Reviews for Meeting in the Night
RaspberryHeaven chapter 1 . 2/8/2009
I never would have thought of what a meeting between these characters would be like, but you wrote it in such a sweet, sad way. It makes me wonder if these two could meet again and establish some sort of connection-perhaps friendship would be too strong a word, so I'll say an affinity to each other. Kenshin may be able to connect with someone who also has a bloody past, and Sesshoumaru might reveal what happened to the other demons, as well as Rin and Jaken. I can't help but wonder if Sesshoumaru was including Inuyasha in his statement of being the last of his kind, and how's he dealing with wandering alone once again. Has he returned to his previous cruel ways, or is his heart still open to the affection and support of a broken human? Anyway, a continuation of this meeting would be most interesting to read, so I hope you are able to continue writing it.