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Sharksbean chapter 16 . 5/1/2010
great story and chapter so far. the one correction i have for you is that they pronunced canopic jars not caponis, but aside from that eveything is as usual great writing cap (better known as the best kp fan fic writer ive seen on the this site.)
CaptProd chapter 28 . 2/7/2010
Great Story Captain. Looking forward to your next one. Keep up the great work. That includes the pic's that you sometimes make along with the story. I am also glad that you are keeping the type of story that I also enjoyed from Commander Argus. God rest his soul. I enjoyed your dedication to him in the last chapter.

You really know how to capture the essence of Kim and Ron while still keeping it all fresh and exiciting.
The defenastrator chapter 27 . 1/21/2010
I see the random dance scene as weird and totally pointless. All it does is prolong a story you really already finished. I must question why you didn't make the epilogue and because I'm bound by rules 27 & 28 your sexual preference and gender.
The defenastrator chapter 19 . 1/17/2010
As a note all trashing I do is intended as constructive criticism if your even getting a review from me your story is of decent quality.

Have you ever been to college? cause i have to wonder. namely because you mention a RETEST in COLLEGE. As far as I'm aware (and I've taken enough classes at the local university to be considered a sophomore when I start full time after high school.) an entire class bombs a test and there is no retest they simply do a little something called curving the grades. I've had curves in the realm of 40 points (meaning a 60 is an A) but never a retest ever.

Also it has come to my attention that you often have sentences that in context do not make sense because they are missing words or the sentence was started one way and finished a different way. These errors although understandable (because you mind knows what you meant to say so that's what you see) cause the reader to have to stop and figure out what you meant to say. This causes (at least for me) them to have to reread paragraphs multiple times and suubtracts from the effect of the story. I strongly advise that you have 1 or more 3rd parties read your work over before you post (try finding a beta reader or 2) If you would like I can try to do a bit of editing on this work as I read an submit my changes to you. if this you would like this just say so in the reply to this review. All changes I will suggest will be to improve readability and coherency and would not change the story at all.
Ismail Saeed chapter 27 . 1/9/2010
Hi CaptainKodak1,

I've been meaning to write this review for School Days ever since Chapter 27 came out, before you gave Chapter 28 as an epilogue. I'm sorry I didn't get to it sooner and hope you do get a chance to read this.

First I want to apologize to you. The only times I previously reviewed this fic were times when I was hard on it, like when I got upset at the bit of tension with the argument Kim and Ron had over the project not being delivered by Ron and whatnot. However, only reviewing it when I had something to criticize was damning it with faint praise and/or only reviewing it to complain and not letting you know about the times I was enjoying it.

I think my big issue was that I wasn't responding well to the difficulties Kim and Ron were having. I was enjoying things when things were happy between them but I was letting the times they weren't affect me too much. The reasons for this don't need to be gone into here but let's just say I wasn't quite succeeding enough at compartmentalizing my own emotions from those that the story inspired at those times.

There is one odd thing I wanted to note, though, just because I've seen it in a previous story of yours. When the Possible family was dealing with damage control over the Celebrity Third Degree story where they had used Ron and Dr. Possible to get "the dirt," I found it a little too convenient that Child Services of Middleton gave the twins a clean bill of health or that the hospital conveniently excused the time Kim scrubbed in on an operation. It almost seems like they were "using" friends in high places to conveniently cover mistakes that they made or not being completely honest with the public by massaging their answers. Did Child Services of Middleton REALLY decide that the twins had never endangered anyone with their expirments and that their father was always there to supervise? I am skeptical. Maybe you intended this as all these parties telling the truth without being asked to cover for them by the Possible family, but it did seem a bit shady. It reminded me of your previous story, "It's an Olympic-Size Mission." The stuff about Kim and Ron "being alternates" and "not having gone there for possible mission reasons" sounded a little dishonest for them to not admit to, at least afterwards. I wasn't sure I was comfortable with it in that case, and this seemed like a repeat of that sort of incident.

I'm sorry - I seem to have gone on the complaining soapbox again. Let me step back from that. There was a LOT of sweetness and wonderful moments for Kim and Ron. I once said that Chapters 1-9 were fantastic (back when their argument/possible breakup had just come up)... they were fantastic, I meant it when I said that. Speaking of the fic as a whole, I saw so many wonderful moments - like Ron rescuing Kim at the sand dunes, the massaging to help her legs, the Juan/Amal joke (even though that was seriously set up), Kim and Ron at the talent show, Kim and Ron at homecoming and the wonderful intimacy after it, the student government success party, and on and on... I am trying to, in a paragraph, sum up just how much I really did like the rest of the fic when Wayne's successes or other things I complained about weren't bothering me. Also, I was glad to see the villian _really_ get it. Personally when he tried to get people tophysically attack Ron or bring him to academic harm, that justfies what happened to him.

I complained easily about what bothered me, but the fantastic and sweet stuff outnumbered that stuff.

Just before Chapter 27, I was glad Wayne was gone, and I kid you not, the day before you published Chapter 27 I got to thinking about how far you intended to go. Since the story was going on, I wondered if you'd be shooting for all four years of school... or shooting for just that whole school year and getting them to summer vacation (I am curious if they are traveling like Ron was hoping or not), whether you would include that summer vacation, or if you were ultimately just going to end at the one semester. I thought maybe you'd end with the Wayne situation resolved but since the story didn't start with Wayne making a notable impact for a few chapters, and thus didn't really "start" with Wayne, I didn't necessarily think the end of Wayne would be the end of the story. I was right in that it didn't end immediately with the end of Wayne, though it did sort of stop when I thought you MIGHT go on. It sounds like you may be shooting for fics to "follow" its events, so I look forward to them.

To go positive again one last time: I LOVED how Kim brought Ron out of his MMP-related attempt to contain the bomb. Once again sweetness. Anyway, a FANTASTIC story, and I want to THANK you for it despite my criticisms/complaints, and want to apologize for only mainly using a review when I wanted to complain before. Keep going, CaptainKodak. I haven't reviewed them all, but I've loved a NUMBER of your fics.
kim's 1 fan chapter 28 . 1/7/2010

Kim? And Ron? At the winter Olympics?

And getting married?


Any plans for a return of the villan we all love to hate...

Wayne Kingston?

He was such a great villan, it wouldn't be the same without him.

Once again, great story, and great ending.

God Bless,

kim's 1 fan chapter 27 . 1/7/2010

Another great chapter Cap'n!

Even after Wayne has been foiled, you still create excitement.

I loved it!

God Bless you my friend,

kim's 1 fan chapter 26 . 1/7/2010

I loved that chapter Cap'n!

I just wish that Ron could have gotten a little revenge against that stupid Wayne.

Anyway, now there's something else coming.

I guess Wayne had nothing to do with Kim's professor, and the grad student. (that's not to say he wouldn't if he had thought of it.)

God Bless,

kim's 1 fan chapter 25 . 1/7/2010
Hey there Cap'n,

Another great chapter.

Well, sounds to me like it finally happened, Wayne's got ahead of himself, and soon will find out, you don't cross Kim Possible, or Ron Stoppable!

I Love It!

God Bless,

kim's 1 fan chapter 24 . 1/6/2010
Hey Cap'n, another great chapter.

Sounds like Wayne is behind all their problems to me.

Even Kim's professor and the grad student could be working for him.

God Bless,

kim's 1 fan chapter 23 . 1/6/2010
Hey Cap'n, another great chapter, and a great game!

Nice of Ron to involve Wayne, in the game.

I just hope that Wayne learned something from this.

(But I very highly doubt it.)

God Bless,

kim's 1 fan chapter 22 . 1/5/2010
Hey there Cap'n, another great chapter bud.

But you know, the more I read about that Wayne creep, the more I want to see him get whats coming to him.

I hope Ron and Kim both clean his clock.

Nice job creating a perfect villan in him, someone people really love to hate.

You've got my vote for next years fannies, for best villan.

God Bless,

noncynic chapter 28 . 12/23/2009
All Good. Except..well, I'll send you a separate message about that. Great ending.
Joe Stoppinghem chapter 28 . 12/22/2009
Nice ending to this story and fun to see the guys are on the ball too.

With the things happening today, this was a pure enjoyment to read. I hope that there are still a few more stories up your sleeve.

Thanks for all the time and effort you've put into this and all the other works too.

castorg chapter 28 . 12/21/2009

I liked the way you ended this one-some laughs, some tears, and finaly some cheers. Thanks for the story, I look forward to the Olympics. ("Fanfare") LOL. Merry Christmas.
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