/25/2010
Haha, I need to proofreader. I didn't even notice my iTouch autocorrecting Ron's name.

Anyway, only five chapters left to go! Was on the edge my seat with this one. I really really wanted Ro to confront Harry possessed by Voldemort. XD

Then when I read that all the horcruxes were in one spot - ahdfslkldk! I was totally chanting 'Take them, Ron! Take them! Yeeeee-aw, crap.' XD
WicKeDLana chapter 27 . 10/25/2010
Awesome read, mate!

I've never read a story from Ron's perspective before, because I kinda doubted how good it would be. But If there are more of this quality then I better get searching, ne?

Looking forward to the next update!
Appelsini Aurinko chapter 3 . 10/24/2010
I've only just discovered your story, so I still have quite a bit to catch up on. Just wanted to say that the way you protray wrong is absolutely adorable. C:
tricolored chapter 27 . 10/18/2010
am i happy to have found this story! so many times i've read terrible portrayals of ron, but i think you've been really fair with his characterization. seems he always gets the short end of the stick for his shortcomings in the book, which is unfair - who's a perfect friend in real life? ron really helped harry become a regular kid in the books, after all. and it's interesting to see your take on "what could have been."

in the first couple chapters, i thought i wasn't going to like it and the memories really dragged, but i really like the current momentum of the story and am keeping an eye to see what happens next.

Marc C. K chapter 27 . 10/16/2010
Wen will you update again? I Love the story! :D

Please update ASAP
zsdvnn chapter 27 . 10/6/2010
Great chapter, took me a while to find time to read this, but I really enjoyed it. This story is very captivating, and is actually the only HP fanfiction I still follow (other then your other works). Once again, keep up the extremely fantastic work.

PS: Ever since starting this Hermione/Ron has surpassed Ginny/Harry as my favorite pairing. Darn your writing skills!
Tamira chapter 27 . 9/30/2010
I actually like that chapter.

I also like Hermione's father. - Protective he might be, but he is intelligent enough to know that oyu can not hold back teenagers from getting into relationships and ding their own things... Not evne from making mistakes (wich is good, as long as the mistakes don't ruin oyur life they can be good learning experiences). - A parent that takes the to-be boyfriend aside like this would be unknown for me in personal experience and from anything I know aobut my friends from when I was a teenager, and i wonder if it is more an american thing, though...

Good Hermione and her family are save!

Now Ron will tell her where he is from? - I wonder how THAT will go. - She might take it well or very bad. - I think she will accept him, but I worry that she feels he only sees her as the replacement for his worlds Hermione and get's upset about that.

I understand why the order would not tell Ron every detail of what is going on. - He IS just a teenager. - Sure, a teenager on a dangerous mission, but theym ight feel he should not have to think about all those dangerous things as he actually can only help with that one thing, his mission.

There is also the fact that Mr. and Mrs Weasley are probably in that order meeting, too and that owuld have been VERY unconfortable for all three of them if Ron was there...

Realy, that capter was nice!
Tamira chapter 26 . 9/30/2010
It's good to see that some of Ron's family are still seeing him as family... All right, all right, so they are the other Ron's family but they obviousely managed to accept him... Not sure if Charlie's ida of a second chance is that healthy for him but it makes Ron's life easier at least. - And the twins and Ginny had time to learn to accept him, wich Mrs Weasley did not have... Still, forbidding the others to feed Ron? - Mourning or not, that barely sounds like Molly Weasley!

Charlie and Tonks? - hey, that is one of my favourtie couples! I also like Remus and Tonks, but I am pretty sure Charlie and Tonks would work, too. :)

Nice chapter. - I wanted to write the review already yesterday e vening, but FF-Net was acting up.
Tamira chapter 25 . 9/30/2010
I think that both Molly and Arthur have points. - It is not Ron's fault he is stranded in their world and he can not help it and people should treat him as normal as they can manage... But the Weasleys have to pretend NOT to be mourning and that has to be horribbly hard! - and now this doppleganger is there...

And realy, Dumbledore had Dung guard other-world Ron? - Well, he gave him guard duty on canon in the canon world, so I guess it makes sense. But it realy makes me mad, at Dumbledore for trusting Dung to much, at Dung for running away or not watching right... *sigh*

Sirius and Remus! - Uhm, I think they won't be the most happy people evne after the full moon, Sirius did need Harry and the Harry he does have in this universe is not the Harry he had imagined...

Hermione broke up with Victro Krum? Good for her. - I do not agree with Mr Granger's comments about Victor being a pedophile, though.

a) He is not full five years older

b) Hermione is a teenager not a child

If point one counts is not sure, depends if you see Victor as still an adolecent or not, but point two does count! Pedophily is not the attraction to teenagers, that has it's own term!

But fathers worry... at least most fathers...
Tamira chapter 24 . 9/30/2010
I actually could not remeber the chapters I reviewed today... It is as if I never reead them... I could remeber the chapter I had allready reviewed, last chapter, that is, but not the three or four chapters before it... And I wonder why I never realized when reading it first timethat there was a HOLE in what i know aobut this story...

Well, at least Ron and Hermione are all right. - I worry for Dumbledore's job though, as Umbridge is realy, realy mad now.

There also is the problem that there soon might be a degree allowing Umbridge to expell students and if that is so even the smallest thing Ron does wrong would get him expelled... let's hope it won't come to THAT degree!

I love Luna, even if this Hermione is put out even more with her than canon-world Hermione.

A world where Hermione never started S.P.E.W. - That's WEIRD!

Hermione and Victor's relationship is not healthy.. .I mean, Victor should find a girl who WANTS to stay at home if he wants that sort of future. - But best he whould realize that no girl he has a relationship with is his property... I think he is not realy a bad guy, but he needs to realize this!

And Hermione does not realy love him and I think she will break up with him in time... She might even be falling for Ron and all... The near kiss sounds like that.

But I am not sure Hermione and Ron becoming a pair is such a good thing. Ron will have to go home in the end, his world needs him, too... But the way he get's closer and closer to Hermione: How will she cope if he goes? It's all so horrible messed up!

And the Horcruxes are destroyed, too... what to make of THAT?
Tamira chapter 22 . 9/29/2010
Ron found the Horcruxes! - And the walking Horcrux found Ron... oops...

Why do they all look dented and such? Did Horcrux-Harry destroy them allready? Is it enough for Voldemort to have only Harry? I would not think so...

I just hope Ron will get out of THIS with the items he has... and of course without getting killed.

Clever Hermione, she found out about the rooster, good girl! *snickers* Chicken Spell, that is so Ron!

God Ron told Hermione at least as much of the truth as he felt he could. - Yes, Dumbledore can make mistakes, he has shown so in the past. - I am not sure if not telling Hermione is a mistake or not, though... It could come out both ways.

Good for Ron to break Draco's nose, even if he got a very long detention for that! - It at least finally landed Hermione and Ron in the territory of "best friends" in this universe, too.

You certaintly deserved a nomination for this story... I wonder if it won the prize!

Bye, Tam
Tamira chapter 21 . 9/29/2010
*sigh* Hermione is to clever for her own good. - She now knows what Ron is going to do, but not realy why or anything, because dimension travel and weird prophecies might be even to far fetched for her. - And as she does not know all the background: How will she react? - Worriedly, in a talk-with-the-teachers-way? Helpful in finding ways to go after the basilisk? Holding Ron back?

I don't know...

I do wonder, though, why Ron does not just get a rooster and takes it with him in the chamber "the cry of a rooster kills it." - Would take care of the big evil snake pretty easily.

Ha, McLaggen had it coming to be kicked out of the team! - And Ginny is far better, anyway. And a far better team player!

Aww, Hagrid... I can't imagine that he went from all nice to grumpy just because Harry became Slytherin, but I am pretty sure some other things happend, too, it was just the beginning... I feel bad for him and wished he would snap out of it, happy, nice Hagrid should not change bitter, resentful and grumpy! At least he is otherwise all right, it seems it was only the whole Grawp-situation holding him back... and Ron would have known that Hagrid was in Azkaban, come to think of it, he has all the other-Ron's memorys...

Great chapter!
Tamira chapter 20 . 9/29/2010

sorry I did not review for so long... Anyway, here is a new review, the others will come in a few hours...

Oh my poor Ron! - It was NOT realy his fault they lost, sure he contributed to it, but if Cormac McLaggen had done his job instead of being an arxse they could have had a chance! Ron at least actually TRIED to do his job, he was just horribly nervous... Wich is not what is needed in a game like that, but it is understnadable, acting like McLaggen did is NOT understandable, in team sport you are supposed to be a team, after all and to help each other or at least not hinder the job of one person...

Victor told Hrermione not to asocciate with Ron? - Uhm, Victor, that is NOT a good thing to say, telling her you are worried and do not trust the other boy is one thing, telling her who she is allowed to acosiate with is a completely different thing... And Hermione, who never had many friends, who always followed the rules and who for the first time in her live has a boy-friend went with his wishes for so long... I think I owuld have reacted more like Ginny, at least when it came to the speach.

Good Hermione now talks with Ron again. - It is just, is she falling for him? - that would be sad for her, becausei n the end Ron has to go back in his world, his Harry and Hermione need him, his family needs him... The people of the world he is in are very similar to the people in his home world, but they are still not the people he knows, exspecially those he had certain experiences with, the ones in this world here just don't share them.

Hagrid? - Please don't tell me he is in Azkaban. - I just can see that happening in this other world, if some htings happend similarily and others different... :(

Luna is sweet, I have to say I am happy every time she turns up. - and the giant chocolate cake was just great!

Great chapter! :)
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