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diana chapter 28 . 10/18
I am so happy you did not abandon this story!
Moon6Shadow chapter 28 . 10/17
Grins, loving it! Also I think it would be awesome if Harry and the others could come up with some fun muggle games as a way to help their magic and particularly to learn to fight. For example laser tag/paint ball would be a great way for students to have fun and relax particular those active muggle borns that don't want to immediately hop on a broom but it would also be amazing way to work on aim, fitness and defence skills and by having it in the room of requirement you could change the course each time from forests, to a manor/home or out on the street, perhaps even imitate diagon alley or other areas that you could potentially be threatened in, practice with fighting in both familiar and unfamiliar environments all disguised as fun perhaps even add regular teams and working together and leadership as a skill or weird real life chess game style perhaps even working on multiple levels eg. Some on brooms or breaking into or protecting a multi level building, play acting as different dangerous creatures even, laser tag game could even have serious teams, as well as casual teams for fun, so the school has another team sport to watch or participate in aside from quidditch that's more open to muggle borne or half bloods.

I was also considering promoting running in the morning as a fitness exercise since lots of stories do that as a 'those who are more active last longer in a fight' idea but laser tag likely be more popular since it's more fun and perhaps the more serious people could run as well. (I can totally see Severus face as he has people dropping in to join him on he's morning run (spy's need to be fit to stay alive you know ;) ) with the prefects doing their thing and Sev unwittingly or seemingly unwillingly getting pulled into being the coach all while Dumbledore thinks he's conned him into it with his eye sparkles as Sev grumbles under his breath while secretly smirking and taking a secret pleasure out of whipping people into shape and being a slave driver. XD (while finally having a way to help teach students how to protect themselves properly, which I imagine he is always chomping at the bit for plus one of the reasons he wants to teach defence so badly since all the usual defence teachers generally fail at it and in cannon their all but in the middle of an unofficial war zone no matter what people say, besides it's much easier to protect the students if they can keep themselves alive till you are in a position to protect them or better yet they can protect themselves.)

Perhaps someone can even courage hand fighting of some kind and someone can make some sort of weird muggle/wizard version of little athletics saying doing little athletics and cross country or sprinting events every year is a big thing in the muggle world and 'can we please do something like that here?' (Not quite sure how that would work but maybe a sort of darts contest only with magic instead of shotput or archery while the running could essentially remain the same and other areas could be used to show of magical skill for example precision and control over spells, spell knowledge and ability, duelling, if possible to overrule Dumbledore in that regard, etc.)

Perhaps horse back riding could also become a thing again for those who can see the thestrals or perhaps even those who can't if they're game (I can totally see a die hard horse lover not caring to much if it means they can get back in the saddle once they get over the initial shock although riding and directing an invisible horse would be interesting...) or even bring out Buckbeak early or later on if you want to add it later for plot purposes. or even give students a way to interact with some magical creatures in a more casual setting outside of class even if under supervision, plus the more interaction between the muggleborns and half bloods with magical creatures particularly in a casual setting not just in class the better since it shows them magical creatures if respected and understood eg. Bow and respect Buckbeak, aren't just something to be a afraid of or in awe over but should be a natural part of the wizarding world something I don't see a few hour lesson giving that impact where as casual interaction would or better yet reveal they are early on in the case of the Thestrals rather than thinking wowing people with seemingly self drawn carriages so as to introduce them as helpful and 'normal' not the stuff of nightmares.

Just throwing ideas out there as they come to mind, your last chapter has all sorts of things bouncing around in my head. XD Really the only one that really gets me is the laser tag (and morning runs) since I think that would be an awesome school sport that would work on so many skills and could easily be passed off as a muggle game rather than a very good way to train as casually or seriously as you like for battle or war and even a way to train 'your soldiers' for war even without seeming to since I can totally see Harry gaining himself a following knowingly or unknowingly (if only unknowing in exactly how loyal he unintentionally makes people to him and how easy it is to follow him) it would be exactly like the cannon DA Harry could just 'unintentionally' start it a little earlier this time. Unless of course you don't want to use up all the good ideas all at once ;) although I see laser tag as a game that has a lot of potentially to grow and adapt from being just a casual training tool for excessive and aim to something far more battle focussed over time unintentionally or otherwise if you want to change it's purpose over Harry's school years. (Shamelessly promoting laser tag, yes, yes I am. :)
WyrdSmith chapter 28 . 10/17
Such fun! I cherish your storytelling. Brava.
Mari Wollsch chapter 28 . 10/16
super, hope you update soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
peruvianprincess chapter 28 . 10/16
Hallelujah! A new chapter! Thanks!
SilentSimple chapter 10 . 10/16
I've noticed for a few chapter now but it seems you got the name of the supreme courtIt's called the supreme court right?) wrongor it has another name?It's Wizengamot not Wizarding Gamut. But if it is another name then I'm sorry, it just I'm familiar with wizengamot.
Reader in TX chapter 28 . 10/16
I'm picturing most of the school sitting there saying "oom" and swaying. Lovely to see an update from you. Nice to have Minerva snap at Dumdasadoor. Have a great week!
Nemo Poison chapter 28 . 10/16
Thank you for updating! I've missed reading this fanfiction.
ilovebdt2012 chapter 28 . 10/16
Love your stories even with updates slow when I see it I read it great job
lussyn chapter 18 . 10/16
what is a foci
I like your story
ilanit.harary chapter 28 . 10/16
so funny! i'm glad his plan worked. i love the story so please write more and upload when you can. thanks
djaddict chapter 28 . 10/16
Great update! I love Dumbledore being undermined so steadily, it's fantastic!
Anon chapter 28 . 10/16
I really wish you could update faster, but I understand that life sometimes gets in the way. In the meantime I guess I'll just have to pine away till the next chapter, sigh. Can't wait!
Amu4ever chapter 28 . 10/16
So, I was absolutely confused when treading this.

Seems it's been longer since you last updated than I thought. I probably need to reread the whole story to unerstand it more. Currently I can only remember fagments of it. Though if you update soon I might get ack into it without having to reread it completely...

Well, I guess I will have to see :)

Thank you for updating again!
Alex Aces chapter 27 . 10/16
I finished rereading your story and am caught up to the present.

I'm really looking forward to Harry growing into adulthood, and I am curious about his third mate. I would like to see more of Bill and Remus's POV, but I understand that might not move the story along. Will we have to wait until he turns 17 before we find out what kind of submissive creature heritage Angelus has? Perhaps you could tell us about Alpha wolves, or abbot Bill's feverish vision of Angelus?
Plus I'm wondering how your more rational Voldemort will make a come back. Dumbledore still has the third floor corridor restricted, so the stone must be there...

All the best!
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