Reviews for Diseased Affair
Guest chapter 35 . 11/23
I liked your story. It was one of the best stories I had read
BrownEyes08 chapter 35 . 9/8
Beautiful. Made me cry about a dozen times. Thanks so much for this!
Guest chapter 35 . 5/7
This was truly a beautiful story. It touched my heart. You have the talent to make it big. Why don't you publish?
MollyMPark chapter 35 . 4/17
Great story! Lots and lots of tears!
Kristal Victoria chapter 35 . 4/9
I know its been a few years, but I just found this story. I rarely comment on old, complete stories because I do think the comments reach the authors. This time I am because this story truly touched me! Thank you for sharing your talents. :-) I didn't cry until the very end when Charlie knew he wouldn't be around to see his granddaughter in person. Still making me tear up. Thanks again!
Eliella45 chapter 35 . 1/16
Thoroughly enjoyed your story, thanks a lot for writing it.
Eliella45 chapter 34 . 1/15
It's been an incredible journey reading this fic. It was about such a sensitive subject and you handled it so well. I am extremely glad that I found this story, and I will always remember it. Amazing. Absolutely loved it. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Eliella45 chapter 33 . 1/15
Awesome chapter, feel bad that I have reached its end, loved it. Thank you.
Eliella45 chapter 32 . 1/15
Adorable chapter, so nice of Edward. Thank you for writing.
Eliella45 chapter 31 . 1/15
Excellent chapter, thanks for it.
Eliella45 chapter 30 . 1/15
Awesome chapter, thanks a lot for it.
Eliella45 chapter 29 . 1/14
I see she is gonna need a while to recover from the hurt, but that's human, great chapter, thanks a lot.
Eliella45 chapter 28 . 1/14
See, I knew they would make up soon, great chapter. Thanks for it.
Eliella45 chapter 27 . 1/14
Uh Un, trouble in paradise, but I think they will realize their mistakes soon. Thank you.
Eliella45 chapter 26 . 1/14
A beautiful and heart warming chapter, thank you so much for it.
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