Reviews for Six Times John Missed Mary
bhoney chapter 1 . 2/10/2009
Oh my gosh, this was just heartbreaking. Interesting that all of the incidents centered around Sam.

This was very telling of the boys' bond, even at this young age: "even his touch, usually one of the only things that would calm Sammy down when he was out of sorts" as was this: "Dean looked almost as stricken as his little brother as the time came for their separation." And this: "All the while, doing his best to ignore Sammy's soft sobs and Dean's accusing stare." Oh, boys! *sniffle*

This was a sweet insight into Mary's character: "instead of the required two dozen, there would have been at least thirty-six, because she knew how much little boys loved cookies".

And this broke my heart for Sam: "John knew that Sammy would be happy passing out the cheap, mass produced cookies his father had purchased the night before at the all-night convenience store, regardless of how they tasted. Because Sammy had never known anything else." *tear*

This was really sad too: "So he rushed through the parent/teacher conference, nodding at the appropriate times and making promises he'd never be able to keep, all the while knowing he'd have to leave his boys alone to fend for themselves again that night."

But this was definitely the saddest: "Sam's jaw was set and his mind was clearly made up. And there was no way to take the words back. So instead, he just stood there and watched his son walk out the door." *tear*

I just recently wrote my first fic that had John and Mary in it (the Thanksgiving one I mentioned), and it gave me a real appreciation for their relationship, and for Mary's character. You did a wonderful job of showing us so much about Mary, without her directly being in the story at all. Such a bittersweet look at the life they could've had. Wonderfully written and very emotionally impactful!
MissMe113 chapter 1 . 2/8/2009
Aw...I loved it!

I almost cried at the end!

Great job!