Reviews for The Warrior Gargoyle
Guest chapter 27 . 6/10
great story
ceilil chapter 17 . 5/18
they will never end. WOW I can imagine what a torture it must have been for readers to face such cliffhangers. I've been breathing just fine for years but recent difficulties have surfaced.
ceilil chapter 15 . 5/18
you put a spell on me and now I'm yours, yours, yours, all yours. breeder's moon ... "Slight compatibility issue,"
ceilil chapter 14 . 5/18
slick Gabby
ceilil chapter 13 . 5/18
love's trial
ceilil chapter 12 . 5/18
ceilil chapter 11 . 5/18
break the spell
ceilil chapter 10 . 5/18
hard not to love with or without the human again ending...
"One day the Greater Good is really going to kill us."..."Or at least one of us."
It never happened. nope. never never ever.
She must get back her husband-stealing, bard-seducing good looks.
ceilil chapter 9 . 5/18
from dusk 'til dawn, you'll grow wings
ceilil chapter 8 . 5/18
self loathing? the problem started after her rage against Gabrielle. Perhaps Hope took revenge after the Destroyer was killed? The spell of true love is out to get her in Dium.
"If you don't believe You better get superstitious"
ceilil chapter 7 . 5/18
lots of nut bread and red pastries by a warm campfire. the queen of banter. the story' avatar really puts everything in perspective ... If she doesn't return to human form at least the journey it's a blast!
ceilil chapter 6 . 5/18
anti hero, anti gargoyle butt-kicking and righting wrongs
ceilil chapter 5 . 5/18
If you are put off by either characters being anything but their human forms, the writing does offer a subtle separation between Gabrielle and Xena vs bard and gargoyle. you'll hardly notice she's anything but Xena with Gabrielle' constant undying support for her. underneath it all it's still her.
ceilil chapter 4 . 5/17
beauty is a light (Gabrielle) in her heart. too bad filters don't allow to add more than two genre. too bad if you skip this Mystery/Adventure/Romance/and much more.

"So this is love
So this is what makes life divine
I'm all aglow
And now I know
the key to all heaven is mine
My heart has wings,
And I can fly
I'll touch every star in the sky
So this is the miracle
That I've been dreaming of"
ceilil chapter 3 . 5/17
wild goose monster chase. only Gabrielle can de-stress the warrior. too bad the situation greatly puts a damper on it. quit it with the winks Xena or we'll end up with a blond tomato. you'll giggle like a little girl sometimes. they can finally settle the dipper and bear quarrel. the sky's the limit. well if this is some sort of - shrek and fiona's only true love's kiss can break the spell business - things are really simple then.

"By night one way, by day another / This shall be the norm / Until you find true love's first kiss / Then... take love's true form."
difference: Xena remains human like the princess and the frog.

"The sun awoke in the eastern horizon with a soft kiss of yellow and blue." ding ding ding!

nostalgic childhood movie memories. person turned beast and an amazon princess who will do the saving I hope :) Aphrodite as the good fairy god mother. who is the evil spell-casting smelly warlord?

"I can show you the world
Tell me, princess, now when did
You last let your heart decide?
Unbelievable sights
Through an endless diamond sky
A whole new world
Don't you dare close your eyes
A hundred thousand things to see
Hold your breath—it gets better
I'm like a shooting star
I've come so far
I can't go back to where I used to be"
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