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JMaire chapter 14 . 6/28/2012
Stop being a BITCH, Alice. YOU followed your brother and abandoned your friend, you have no rights.
Fee-Sha16 chapter 39 . 9/1/2010
cool story! great job! )
twilight-is-lovee chapter 41 . 4/26/2010
Cute story!
Padfoot-Moony-Pronglet chapter 4 . 3/13/2010
in the authors note why does it say alice?
Simaril chapter 40 . 1/26/2010
I loved it, Thank you so much for sharing
emmettlover24 chapter 39 . 11/28/2009
HOLA! It's me again! I just wanted to tell you that this is my FAVORITE STORY EVER! I know a lot of people might say that, but I'm not kidding this is truly 100% my favorite story EVER! And I will admitt I did cry on some parts, you just wrote it soo freaking well! And as I said before, you are one hell of a writter! It's really dissapointing that it had to come to a end. And I'm really dissapointed that lucas died... I cried, A LOT when I found out he did. I am seriously going to reccomend your story, on my story. I know you wrote this like a LONG time ago, but still. It's DA BOMB! I'm very glad that Bella ended up with Edward, and that they had a kid... SO CUTE :) I just cannot get over how good this story was, I'm still crying because it was soo good. You should get like a award or something for how good it was! I seriously would NOT put down my laptop until I finished reading it, but acutally my mom made me put it up because we had to go to Kansas City, to The Plaza and Zona Rosa, but o'well. I gotta finish it! You are a A-M-A-Z-I-N-G writter! You have a awesome vocabular, and know how to 'show and not tell' as my english teacher would put it. If you don't understand what I'm saying... I'll tell you. I mean that you are really discriptive, and it's like a movie in my head. It means that you just don't say. ' The lady was tall and thin. She was old with white hair and pale skin.'. It's more along the lines of ' The elder woman was tall, and rather thin. She even had a bit of a crouch to her for her age. Her skin was pale as a vampire's skin, and her hair was a snow white. Her eyes were rather small, but they weren't so small to where they looked like slits. They looked more like the size of a marble, or something like that. They glowed like stars in the nightime sky.' so something sorta on the lines of that. And yeah, i know that was REALLY RANDOM! haha that came like outta no where. And I have a question, is Bella fully vampire now. Or could like Edward bite her and she would turn fully vampire? Or what! Because I was tottally confuzed on that part right there. Your story was really long too, which I had no objections to! I love long stories! And by the looks of it, you updated rahter quickly! Haha, that's a really good writter for you right there! Well, you are probably getting sick of my random chatter... But I don't blame you. My friends tell me to shut the fuck up all the time because I talk to much... Well tata pip pip toodle-ohh BUHHBYEE for now!



PS- If you don't mind, could you check out my stories and give me your thoughts about them... and just because I'm nice and i love your story. I'll save some time off of you and just tell you about them. I have two, and I have an idea for one but I don't know if I want to do it or not. But I'll tell you anyways and then maybe you can write it if you want to... but tell me first if you do.

Okay, the first one is call' I Will See You Again'. This story is about the night before Edward and Bella's wedding. But when Edward leaves, the volturi sneak in and kidnap Bella. They change her and it is there that she becomes the worlds strongest and by far most beautiful vampire yet... The Volturi hold Bella captive for over 100 years and do not let Bella communicate, contact, or even see the Cullens... That is until they send her on a mission, that leads her to meet back up with the Cullens. At first they don't recognize her, but then they do...So what will happen? What is the mission? Just so many question to be solved, so now it is up to you to go find out and read to find out what happens. This story has a lot of twists and turns and unexpected things in it. I have over 700 reviews and I have 30 or so chapters. So go find out for yourself if Bella and Edward have their happiness or not... This one is also finished by the way, and I am going to start working on a sequal to it soon.

Okay, my second story is call ' Just My Luck' This story is about Edward leaving Bella after her birthday... Bella as you know goes all depressed and what not. But Angela and Jessica drag her out one night to go see a band. When they arrive there Bella finds out that the band are vampires.. She runs to the bathroom only to be attacked by...(( have to read to find out))...Someone in the band saves her and she is now a vampire and lead singer in the Broken Hearted Devils... Now many years later she runs into the Cullen's with a strange coincidence (( also have to read what the coincidence is that brought them back together)) Bella loves Edward but pretends to hate him she also runs into a old friend (( have to read to find out and telling you now it's a unexpected friend)) Now she keeps on getting in these coincidences with Edward, which she thinks is ' Just her luck' and yadda yadda... but what happens when the volturi get's involved with something, or someone... Now the real questions are if Bella and Edward are going to get back together? Who is Bella's old friend? What are all the coincidence s that Bella keeps on having with Edward? Who does Bella run into at the concert that attacks her? How do the Cullens and Bella meet again? Who are the new characters? Does Bella have another man in her life? And this story isn't finished yet, only half way or soo... And I don't think there will be a sequal to this story, haven't decided yet... hm...should i?

Okay, and lastly my idea for a story... Okay this story would be a one-shot and would be called ' Statues'... Okay one night as Edward is watching Bella sleeping he decides to read a book, only not to realize that Bella is about to fall off the bed... But was too late when she fell, Edward ran over and picked Bella up making sure she was okay... She turns out to be fine and awake now... Charlie opens the door and in a flash Edward is in the corner acting like a statue in Bella's room... Charlie sees him and says some crap and asks Bella what happened. Edward keeps on moving his positions and what not mocking charlie and all... causing bella to laugh and charlie to turn around...after charlie is throught talking to bella and of her laughter he goes back to bed... but when he come back in bellas room after waking up the statue isn't there anymore... bella comes up with a excuse saying that she threw it out the window or saying she made it out of chocolate(( or some sort of food)) and ate it all last night or whatever... but yeah that's all i got soo far... and i doubt i will write it, it was just a idea that my friend and i had one night while she was sleeping over... yeah, i know we are weird :) and proud of it too! Well, the story idea is all yours if you want... just tell me first so i can read it :)

And one last time i love your story!

well tata pip pip toodle-ohh BUHHBYE :)



PS-this is a official goodbye and serisously please try and read my stories!
emmettlover24 chapter 26 . 11/28/2009
Damn girl! You are one hel of a writter lemme tell you! This story is freaking AMAZING! At first I was soo confused and almost gave up... but something inside of me told me to keep on ready and so I did. And I'm glad I didn't quit! This story is soo freaking addicting! Well, I just thought I would tell you that! And sorry for not reviewing earlier, I just couldn't bring myself to stop reading, I had to forcefully stop and review... Well toodles :))
Treadora chapter 39 . 10/27/2009
This is a great story. I ran across it a few hours and read right through it enjoying every minute. I hope you return with another good story for us one day ;)
mfinga19 chapter 40 . 6/13/2009
I really honestly loved this story. Every day after school Id come on and look to see if you posted another chapter. I got my freind to read it, and she and I both agreed we were practically crying whne Lucas died. And I love the fact he gets to be with Isabella again. Keep up your writing. I look forward to great things from you. chapter 41 . 4/27/2009
I loved it!
Mike in the Mirror chapter 37 . 4/26/2009
Sure there was another way - not every fanfic has to end in Bella x Edward. I don't feel as bad for Bella's decision in New Moon because she fell in love with Jacob when Edward was gone. Here she decided that she loved Lucus after Edward was back. Dumping him at that point was what pushed him to the Volturi - I blame her for his death as much as the Volturi. Bella shouldn't just feel sad about Lucus' death, she should feel guilt as he'll and she should have flown to Volterra to attempt to save him - she did for Edward in New Moon and she didn't even think that Edward loved her at the time.
Kashy chapter 41 . 4/24/2009
I loved this. It was truly beautiful. I really liked Lucas, it was a shame he had to burn.

Thankyou for writing such a beautiful and interesting story.
BlueSunsetWaters chapter 41 . 4/18/2009
Ashley lyell chapter 40 . 4/18/2009
Your story is the most saddest story in fan fiction. I'm sorry but after reading this stroy I started to cry. You could have made Lucas come back, I loved him to be Bella's brother. When he went to the volturi, he could have found out that he didn't kill Isabella but she was alive. He could have fallen in love with her al over again and brought her back to show bella and the cullens. The cullens and lucas and Isabella could have been part of the same coven. I hate sad endings. That's why after lucas's death I didn't actually read the duplicate happy ending of this stroy. I just scanned through the words. I'm really sorry but I'm not a fan of deaths, especially the deaths of character who were like part important in the story. I hate it when authors do that. Good luck in your future stories, I wish you luck with the sequel.
Tricia chapter 40 . 4/11/2009

Just wanted to leave a review to say that I truly enjoyed ur story. You're a great writer - maybe someday you'll be enjoying as much success as Stephanie Meyer )

Keep up the good job, and hope to see more great fics from you!
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