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silver ruffian chapter 2 . 2/8/2009
Oh, this was GOOD! More protective Sammy. Dean just breaks my heart, and yeah, Mike and the missus aren't the warmest parents around, but that's okay.
ukfan101 chapter 1 . 2/8/2009
So glad that you are continuing on with this AU story. I loved protective Sammy, he was fabulous. I was a bit confused about this bit "“H-he is?” she stuttered. Indecision crossed her face. “I'd rather he not be in here alone.”“Sammy's not alone with me,” Paul replied evenly, rather disturbed she would disregard Dean's presence like this. “His big brother is here.”Dean's cheeks pinked and his head dipped down when Paul mentioned him.“Oh, well...” She looked trapped. “I didn't mean..." I know that the mom and dad here are clueless about Dean and it takes them a really long time to understand him, but I was confused as to what she was going on about. She must have known that Paul took Dean upstairs...

anyway great update, can't wait for more
Zerestor chapter 1 . 2/8/2009
I've been waiting for this story!

And it was well worth the wait! Brilliant!

I love how you've portrayed Mike & Kate too.

Elliesmeow chapter 1 . 2/7/2009
I liked this Paul guy. Kate was right about one thing, that therapist was a quack! I'm glad they rethought things. Dean and Sam are clearly good for each other.

I hope Kate and Mike aren't too upset that Dean doesn't want to talk to them. It's probably not personal. It's likely because when he had the most important thing to say, for his dad not to leave them, no one listened. His voice doesn't count with anyone but Sam so why should he waste it? And it's one of the few things he can control, it must make him feel a bit better.

Will there be more of this?

xanseviera chapter 1 . 2/7/2009
aw... I love Weechesters! such a sweet story! I hope there gonna be another chapter for this.. aw...X3
PADavis chapter 1 . 2/7/2009
Wow - fun to see you go back to this 'verse for a story. I think about it almost every time I read a chap of Light and Dark because I thought the Mike in the first chapter of that fic was the Mikey from this 'verse.

This was really hard to read at times - especially finding out that Kate doesn't know Dean can talk at all, and apparently believing the therapist that Dean could hurt the new baby. Yow. I'm hooked.

RedDragen chapter 1 . 2/7/2009
Well I like that chapter, I would love to see what you do next
alwaysateen chapter 1 . 2/7/2009
Wow, interesting story!

I'm always surprised of how much Dean could do for his brother. It was also very sweet to see little Sammy protect his big brother like that. :)

I love Paul, he's awesome and as nice trick to read children.
pandora jazz chapter 1 . 2/6/2009
I thought I would take a look at this story since it said I didn't have to know the history of the previous one.

I don't like Kate or Mike.

I couldn't believe that they locked Dean in his room. Of course he would try to find a way to Sam, especially during a thunderstorm.

Kate's reaction to Dean's injuries and than kindness to Sam made me think she might have learned from their mistake, but I don't think so.

Kate seems to favor Sam over Dean.

I did like the interview between the brothers and the CPS worker. No wonder Sam can talk so well, Dean has used him as a voice for awhile.

This story had an interesting start, I'm still unsure, but you did a great job with getting emotional reactions out of me, good and bad.

Thanks for sharing another story with us.
SingleMinded chapter 1 . 2/6/2009
Hey, I like this. Keep it up. I'm waiting :)
Amy chapter 1 . 2/6/2009
Yay, I like this AU! Jeeze. They locked the kid up like an animal? No wonder he had issues w/them growing up. The shrinks were quacks. Oh no. Dean did what he felt he needed to do, and now... What is wrong w/Mike. "Have you checked?" Way to sound concerned. I guess he was trying to keep his cool? Good thing cause Kate was kinda freaked out. Heh. But I do love her fire. Got the medic out of her way, didn't it? Baby Sammy is just adorable.

They certainly were clueless about how to deal w/Dean weren't they? It just goes to show in your later story how that all came about. And baby Mikey wasn't there just yet. ;) So cute. I love it.

Btw, how's Life W/Dean going? I was rereading it the other day and noticed it'd been a while.
EmptyGo-Gone chapter 1 . 2/6/2009
Aw, dude that was so cute! Like so undeniably freakishly make me squee cute. Totally adorable, man. Totally. So cute. It made my night. Cuteness overload. Okay, I'll stop freaking out now. Again. Adorable. I love you forever.
bhoney chapter 1 . 2/6/2009
Okay, as you know, I don't usually read AU stuff. However, since I've been considering reading the "Problems with Dean" series, I thought I'd start here since you said it could be read as a one-shot.

I was pretty outraged that they locked Dean in the room away from Sammy, especially during a thunderstorm. I still hate that they did that, and don't know for sure yet how I feel about Mike and Kate. I have kinda mixed feelings toward them. I do think locking a kid in a room for any reason is really wrong. And poor Dean! To have kicked out the window and (presumably) climbed into Sammy's room...was Sammy's window open, or did he have to break it too? I was picturing him crawling out on the roof in a thunderstorm, which was horrifying. Hope that wasn't the case.

This did make me soften toward Kate: “If you try to come between me and my son,” she growled, “you will experience a new definition of pain.” As did this: "She beamed. In one word she understood that he wanted to know where he was and why. She understood Dean." She does seem to care about him, at least.

This was SO sweet: “Sammy scared thunderstorm,” Sammy said. He rested his head on his big brother’s shoulder. “Dean make it all better.” his faith in his big brother.

This made me like Kate a little more. She does seem to be trying: “Well, I mean, what if we had a really bad storm?” Kate demanded. “Dean would probably go right through the wall. No, I’m afraid the boys will just have to share a room.” And this: "And if one doctor or nurse even suggested that Sammy didn’t need to share a bed with his big brother tonight, the idiot would have Kate to deal with. She looked forward to it."

LOVED Sammy's protectiveness: "The boy took both of Dean's arms and wrapped them around his wait. 'My Dean,' he said again. 'Nobody hurt my Dean!'"

This was so cute: “My Sammy,” the little boy said grudgingly. “My Dean's brudder.”

And man, that Sammy is quite opinionated for such a little guy: "Sammy's expression soured again. 'My not like dat question. Ask 'nother one.'" He sure stood up to that guy. Brilliant idea Paul had, by the way, to talk to Dean through Sammy. He's pretty good at his job.

LOVED Sammy's responses here:

“How long have you and Dean shared a room?” Paul asked.

“For ever and ever,” Sammy snapped. “My Dean.”

“Sammy, you were supposed to ask Dean,” Paul reminded the boy.

“Dean say for ever and ever,” Sammy insisted, not looking back at his brother.

“How do you know if Dean didn't tell you?” Paul asked.

“My know,” Sammy replied authoritatively, leaning back on his brother's chest.

It cracked me up, but was also endearing that Sammy was so sure of what Dean's answer would be, even without asking him. It bothered me that Kate dismissed Dean's presence in the room, too.

And I'm glad Paul's making them get rid of the bolt on the door. No kid should ever be locked in, for any reason.

This made me really mad: "He even mentioned if we didn't do something about it now, they might try to hurt the baby.” It made me mad that the therapist would suggest that-in what way does a closeness between the boys make it likely that they'll hurt someone who's not trying to separate them? And it made me mad at Mike and Kate for believing it, even after living with the boys for a year and a half, and for being so worried about their new kid that they'd let it make them believe negative stuff about the ones they've already been entrusted with. That may not be fair, but it's how I felt.

I also noticed that they are a lot more affectionate with Sammy and seem to like him a lot more than Dean. It bothers me, how they treat Dean. He needs more love and compassion, not less. They seem more stern and strict with him, as if that's going to help.

I'm surprised that they'd think John killed Mary. That's terrible, and very sad. And I'm concerned about how the new baby will affect them and how they treat Dean.

I did like Paul, and didn't really expect to. And I loved how Sammy and Dean related to each other. So, all in all, I liked this. I don't know yet if I'll read the others in this AU, but I'm glad I gave this one a shot, because I really, REALLY adored the way you wrote little Sammy and Dean's relationship. I liked Sammy's protectiveness and Dean's shyness, and that Sammy is the only one he talks to. Very sweet.
silver ruffian chapter 1 . 2/6/2009
Oh, I loved this! Loved your Sammy's voice, especially when he was dealing with that "dummy man". Dean, so quiet, and attached to his brother. And the parents. I can see right now they don't have a clue. This is excellent!
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