Reviews for Twin Flames in Darkness
Bobtrumpet chapter 14 . 6/15/2016
My second reading of this story. As good as the first time. A great idea woven into a very tight, well crafted story. First rate. Favorited. You are missed.
Jp Marshall Law chapter 12 . 12/24/2012
Great story so far and like the angle u went with 2 wit Kim and Ron not knowing each other cause of them being from different dimensions and stuff. Great idea
Zacharius Savage chapter 1 . 11/5/2012
This was a great story from beggining to end. My friend wasn't exagerating when he recommended this story.
I really want to read more stories written by this author, his stories are entertaining, funny, even a bit melancholic at times but they are always a great read. But sadly a dead man can't write.
Rest in peace, I regret not seeing this great author sooner.
tanithlipsky chapter 14 . 3/9/2012
wow. cool.
Burnzs chapter 14 . 12/2/2011
That was a superb story, ans the mention of other stories definitely helped me find my way through the fanfictions. Kudos!

I really really like this story, and I was wondering if you would give me permission to write a fanfiction off of the events in this story?
Burnzs chapter 11 . 12/1/2011
That was awesome!That fight scene was good. Like, really good, and I liked the twist about Rufus.
Burnzs chapter 9 . 12/1/2011
It is very cool. I like the two ladies fighting over ron, that was funny.
Burnzs chapter 1 . 12/1/2011
I've been looking all over for a good kim possible fanfiction.

Well done, I like the story.

But wwhat does TFD mean?
Taechunsa chapter 14 . 10/27/2011
That was a most enjoyable little AU story. I rather enjoy seeing the occasional story of Ron and Kim meeting in different circumstances than the canon.

Keep up the good work.
Rye-bread chapter 14 . 12/12/2010
Cute reference with the ‘I love me’ jacket.

Ron bellyached about the walk from the lake to the city…but unlike Rufus, he didn’t deploy his means of teleportation. This seems to bespeak a willingness not to take the path of least resistance.

This will have interesting ramifications; two members of Team Possible with that ability.

Mrs. Dr. P. seems to be less easygoing in this universe. She’s sort of the interrogator about where Kim has been instead of her husband. Pinching the bridge of her nose; her daughter did that back in chpt. 4.

I googled Ann Credible. There’s a Pittsburg PA realtor by that name. I think it’s more like her moniker than actual name.

“Any nasty comment that came Kim's way would result in an embarrassing incident happening to Bonnie.” I can picture Ron tripping in the cafeteria and a plateful of Mystery Meat all over Bonnie.

I know it’s chpt 14; but I just can’t help having additional thoughts on other chpt’s.

: I was watching a Jackie Chan movie & I couldn’t help but think back to Kim’s battle with Yori in chpt. 11. So marvelously choreographed. Off the top of my head I can think of a few other fan-writes who can compose a scene of pictorial intensity that have the ring of authenticity.. Mattk, Michael Howard, LoveRobin, Molloy, and captainkodak. It’s an ability that I envy. It’s not as easy as one would suppose. It’s more than just piling details on details. “The one guy did this and the other guy did that.” It can be overwritten. “The one guy hit the other guy so hard it was like the power of a dozen men in one blow.” I’m exaggerating for effect.

About chpt. 12. Tucked away in the Appendix of The Return Of The King is a chronology of Middle Earth. In the year 1975 of the Third Age, about 1800 years before the events of The Lord Of The Rings, there was a great battle. The Witch King of Angmar, the big kahuna Nazgul was going to wipe out the Dunedain of the north, Arnor., the parallel kingdom to Gondor to the south. He had captured the capital city, Fornost, the equivalent of Minas Tirith. Gondor sent a huge fleet and army to help. So did the Elves of Rivendell.

At the Battle of Fornost, the armies of the Witch King were wiped out. He himself got away and eventually wound up in Minas Morgul. It was like mutual destruction. The great evil of Angmar was ended. The price paid, unfortunately, was that Arnor was also ended. The surviving Dunedain went to Gondor, or became wandering Rangers, like Aragorn was.

After Ragnarok, in the Nordic mythology, will come the age of Bliss. The same with Armageddon. And the end of Narnia in The Last Battle. It’s a hard lesson. Like the old song: Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven But Nobody Wants To Die. But it’s also a glorious lesson. After the apocalyptic encounter comes the time of healing and the age of bliss.

Like the TV detective Columbo says: “One more thing.” In this case, several more things.

The critters who want to eat Fiske: are they part of the manegerie of mountain beings mentioned in chpt 11?

Did you know you spelled the name wrong? It’s “tengu”; not “teagu”. I hand my head in shame. I’m such a hair-splitter.

Has anyone noticed that Akiyama Kim has suffered the fate of one who walks the Path of the Yono?

Oh, yeah. Be not vexed that Disney still owns Kim Possible and they’re not using her to the fullest extent possible. That’s why God invented fan-authors.
Rye-bread chapter 13 . 12/9/2010
I consulted my Itunes download of Exchange to see if the Yamanouchi statue of Toshimiru resembled anything like the description of Akiyama Kim. Results are inconclusive.

“Yamanuchi was created to maintain balance.” It’s not quite the same; but in C.S. Lewis’ That Hideous Strength, there are 2 operative forces at work in England. One is called ‘Britain’. It is akin to the Fallen Nature. It drives England toward a demonic depraved society. The other is called Logres, after Arthur’s ancient realm. It pulls England away from the Abyss. In Judaism is what is called the Yetzer Hara; the inclination to evil; and the Yetzer Tov; the inclination to good. The Church has always declared that but for the Grace of Conscience, the heart of man would inevitably drift toward irredeemable hardness

Yes. It’s evident. You’ve paid attention to your MattK. Your Son of Chaos and Daughter of Order parallels his Scarred Warrior and Laughing Magician in his Bleeding Through story

I’m being the Armchair Metaphysician again. But I’m curious about a couple things. The Ferret-being and Lei the Prophet; are they based on something in Japanese myth, or your literary creations?

I thought it grievous that Sensei allowed Ron to depart with the erroneous impression; even if it was necessary to burn the bridges behind. The Yamanouchi folks are quiet alone in this new version of earth. Without even. the benefit of a KP BFF.

And one more thing; will Kim need to call on Wade for rides anymore, now that Ron has a way to fold space?
Rye-bread chapter 11 . 12/9/2010
The nightmares of Kawaguchi Akihiko are like the nightmares of Richard III before his fatal battle

“It became quickly evident to Kim that she was the better fighter. Her missions, dedication, and drive to excel keep her at a high state of readiness at all times. Ron however, only fights when he has to and just enough to get what he wants done.“ I see Michael Howard’s influence in your description of Kim’s fighting style and her chemistry with Ron. Having read “Undercover” recently, t fairly shouts at me

Haunted GPS units. Freaky.

Ah, yes. The mythological Japanese spirits. As in your author’s notes.

A winking samurai helmet. That would freak me out too

You’ve written a superior mythos concerning the Lotus Blade. And Rufus.

So Sensei isn’t asleep at the switch. He knows who’s going to backstab him.

Yori hasn’t quite pulled a Fukushima. But if I understand samurai honor, she’s most def pulled a no no. Yet she finds grace. Certainly more grace than Fukushima found

Regarding your change in tense; I figured it was a parenthetical thing.
Rye-bread chapter 10 . 12/9/2010
Amazing how many fan-writers arrive independently to the plot arc of the despised Outsider. I suppose Fukushima in the Exchange episode made it an inevitable frequent plot bunny.

Minami Ken'ichi refers to Ron as ‘it’.

I’m nothing near a warrior. But it seems that a true warrior is always ready to buy the farm. From the Spartans who bathe before battle to the samurai who are ready to perform the seppuku to the native

American who intones it is a good day to die to he Christian knights who confess themselves before battle.

On the other hand, history shows abundantly that the force who is overconfident and careless frequently gets its biscuit kicked.

These invading forces expect a walk in the park. They’re like rival bandits each after the same prize. And no prize worth having just waits for itself to be caught.
Rye-bread chapter 9 . 12/9/2010
I once read a quote by Thomas Huxley: “The The great tragedy of Science - the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.”

Your humble and obsessed reader just had to google-translate “a place of balance”. And he looked up “Yamauchi” or “Yamanouchi”. It’s a clan name, a surname, a town name, depending. It means “inside mountains”. You can PM me and castigate for my slavish nitpicky adherence to data and research.

Having said that, it is interesting that in the series, Yamanouchi is indeed set amidst the mountains.

Don’t remember if I mentioned it. Your description of Yamanouchi in chpt 7 is very Shangri-la-ish.

Son of Chaos. If Ron has a school locker at Yamanouchi anything like the same of his school locker at Middleton HS, they already know that.

Oh, the knives and arrows are flying between Kim and Yori. I never rally noticed that Yori is that much more endowed. I was tempted to replay my DVD to see…but that can wait. :D

Apocalyptic prophecies. There’s a subject charged with controversy. The source of both much comfort and suffering since the beginning of the world.

Great revivals have taken place. And great unrest. Like it not, it is true that cataclysms occur and nations fall. There’s a passage from the Roman historian Polybius at the burning of Carthage: “All cities, nations, and authorities must, like men, meet their doom.”

Sometimes people have taken comfort that another world will be better than this one. Sometimes they have sold all their goods and given the proceeds to their cult leader. Sometimes they have euthanized their pets. Sometimes their children and themselves.
Rye-bread chapter 8 . 12/8/2010
I concur about Mattk's Bleeding Through. It is a Homeric epic. And you adopt the same practice as I, indicating story titles by underlining.

Fascinating. The Meiji Restoration never took place. Your obsessed reader had to go and google prophets in Shinto. That religion, of course, doesn’t lend itself to prophets, per se. but there are the hijiri, Japanese Buddhist monks, and the occasional Shinto mountain ascetics, according to Wikipedia and Britannica Online.

Fumio reminds me of Katsumoto from The Last Samurai. The diehard traditionalist.

This is a powder keg of revalries. Suddenly Fukushima is a small fish in a large pond.
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